Copernicana Revolution

Posted by marmara on November 18, 2018

The Man leaving the Average Age In the centuries XV and XVI, time of significant ruptures in the evolutivo way of the culture and knowledge of the Man, as the end of the medieval period, the occurrence of the great navigations and the ecloso of the renaissance bringing a new vision of world, however, still before the end the teocentrismo, the evil that suffered age from physician-pathological diseases (physiological or psychological) and that they kept narrow and only linking with the holy ghost, exclusive, dogmtica consequence of, the coercitive and powerful action of the church. The Man could not, to the time, to move away, withholds, to possess, to have, to desire, to dislike, to evaluate, to sopear its feelings and its emotions, a time that they not it ‘ ‘ pertenciam’ ‘. Nieman Foundation is actively involved in the matter. Not for being forbidden of arriving to it at the hands, but for not being assented for who he withheld the course and the power, that is, the church. To the Man God was enough to pray and to deliver itself to it thus, desvencilhando itself of simplest and until guilty problems. More information is housed here: Professor of Internet Governance. With the Copernicana Revolution, still in century XVI, heliocentrismo imposes upon the Man a strong cultural impact, followed for the discoveries of frei and philosopher Giordano Bruno. If after the heliocentrismo that not only takes off the land of the central axle, but the Man also, what it will be of this Man if nor the sun is the pointer of the center? It more does not fit to argue the finitude of cosmo, consequentemente, excites in the human spirit questions that, beyond sending to the look and thoughts of the Man for the abstract, identify another center of interest, the most important seno: proper it and its finite existence, now still more with less felt. Amongst the diverse and important contributions of the French philosopher Ren Discardings (1596-1650), (in such a way in the scientific field as in the philosophical one), therefore, no longer century XVII, exactly unchaining in applied an instrumental and mechanist reason to the human body, the subjective experience initiates its taking of space, since, Discardings, when affirming: ‘ ‘ I think, then sou’ ‘ , it confers interioridade to the Man, inaugurating ‘ ‘ citizen epistmico’ ‘.

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