Copernicana Revolution

Posted by marmara on November 18, 2018

The Man leaving the Average Age In the centuries XV and XVI, time of significant ruptures in the evolutivo way of the culture and knowledge of the Man, as the end of the medieval period, the occurrence of the great navigations and the ecloso of the renaissance bringing a new vision of world, however, still before the end the teocentrismo, the evil that suffered age from physician-pathological diseases (physiological or psychological) and that they kept narrow and only linking with the holy ghost, exclusive, dogmtica consequence of, the coercitive and powerful action of the church. The Man could not, to the time, to move away, withholds, to possess, to have, to desire, to dislike, to evaluate, to sopear its feelings and its emotions, a time that they not it ‘ ‘ pertenciam’ ‘. Nieman Foundation is actively involved in the matter. Not for being forbidden of arriving to it at the hands, but for not being assented for who he withheld the course and the power, that is, the church. To the Man God was enough to pray and to deliver itself to it thus, desvencilhando itself of simplest and until guilty problems. More information is housed here: Professor of Internet Governance. With the Copernicana Revolution, still in century XVI, heliocentrismo imposes upon the Man a strong cultural impact, followed for the discoveries of frei and philosopher Giordano Bruno. If after the heliocentrismo that not only takes off the land of the central axle, but the Man also, what it will be of this Man if nor the sun is the pointer of the center? It more does not fit to argue the finitude of cosmo, consequentemente, excites in the human spirit questions that, beyond sending to the look and thoughts of the Man for the abstract, identify another center of interest, the most important seno: proper it and its finite existence, now still more with less felt. Read more from Justin Mateen to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Amongst the diverse and important contributions of the French philosopher Ren Discardings (1596-1650), (in such a way in the scientific field as in the philosophical one), therefore, no longer century XVII, exactly unchaining in applied an instrumental and mechanist reason to the human body, the subjective experience initiates its taking of space, since, Discardings, when affirming: ‘ ‘ I think, then sou’ ‘ , it confers interioridade to the Man, inaugurating ‘ ‘ citizen epistmico’ ‘.

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French Revolution

Posted by marmara on November 13, 2018

The estimated other of the account that the acquired structural alterations during the life for influence of the way would be transmitted hereditarily perpetuating themselves in the species. This transmission would be responsible for the transformismo of the species. The classic example that illustrates the theory of Lamarck is the gradual allonge of the neck of the giraffes that allowed to strain each time more to reach the pantry of the trees and thus to collect leves for the feeding. What we have established here is a moment of normal science where a paradigm is rank and community follows the involved it defends and it. If such paradigm still was accepted, with certainty, today would not know Darwin. But as we know of its existence, through its ideas, it is evident that this paradigm suffers alterations. Professor of Internet Governance has much to offer in this field. The against-example that is had been of the limits taxes for Lamarck and prepares of certain forms the ideas of Darwin belongs to the Georges Cuvier, and here extraordinary science is established.

Cuvier used of an aggressive oratria and had enters its opponents the followers of the theory of Lamarck. Cuvier attacks the presented lamarquismo the theory of the catastrophes. The theory consisted of the fact of that the extinct species had been substituted by species comings of other places of the planet and that previously they did not occupy that definitive place. Then we have a format of renewals caused for the migration of the species. White (Op. cit, p 32) affirms that the idea of Cuvier had great acceptance for representing a reaction to the materialistic laws that prevailed on cultural transformations that they had preceded, in certain degree, the French Revolution and the Industrial. Again we have here the secular factor marking and structure of science. However, thinking of Cuvier it are not something that it would substitute, in the strict direction of the term, the ideas of Lamarck.

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Posted by marmara on March 9, 2018

The association enters this model of production in series, adopted tethers industries, and the professional corporations characterize the consumption society. Thus, this term more assigns to the current modern, urban and industrial, dedicated society to the increasing production and acquisition of good of diversified consumption each time. For the survival of this society it is essential that is created necessities of use of new products, therefore, as soon as a product appears in the market, it must be consumed intensely and after that substituted for another one. However, as we do not know such product nor we are accustomed the USA-Io, and many times not even we need it, is necessary that if it makes to create in each one of us the consumiz necessity it. To acquire a good, we need to find really important to possess it. In this process, the formation of the public opinion carried through by the medias, commanded for a small number of people who decide what we go to choose, to possess and to use, collaborates of vital form for the creation of necessities of use of new products.

This process of opinion formation occurs when the opinion – that each one possesss as exclusive and genuine thing, is induced, or influenced, for periodicals, tevs and other forms of mass communication. Mandel concludes its reflections saying that in the delayed capitalism, the expansion of the sector of services is preferable to the existence of excess capitals. However, the logic of the delayed capitalism consists of converting, necessarily, the idle capital in capital of services and at the same time to substitute services for merchandises. Thus, the society produces transformations in the relation social with the merchandise, with the images and also the proper individual suffers transformations, as we will see to follow in the reflections of Braudrillard. 3) THE TRANSFORMATIONS IN THE SOCIAL RELATION WITH THE MERCHANDISE ' ' We live the time of idias' ' , in Braudrillard says to them, where the men if find encircled more for objects, for merchandises, of what for other men.

