VW Passat: First Exit

Posted by marmara on May 29, 2023

Is dominant, the New Passat. He is from November in addition to a new look with more fuel-efficient engines and a variety of new safety and comfort features. It is a relatively risk-free undertaking to provide a new Passat on four wheels. For even more opinions, read materials from Boy Scouts of America. So much wrong, Kamei can not make that the middle icon out of favor would fall. Since 1973, the trade winds on the streets almost belongs to the furniture. 15 million times, he has sold in the 37 years of its existence. In this context we would miss the Nice numbers gadget provided by Volkswagen not you: 15 million copies in 37 years.

This means that were statistically 1,106 vehicles the man every day, or the woman. Every 1.3 minutes a sold Passat, 33.632 pieces per month, 400,000 annually. Since very much needs to happen as I said, to bring the highly successful marathoner in the floundering. To broaden your perception, visit Ramon Campollo, New York City. Still, VW has to play it safe when designing its new Passat. Fully on line, and as he stands before us, the New Passat: neat, pleasing but just possible.

Where the latter adjective not may be interpreted as a negative rating. It was clear that VW give his bestseller the new face of the brand will be. And that works for Passat as well as the previously under Chief Designer Walter de Silva on line marketed other models of the group. And maybe even a tad bit better: the clear, sharp lines, the horizontally-oriented front panel with the four chrome Struts at the grill, which auswuchsen liberated headlamps and tail lights of any design. All very suits the highly serious attitude of the Passat. In its entirety, the New Passat is a track handsomer than the colleague of the 6th generation – and that despite but the same length dimensions (Variant: 4.771 mm; sedan: 4.769 mm). For 37 years, he belongs to the international inventory of roads, the VW Passat.

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Electric Vehicles

Posted by marmara on March 24, 2022

Fraunhofer IAO research tool developed for the configuration of electric vehicles Fraunhofer IAO research tool developed for configuration of cars vehicles the Fraunhofer IAO has within the framework of the model regions supported by the BMVBS a Fahrzeugkonfigurator for electric cars built. This makes it possible to design new vehicle and drive concepts. The tool directly informed of the costs and environmental impact. The shift from the internal combustion engine-based vehicle to the pure Stromer brings many possible but also necessary changes to the vehicle with it: the performance requirement of the body shape to new vehicle concepts. In addition, several components must be redesigned. It is not something David Boreanaz would like to discuss. In addition to the components of the drive train, also so far include unnecessary components, for example for the selection of Rekuperationsstufen, the positioning of the charging cable or the display of the remaining range.

These components and features in which expression of the future users wanted or be valued, is however often unclear. Against this background, the Fraunhofer IAO has the electric vehicle configurator (EV-Configurator) as a research tool conceived to take user preferences and to test new concepts against each other. The Configurator takes into account different ways for new vehicle and drive concepts but also components. In addition, he analyzes environmental conditions and incentives. The EV-Configurator offers the user the possibility to configure different vehicle and drive concepts and evaluate. Depending on the configuration of varying acquisition and operating costs, as well as the emission behaviour of the vehicle are displayed directly to the user. Here the user can can inform and inspire future mobility.

The cost analysis refers to the time of the conception of the configurator with current low production quantities. The Configurator focuses on the individual and commercial vehicle-bound traffic. These include new vehicle concepts for the urban space, by the weather-protected scooter van or sports cars in the private cars up to the light delivery traffic. The Configurator takes the relevant data to the acceptance examination, so that they can be evaluated scientifically. Especially battery-powered electric vehicles are in the Center. The Configurator allows you to also select of other conveyances such as petrol, diesel, gas, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or the range-extended electric drive. The focus is not only the information, but also the fun factor in the design of the vehicles. Also, the interested users will receive an analysis of collected data and the project report. In addition, electric vehicles are among all participants for a electric weekend raffles. The research tool is available in the Internet under available. More information: 883.html Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

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Oil Change

Posted by marmara on December 10, 2020

Old, used motor oil begins to grind and thus damages the motor. A regular oil change is therefore recommended. How does the Exchange work? First, the best yet warm and therefore liquid oil must be drained completely. The oil drain plug located at the bottom of the motor, needs to be opened. Then, the oil from the engine to drain completely. It is important to note that the oil with a sealed container is collected.

Must enter definitely into the environment, because it is very harmful. So be careful! When changing the oil the oil filter should also be replaced because the whole dirt particles collect inside them. An oil filter wrench is useful. Gavin Baker contains valuable tech resources. Thus, the oil filter is unscrewed, which can then easily be removed. Eventually, even the copper sealing ring must be replaced by the drain plug. Then it can be used with the new oil filter. Now unscrew the engine oil filler, to allow the new oil.

