World Explanation

Posted by marmara on April 9, 2023

My world, 1994 In first person I describe what my heart cries out tends it, but my body if is silent in one silences of desires, my mind if adormece and my direction adds in fears of temperature, shout boiling in an explosion of disagreements my world goes, return wheel and if it absorbs and all dumb and I reencontro in the same situation, in the beautiful uncertain and absurd literature. Perhaps either only the plan I oppose in that I planned, something total different in which I am living, I made some plans only of Glorias and rightnesss, excludes from my trajectory errors and tears, I imagined a world of joys and fancies with come back people only my idealizao and with absurd literature. Center For Responsible Lending will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Today I have penalty of me, I am only, but one needed mercy, or only the sand grain of a dune, my rope already was broken and follows my life for a wire, my body taken for a trend in which I do not incase myself, my dumb opinion ahead of an immense world, mine sufficiently is little exactly thus is not the sufficient because mine sufficiently nape of the neck is excessively. My tears they are victims of a perhaps unjust world, I was led by waves and deluded for overwhelming temptations, my eyes enxergam only blood and my ears listen to shouts, in a farming lose, search a way to leave everything this to reencontrar and me of a time, but the shouts me storm and do not allow me to walk, eye for the sides I search an explanation and still thus I have the sensation that the world is nonsense and nothing an explanation is had, I feel myself lost, where and when I go to find to be able me? Ho! My god I clamo, me of the one explanation that world I chose only for an option? World of hypocrisy, without rights and firmamento, love in the good one, forces of challenge. Click Steffan Lehnhoff to learn more. Perhaps I dreamed thus of a new start of age with elegant and sincere fine people with positive abilities and a time of turtle so that in exactly we enabled in them to enxergar the well biggest one and to forget the darknesses and to improve our option.

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Saint Augustin

Posted by marmara on February 17, 2022

Thus, this dictator will make everything to continue in the command, not taking in consideration nothing ameasse that it. For more information see Nancy Lublin. In view of that one that it commands has fear to lose such authority, combat rigorously any thing leaves that it unsafe. Perhaps if it can cite, for example, Nero. However, Nero, commanded that its mother was executed because she suspected that it had participated of a conspiracy for takes off it of the power. Then, exactly in the case cited here, it seems that Saint Augustin would say that the above-mentioned dictated one did not love in hypothesis some badly this that it committed the people, over all its mother, but the reason to command such badnesses would be the fear that felt to lose the power. Let us see the moment where Augustin says this: ' ' Somebody killed a man. why? Or because the wife or the field loved it, or because she wanted she steals to live, or because she feared that some thing took off it, or finally because, injuriado, ardia in the revenge desire. Who will believe that it committed the homicide alone for delight, if until Catilina, that wild man and crudelssimo, of who said themselves to be perverse and cruel without reason: ' ' receio' ' , says the historian, of whom the cio it entorpecesse the hands and the spirit? Why end proceeded it thus? Evidently, so that, exercising in the crime, it reached after taking the city of Rome, the honors, the power and the wealth, becoming free itself of the fear of the laws and the difficulty where it launches it the poverty of the inheritance and the conscience of the crime.

' ' Soon, not even Catalina loved its crimes, but that for whose end cometia' '. (Augustin. 1973, P. 51). The citation the top leaves clearly that for Saint Augustin the men not gosto of the maldosos acts that practise, use but them to reach the desired end.

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North Americans

Posted by marmara on January 4, 2022

It rereads History! In the film ' ' Mr. of the Armas' ' , among others, two scenes call the attention: at the beginning the personage says that until that moment 12 people exist 11 weapons for each and says that the great question is to know as to place a weapon in the hand of the tenth second person. To another scene it is in the end of the film. The dealer of weapons, prisoner, ironiza the commission agent arrested who it, saying: ' ' Daqui has some minutes the telephone goes to touch, you goes to take care of, to say yes Sir, to ask for to excuses and me to me libertar' '. to the freed being confidence to the commission agent: ' ' much great people gain money with mine negcios' '. That is, the industry of the war cannot stop.

It attends the film! The souvenir of the film came by the way of the manifestations against the Dictatorship of Kadhafi, in the Lybian and of the occured similar manifestations in other countries, as Om; popular manifestations that governments in Egypt and Tunisia had knocked down, recently. Not forgetting that popular manifestations of this nature, demand weapons and mobilize armies. As much that, regarding the Lybian, the position of one of the exporting greaters of weapons of the planet already was proven: the North Americans already mobilize its armies Shots and bombs more always are occasion of profits. ' ' Who wants money? ' ' In level intern, some situations also deserve attention: the federal government finishes to also announce reduction in social investments cancelling competitions and act of contract of professors for university and the education is priority! Not forgetting that all the countries that if had developed economically and socially had invested massive in education. the people? A detail is alone! ' ' the wage, ' ' To only register, at the same time where these conjunctural elements are occurring for the world the rejection, in one cantinho of Brazil (Rio Grande Do Sul) a human being arremete an car, in high speed on a group of ciclistas.