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David Hume

Posted by marmara on May 1, 2017

It is, therefore, the beginning of causalidade that goes to guarantee the minimum consistency of the facts and in this relation the effect possesss consistency because it is a fact in act whereas the cause is in power. This relation cannot be recognized a priori, with the pure reasoning, but only for the experience. Nobody can, therefore, only know an object reasoning about it and yes only after having tried it thus discovering its causes and its effect. Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP may find this interesting as well. Thus, we can conclude that for Hume the beddings of our conclusions on the relation between cause and effect are the experience. relation between cause and effect never can be known a priori (pure reasoning), but only by means of the experience.

Conclusion David Hume in them presents the knowledge as that one that drift of the experience. Being this consisting knowledge of impressions and ideas. The impressions, as those that possess more force, are more alive and englobam the sensations, emotions and passions, corresponding to a present experience, being that one that of the foundation for the beginning of all the knowledge. The ideas are mere representations or images simply weakened of our impressions in the thought. The contents of the knowledge are, for Hume, substances in fact, not if reducing only to this, they are also relations between the ideas. We cannot, therefore, to exceed what the experience allows in them, is, therefore, from the same one that we can know the existing relation between cause and effect.

We only can possess a knowledge a posteriori, since the experience it is had as only source of validity of all the knowledge in fact. It concludes, that, for David Hume, it is the habit that takes in them to infer this existing relation between cause and effect of two phenomena, therefore, if in the past it occurred facts followed of others is our hope also that in the gift and the future it occurs in the same way. For in such a way it discards the racionalistas bases of the human agreement, binding it force to it of the habit and of the custom, that is, the repetition of an act produces in us a disposal to the same renew act without the intervention of the reasoning.

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Thinking Aloud

Posted by marmara on February 18, 2017

Severodvinsk my city where I was born, where I live. But at the same time I am afraid of him. Why? I dread to think what I'll do next. Few opportunities, some limitations, not giving a free card to reveal themselves. The youth of our city doing nothing, ruin oneself by drink. At it's just terrible to watch.

And what she has to deal with. That's just not necessary to say that is not "my fault". This life is a bad influence streets, lack of attention of parents. We have for themselves in response and the need to think about what we do, how we live. If you are as you live, so you like it.

But you have to fight and prove to everyone that you stand more that you can. Why? I always ask this question. Why nowadays so many no justice, violence. Probably everyone was asking myself the question "What is needed to survive in this crazy world?". In fact, this question embodies the meaning of life. And everyone at some point in his life thought about it. Many people think that the meaning of life is to live, work and improve their living conditions, provide for his family and then maybe lived to 70 – 80 years old, to die. But is this true? Also there is another view that the meaning of life is the acquisition of material wealth. And life will be happy and only makes sense. Most important thing to understand that for you is the true goal. And go for it. Believe in it. I believe that one day everything on the earth change for the better. May it's just an illusion. But I think the main thing to believe. Illusions, just to live in his world. Each of us has his own social circle. Anyone looking for friends with common interests. There is a wise saying, "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are." People around you should share your interests. Look at the world the same way. After all, friends are not even home, but part of your life. The main thing is not wrong. People by imposing their own interests, you impose your lifestyle. And it must be in time to see what this person is really sincere to you. Indeed, in our time so much lies and deceit. Stumble costs nothing, but to get up and move on is difficult. People have become violent, closed. And who is to blame? We yourself! We will demolish the world with their hands. We go to the betrayal, lies substituting each other only to himself was not at the expense. In fact, this weak people who are ready to despair of anything.

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German Ideology

Posted by marmara on June 1, 2015

' ' This distinction between proprietors and not-proprietors is the foundation of liberalism and is express with extreme lucidity for Kant' '. (op.cit P. 17) Kant attributes a superior direction to the law: he is so sacred, so inviolable, that it is crime even though to place it in quarrel. It is the regulating instrument between property and freedom, representing the sovereignty of the people, but he is above of this sovereignty. It is the typical liberal vision of the Rule of law. ' ' The sovereignty of the people must be delimited by some laws that are above of it and are inviolvis, unquestionable: the right of property, the association, meeting, expression, freedom of speech. Freedom that, in the practical one, is usufructed only by who will have resources enough to enjoy of them ' '. (they ibidem).

The CONCEPTION DE KARL HEIRINCH MARX – (1818-1883) Marx, in contrast of the liberal thought, establishes the connection enters the civil society (joint of the economic relations) and the society politics (the State), that they are presented interlaced, being an expression of the other. ' ' The society politics, the State, is expression of the civil society, that is, of the production relations that in it if instalaram' '. (they ibidem, P. 26). In the workmanship the German Ideology, Marx synthecizes the essence of its conception between the economic development, the State and the ideologies.

