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Posted by marmara on March 24, 2022

Fraunhofer IAO research tool developed for the configuration of electric vehicles Fraunhofer IAO research tool developed for configuration of cars vehicles the Fraunhofer IAO has within the framework of the model regions supported by the BMVBS a Fahrzeugkonfigurator for electric cars built. This makes it possible to design new vehicle and drive concepts. The tool directly informed of the costs and environmental impact. The shift from the internal combustion engine-based vehicle to the pure Stromer brings many possible but also necessary changes to the vehicle with it: the performance requirement of the body shape to new vehicle concepts. In addition, several components must be redesigned. It is not something David Boreanaz would like to discuss. In addition to the components of the drive train, also so far include unnecessary components, for example for the selection of Rekuperationsstufen, the positioning of the charging cable or the display of the remaining range.

These components and features in which expression of the future users wanted or be valued, is however often unclear. Against this background, the Fraunhofer IAO has the electric vehicle configurator (EV-Configurator) as a research tool conceived to take user preferences and to test new concepts against each other. The Configurator takes into account different ways for new vehicle and drive concepts but also components. In addition, he analyzes environmental conditions and incentives. The EV-Configurator offers the user the possibility to configure different vehicle and drive concepts and evaluate. Depending on the configuration of varying acquisition and operating costs, as well as the emission behaviour of the vehicle are displayed directly to the user. Here the user can can inform and inspire future mobility.

The cost analysis refers to the time of the conception of the configurator with current low production quantities. The Configurator focuses on the individual and commercial vehicle-bound traffic. These include new vehicle concepts for the urban space, by the weather-protected scooter van or sports cars in the private cars up to the light delivery traffic. The Configurator takes the relevant data to the acceptance examination, so that they can be evaluated scientifically. Especially battery-powered electric vehicles are in the Center. The Configurator allows you to also select of other conveyances such as petrol, diesel, gas, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or the range-extended electric drive. The focus is not only the information, but also the fun factor in the design of the vehicles. Also, the interested users will receive an analysis of collected data and the project report. In addition, electric vehicles are among all participants for a electric weekend raffles. The research tool is available in the Internet under available. More information: 883.html Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

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