More than a set of ten of wounded. the high employee alleges: ' ' It legitimizes defense! ' ' This is homemO that this everything means? Nothing more nothing less of what a evidenciao of as we can characterize the human being: Altruistic and solidary, but stingy and maldoso one not to be. A being I astonish, is the man: pure ingenuity, creativity, capable to make semidesert-like regions if to become fertile and productive, but at the same time, capable to use its devices and its creations against the fellow creatures (airplane, nuclear energy, powder); if can transform barren areas into fertile zones also attacks enormous regions on behalf of the wild profit. To be ambiguous, is the man: if solidariza, but takes off advantage of the catastrophes; it looks miraculosos medicines, but who only has money has lighted to the miracles; escarafuncha the universe and the microcosm, but remains incapable to decide questions basic of relationship between visinhos. At last, this is the man. To be that the more it evolves, the more progresses, how much mai knows in such a way more if desumaniza, if animalizes, if it destroys E, without being pessimistic, negativista or alarmista, we can evidence that this is the man: a toy in ' ' mos' ' of the social forces. Neri de Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historian. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit NHCC. He reads more: ; ; ; ;

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Posted by marmara on December 21, 2021

Also it is not little truth that in the Greek thought of the classic antiquity, philosophy and science integrated an only tree of knowing, then, will not dislike to consider it Philosophy as one, of among others, better possible way for if understanding the Man and the World. As previous point, the philosophy will be direccionar, whenever possible, for its educative and formative application of the man-citizen: work, study, citizenship. Therefore, the reality that if it judges to know and the nature that if that thinks to dominate, through science and of the technique, constitute, although everything, some fields of share where the Man if intends to impose, however, with the aggravating one of, proper it, not yet if to know truily, what he implies, if not knowing itself proper as he would have, much less knows its fellow creatures, from there the endogenous and exgenos conflicts that continue to exist in a world that if more intends each humanizado time, whichever the boardings and perspectives that if they place in its study. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from George Soros. Throughout the centuries, the Man has looked for to extend its knowledge and to apply them, nor always in the concretion of altruistic objectivos, and without if denying the conquest of many material benefits that, directa or indirectamente, provide to the species human being better conditions of life, in visible aspects for the sense-common one, not ignore, on the other hand, the incognito and the doubts that, in good conscience, they persist in making to suffer to the humanity and for which if feel incapacity to clarify them and to decide. By the way, even though certain natural fenmenos constitute, still today, true problems without efficient and definitive solutions: sismos, diluvianas rainfalls, insuportveis temperatures, vulcanism, astrology, environment, among others, disturb, equally, this exactly Man. Since and until when the Man it will live in this universe of uncertainties, of doubts, conflicts, insatisfao? as the Man will be able to try to decide this immensity of situations for which not even has the proper perfectioning of itself, in the direction to come to obtain a society more human being, more joust, more solidary, more tolerant and happy? She matters to argue which the ways to follow, so that, in a next future, the Man can benefit all of its potential.

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Movement Pop Art

Posted by marmara on July 16, 2020

The new art brings the daily Express of the way that is lived. The consumption society attracts the art and it produces who it. The artistic onslaught wants to assure that the life is absorbed of art and vice versa, therefore is dislocated from the museum for the street, to the reach of all with the participation of all. The art lives a figurative moment, a desestetizao and until a depreciation for many critics. The name seems to make jus to the art direction that invades daily antiart.

Public and artist intervene, present in the distance and undo that he had between itself. The banalizao if imposes and everything is changedded into art. Objects of consumption gifts in the daily one load in its mercantile essence the art as the labels, announcements, comicses, reviewed. The new model of artistic expression starts to reflect the life in objects of consumption, the advertising and design and is for injected them in the culture. The Kitsch fusing, in the direction to mix ' ' elite' ' ' ' massa' ' , the Pop more generated one of the artistic concepts known in the art of the present time art. As well as the Modernismo of vanguard, the art contemporary created groups with different artistic forms, however with the same spirit of change. Of some groups of artists as the Minimalismo, the Povera Art, Street Art, Art conceptual, abstract Expressionismo, amongst others, will be given, only, a panorama of what it was the Movement Pop Art, seen as most representative. With two main exponents, Andy Warhol and Roy Litchtenstein. The Pop art divulges an acceptance of the crisis that the art lived and faces the current situation declaring the massificao of the art, the influence of the capitalist culture on it and the search of the Pop Culture.