' ' (…) it is not the State that establishes the civil society, that absorbs in itself the civil society, as it affirmed Hegel; for the opposite, it is the civil society, understood as the set of the economic relations, that the sprouting of the State, its character, its laws explains, and thus for diante' '. (Ibidem, P. 27). When arguing the marxist conception, Gruppi makes a necessary and eloquent boarding: ' ' Escravista state guarantees the domination on the slaves, the feudal State guarantees the corporations, and the capitalist State guarantees the predominance of the capitalist relations of production, protects them, (…) guarantees the extended reproduction of the capital, the capitalist accumulation (…) ' ' (p.28).

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Posted by marmara on December 22, 2012

The modern inquiry is engaged, with other ways of representation and other species of production of the being who if characterizes for the will. ' ' Vontade' ' , understood as basic trace of the entity of the being, it is, so radically, the identification of the being with what it is current is transformed into unconditional fallibity of the general objetivao. However modern science nor serves to an end that first is considered it, nor looks one ' ' truth in si' '. It is, while a way of objetivao calculated of the being, a condition established for the proper will of will, through which this guarantees the domain of its essence. However all the behavior that if relates with the being testifies, in this way, already it is certain to know of the being, but it certifies the incapacity simultaneously of, for its proper forces, to remain in the law of truth of this to know. Metaphysics is the history of this truth.

It says what the being is, while it appraises the entity of the being. About the entity of the being the being thinks metaphysics, without, however, to be able to consider, for its way to think, the truth of the being that it remains the unknown bedding and baseless However this to interrogate must think metaforicamente, valley to say, not more Metaphysical. In an essential direction, such to question remains ambivalent. Being that each objective question is already a bridge for the reply. Essential reply they are, constantly, only the last step of the proper questions.

The essential reply haure its force supported in the insistence of asking. The essential reply it is only the start of a responsibility. In it awaken interrogating more originarily. It is also, therefore, that the authentic question is not suppressed by the joined reply. The difficulties to follow the thought of the preleo are of two species.

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The Organizations

Posted by marmara on July 1, 2012

The refined results make possible the identification of other prominent questions in the work market. These occur in the first contacts that the individuals establish with the organizations in the search of jobs. In this phase, the discrimination process if develops by means of camouflaged mechanisms to prevent the ingression of professionals afro-descendants. When surpassing these barriers, others are produced, but to make it difficult occupational mobility. Read more here: Brooke Harlow. Evidently this research, for its exploratrio character, does not accumulate of stocks all the existing questions in the scope of the ethnic diversity of the organizations, mainly for the small used sample, but the depositions are strong and forceful, demonstrating the existence of the problem in our society that if it reflects, obviously, in our organizations, independently of its origin. Introduction: Professional mobility in the organizations is based on a racionalista vision of the administration, whom it denies interferences of personal nature or aiding for the promotions for positions of bigger level in the organizacional structure or for the wage compensations. Mobility is based on the merit, measured through formal systems of performance evaluation, with the objective of premiar those capable ones in terms of efficiency, abilities and abilities stop with the organizacionais goals. The meritocracia has straits bonds with the division of the social work, determined for the specialization of the force of work in the companies and, from it, it is produced wage differentiation, either for the responsibility of the worker when manipulating raw materials of high cost either for its abilities special when producing definitive type of merchandise. The division of the work, as it affirms Morgan (1996), occurred in gnese of the capitalist system of production and fit the Taylor, through its studies on times and methods, the rationalization of this system to take care of to the accumulation necessities. The system of merit appears with the necessity of the capital to hold back its more competent and productive professionals, preventing that they were attracted by paid higher wages for the competition.

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Big Bang

Posted by marmara on March 8, 2012

The combined power of the electromagnetic, weak, strong and gravitational interactions ("grand synthesis"), which ceased to be protofizicheskoy force and became a physical, could do light coming from the X-force, transcendent in relation to their source (meaning unrelated to its source) and change it – the light then could take the properties of matter. Since then, we can assume that ends evolution of the universe, which could take a fraction of a second, and begins its physical evolution, which in major parts in modern science and is described below, we briefly described. In the beginning physical evolution of the universe in light of its original material form, in a state of singularity, and since then, when he became the transcendent and broke off its relationship with the source, shrank in the opposite direction at the same its speed. In the end, enlarged to a single point, more than 15 billion years ago, the light exploded. As a result, the "Big Bang" electromagnetic, weak, strong and gravitational interactions again disunited, and instead of the original light appeared cosmic microwave background radiation, which is also expanded, moving with the speed of light is in its original direction.

Of this radiation originated quark-gluon plasma, which was the first building blocks of the universe. The passage of time has a phase transition the quark-gluon plasma – baryogenesis. At this stage, the quarks and gluons combined into baryons – such as protons and neutrons. A further drop in temperature led to the formation of physical forces and elementary particles in their modern form.

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