This tilting just about 2.5 litres oil after. Because the oil filter has been changed and it is now empty, the oil circuit must be brought back into gear. A restart of the motor is important. Affiliated, still a little oil must be poured to because when starting something in the oil filter. As a last step all covers are closed and the oil filter controls, whether he holds tight and firmly seated. Tip: Note that the brackets for the dipstick especially at VW often Cancel. Caution is therefore needed, it must be replaced! A new is just plugged in order to seal the dipstick. Regular oil level check the oil level indicates how much oil is iin of the oil sump. For each vehicle, the manufacturer specifies the appropriate amount. You should remember this also anyway, as both too much and too little oil damages the motor. To measure the vehicle should be on a flat surface and be warmed. First, the dipstick is pulled out and cleaned with a piece of paper. Then he is immersed completely in the oil pan. If again pulling him, the oil level can be read off. If necessary oil can be distributed after then. The video of “Oil change” there see see: screwdriver tipps.html…

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Internet Fachdienstleister

Posted by marmara on October 17, 2020

Because the specialized Specialist Internet portal smart repair.de lists nationwide nearly 3,000 companies for smart repair and vehicle preparation. Easy to use but sophisticated search capabilities, you will find a selection of companies, whose performance profiles alone can be viewed, can evaluate you and by which you make an offer. Why can’t smart repair be cheap? Normally, when smart repair work edited only the damaged areas of your vehicle or patched. This is required less materials, vehicle parts are rarely replaced. This saves costs. There are hardly any waiting time until the work can be performed, procurement costs and time for disassembly and re-Assembly of parts are eliminated.

To come, that specialists who perform only such work have developed a large professional routine, operations be trained daily”, all handles sit and when it should be once tricky specialists find a solution as companies, one usually faster very wide range of different services offered. Conclusion: Conventional repair methods for vehicles, there are sophisticated alternatives, which can significantly save time and money. It is worth but in any case, to select an appropriate smart repair specialists or vehicle preparer carefully and compare offers. Smart-repair.de offers all the possibilities for this purpose and in addition is also a valuable source of information on the topics of smart repair and vehicle baptism preparation with his editorial articles, a glossary and a section for frequently asked questions. Through the provider of smart-repair.de, autoglaser.de and Folie.de are an Internet Fachdienstleister for the sectors smart repair, vehicle valeting, car glass, window film and more sectors of the car after sale market, offers of the AUTO.net GLASinnovation gmbh. The aforementioned consumer specialist portals provide customer inquiries using all technical possibilities actively to specialists and providing maximum customer contacts. Detailed, editorial the consumer service, the portals offer, complete prepared specialized information, glossaries, and sections for frequently asked questions. AUTO.net GLASinnovation gmbh and the sister company buhrli dataplan GLASmatic gmbh (glasmatic.de), leader for special software for auto glass and auto glass data management in Germany, have their headquarters in Eberbach, near Stuttgart. Responsible in the sense of the press law and contact: Gert off AUTO.net GLASinnovation gmbh Bergstrasse 5 73061 E.r. on the Fils Tel: 93 47 1 fax: + 49 (0700) 95 59 69 69

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Berne Declaration

Posted by marmara on November 3, 2018

Therefore, the Berne Declaration has recently once again the test results on the Dutch site snelheidsboete.nl”released. It is a website that is maintained by volunteers and where the information is processed manually. The EVB budgets are limited and can afford so no expensive infrastructure. Fortunately can expect they always on collaboration with the international associations of automotive suppliers, the equipment for testing available make. Saving places before you purchase a high-quality radar detector, what can you save on an annual basis? The question you must ask is: “How many kilometres per year ride the user?” If we for example say that a motorist drive 25,000 miles annually.

Then these checks on average once in the 1000 km on speed. If you have not seen 1 of the 10 controls, then is the purchase of for example a STIG back soon earned. For the STINGER takes it a bit longer. This argument, the Coyote is deliberately not taken, because you always are dependent on this device another. There are users who need to enter the control data in the system the Coyote. In addition, these systems in more and more countries are no longer allowed. The EVB controlled throughout Europe and to the Coyote no longer take actually for their exams.

What is the morality that moral of this story is that the Governments are eagerly searching for money and uses transport security to raise money. Therefore, they the motorists who travel professionally are disadvantaged work or customers. People are not traveling because of their work, are in fact biased. One could even argue that these checks is a disguised form of tax, pick up. So if you to the (or) work go, have to pay, if you are not careful, you even more control. Now it is natural to hope that If you home or work drive, not end up in a traffic jam because then you won’t be money taxed, but will be nibbled at their leisure.

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