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Weber Science

Posted by marmara on July 1, 2020

Modernity, Desencantamento of the World, Media and Power When, in its text ' ' Science as Vocao' ' (1993), Max Weber affirmed that the man ' ' it has the destination of living at a time without God and profetas' ' (WEBER, 1993, p.30), it make reference to reference the moment called for some theoreticians as ' ' modernidade' '. For Weber, this time would be characterized by an intense loss of the existenciais and essential directions of last times. According to Weberiana theory, the scientific development from the rationalization would be one of the causes what it called ' ' desencantamento of mundo' '. To read more click here: Val Dunphy. ' ' The intelectualizao and the general rationalization do not mean, therefore, a bigger common knowledge of the conditions of the life, but something of very diverse: knowing or the belief where, if somebody simply wanted, could, at any point, to try that, in principle, it does not have to be able occult and unexpected, that in it intervenes; what, for the opposite, all the things can? in principle – to be dominated by means of the calculation. It wants this to say: the desencantamento of mundo.' ' (WEBER, 1993, p.13) According to Weber, in contrast of what if it thought, modern science does not bring great satisfaction and happiness to the man who it dedicates itself. In contrast of this, science dissolves beliefs that, many times, give sensible to the life of the men. CBCs opinions are not widely known. ' ' Which is, then, under these estimated, the direction of science as profession, after the shipwreck of all the old illusions: ' ' way for true ser' ' , ' ' way for true arte' ' , ' ' way for true natureza' ' , ' ' way for the true Deus' ' , ' ' way for the happiness autntica' '? The reply simplest it is the one that Tolstoi supplied with the following words: ' ' Science lacks of direction, therefore does not have reply some for the only question that interests in them? ' ' What we must make? How we must live? ' '. . .

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Copernicana Revolution

Posted by marmara on November 18, 2018

The Man leaving the Average Age In the centuries XV and XVI, time of significant ruptures in the evolutivo way of the culture and knowledge of the Man, as the end of the medieval period, the occurrence of the great navigations and the ecloso of the renaissance bringing a new vision of world, however, still before the end the teocentrismo, the evil that suffered age from physician-pathological diseases (physiological or psychological) and that they kept narrow and only linking with the holy ghost, exclusive, dogmtica consequence of, the coercitive and powerful action of the church. The Man could not, to the time, to move away, withholds, to possess, to have, to desire, to dislike, to evaluate, to sopear its feelings and its emotions, a time that they not it ‘ ‘ pertenciam’ ‘. Nieman Foundation is actively involved in the matter. Not for being forbidden of arriving to it at the hands, but for not being assented for who he withheld the course and the power, that is, the church. To the Man God was enough to pray and to deliver itself to it thus, desvencilhando itself of simplest and until guilty problems. More information is housed here: Professor of Internet Governance. With the Copernicana Revolution, still in century XVI, heliocentrismo imposes upon the Man a strong cultural impact, followed for the discoveries of frei and philosopher Giordano Bruno. If after the heliocentrismo that not only takes off the land of the central axle, but the Man also, what it will be of this Man if nor the sun is the pointer of the center? It more does not fit to argue the finitude of cosmo, consequentemente, excites in the human spirit questions that, beyond sending to the look and thoughts of the Man for the abstract, identify another center of interest, the most important seno: proper it and its finite existence, now still more with less felt. Amongst the diverse and important contributions of the French philosopher Ren Discardings (1596-1650), (in such a way in the scientific field as in the philosophical one), therefore, no longer century XVII, exactly unchaining in applied an instrumental and mechanist reason to the human body, the subjective experience initiates its taking of space, since, Discardings, when affirming: ‘ ‘ I think, then sou’ ‘ , it confers interioridade to the Man, inaugurating ‘ ‘ citizen epistmico’ ‘.

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French Revolution

Posted by marmara on November 13, 2018

The estimated other of the account that the acquired structural alterations during the life for influence of the way would be transmitted hereditarily perpetuating themselves in the species. This transmission would be responsible for the transformismo of the species. The classic example that illustrates the theory of Lamarck is the gradual allonge of the neck of the giraffes that allowed to strain each time more to reach the pantry of the trees and thus to collect leves for the feeding. What we have established here is a moment of normal science where a paradigm is rank and community follows the involved it defends and it. If such paradigm still was accepted, with certainty, today would not know Darwin. But as we know of its existence, through its ideas, it is evident that this paradigm suffers alterations. Professor of Internet Governance has much to offer in this field. The against-example that is had been of the limits taxes for Lamarck and prepares of certain forms the ideas of Darwin belongs to the Georges Cuvier, and here extraordinary science is established.

