Emperor Caligula

Posted by marmara on September 29, 2018

Apparently, the first mention of the precious gifts can be attributed to the New Testament time. What is surprising, at the very beginning of our era prepodnoshenie gifts fulfilled likely social problems to which attributed worship leaders, decorating their clothing products made from precious metals and precious stones. Dr. Neal Barnard understood the implications. Similarly, in ancient Rome, do not forget to exchange gifts before the holidays. Of course, in those days gifts were not very familiar to us form a few sprigs of laurel from the sacred groves, grain alcohol. Gifts made to present voluntarily, although history has rulers who were forced to force their subjects giving gifts to New Year's Day.

During the reign of the Emperor Caligula gifts, which he believed did not comply with its status as subject to ridicule. Even Henry III used the penalties to those merchants whose money, presented to him as a gift, seemed minuscule. In the Middle Ages, when religion became paramount, and to eradicate the old traditions of prepodnosheniyu gifts. However, the solicitation of gifts and the church found justification. Nowadays, people are given gifts to express gratitude and their attitude towards any particular person.

As a general rule, gifts are presented as an apology, promotion or incentive employee, congratulations to any important date, expressions of respect. But be careful when choosing a gift: for example, Muslims pork is taboo, so by giving clothes from pig skin, you can not only pleasure, but to insult people. A similar situation exists in India, but there are cows sacred animals. So that products from bovine skin should immediately delete from the list. When choosing a gift should be special attention paid to the quality of the product. You should not skimp on quality but also to give luxury expensive gifts, too, should not, as such things can cause a feeling of 'debtor' in front of you. I hope you will help our advice and you make the right gift and will bring only positive emotions favorite or respected person.

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