Cuvier used of an aggressive oratria and had enters its opponents the followers of the theory of Lamarck. Cuvier attacks the presented lamarquismo the theory of the catastrophes. The theory consisted of the fact of that the extinct species had been substituted by species comings of other places of the planet and that previously they did not occupy that definitive place. Then we have a format of renewals caused for the migration of the species. White (Op. cit, p 32) affirms that the idea of Cuvier had great acceptance for representing a reaction to the materialistic laws that prevailed on cultural transformations that they had preceded, in certain degree, the French Revolution and the Industrial. Again we have here the secular factor marking and structure of science. However, thinking of Cuvier it are not something that it would substitute, in the strict direction of the term, the ideas of Lamarck.

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Thinking Aloud

Posted by marmara on February 18, 2017

Severodvinsk my city where I was born, where I live. But at the same time I am afraid of him. Why? I dread to think what I'll do next. Few opportunities, some limitations, not giving a free card to reveal themselves. The youth of our city doing nothing, ruin oneself by drink. At it's just terrible to watch.

And what she has to deal with. That's just not necessary to say that is not "my fault". This life is a bad influence streets, lack of attention of parents. We have for themselves in response and the need to think about what we do, how we live. If you are as you live, so you like it.

But you have to fight and prove to everyone that you stand more that you can. Why? I always ask this question. Why nowadays so many no justice, violence. Probably everyone was asking myself the question "What is needed to survive in this crazy world?". In fact, this question embodies the meaning of life. And everyone at some point in his life thought about it. Many people think that the meaning of life is to live, work and improve their living conditions, provide for his family and then maybe lived to 70 – 80 years old, to die. But is this true? Also there is another view that the meaning of life is the acquisition of material wealth. And life will be happy and only makes sense. Most important thing to understand that for you is the true goal. And go for it. Believe in it. I believe that one day everything on the earth change for the better. May it's just an illusion. But I think the main thing to believe. Illusions, just to live in his world. Each of us has his own social circle. Anyone looking for friends with common interests. There is a wise saying, "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are." People around you should share your interests. Look at the world the same way. After all, friends are not even home, but part of your life. The main thing is not wrong. People by imposing their own interests, you impose your lifestyle. And it must be in time to see what this person is really sincere to you. Indeed, in our time so much lies and deceit. Stumble costs nothing, but to get up and move on is difficult. People have become violent, closed. And who is to blame? We yourself! We will demolish the world with their hands. We go to the betrayal, lies substituting each other only to himself was not at the expense. In fact, this weak people who are ready to despair of anything.

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German Ideology

Posted by marmara on June 1, 2015

' ' This distinction between proprietors and not-proprietors is the foundation of liberalism and is express with extreme lucidity for Kant' '. (op.cit P. 17) Kant attributes a superior direction to the law: he is so sacred, so inviolable, that it is crime even though to place it in quarrel. It is the regulating instrument between property and freedom, representing the sovereignty of the people, but he is above of this sovereignty. It is the typical liberal vision of the Rule of law. ' ' The sovereignty of the people must be delimited by some laws that are above of it and are inviolvis, unquestionable: the right of property, the association, meeting, expression, freedom of speech. Freedom that, in the practical one, is usufructed only by who will have resources enough to enjoy of them ' '. (they ibidem).

The CONCEPTION DE KARL HEIRINCH MARX – (1818-1883) Marx, in contrast of the liberal thought, establishes the connection enters the civil society (joint of the economic relations) and the society politics (the State), that they are presented interlaced, being an expression of the other. ' ' The society politics, the State, is expression of the civil society, that is, of the production relations that in it if instalaram' '. (they ibidem, P. 26). In the workmanship the German Ideology, Marx synthecizes the essence of its conception between the economic development, the State and the ideologies.

' ' (…) it is not the State that establishes the civil society, that absorbs in itself the civil society, as it affirmed Hegel; for the opposite, it is the civil society, understood as the set of the economic relations, that the sprouting of the State, its character, its laws explains, and thus for diante' '. (Ibidem, P. 27). When arguing the marxist conception, Gruppi makes a necessary and eloquent boarding: ' ' Escravista state guarantees the domination on the slaves, the feudal State guarantees the corporations, and the capitalist State guarantees the predominance of the capitalist relations of production, protects them, (…) guarantees the extended reproduction of the capital, the capitalist accumulation (…) ' ' (p.28).

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