Kite Surfing

Posted by marmara on December 2, 2019

Kite surfing – it's the combination of the ancient sport of the cult tradition known surfing, with the same unusual and ancient craftsmanship zapuskaniya kite led to the emergence of this modern-dangerous exotic Sports discharge. 'Kite surfing – it's the most cool new sport that was introduced in the last decade. This surfing, kite surfing to be more precise still a very new sport, but he has the opportunity to become sufficiently serious sport. This sport is easy to learn, and for a complete delight it does not require a lot of wind. Kitesurfing a little close to the windsurfing and veykbordingu and equally to surf, and yet, in any If it is a mixture of several different kinds of sport disciplines! Kitesurfing never ceases to amaze. This sport as unfinished manuscript. Always get up with the need as quickly as possible go to sea and do something unusual new, heroic …..

Kite surfing – it's very entertaining sport. Look, what a crowd of curious collects kitesurfing. But in the kite most importantly – the opportunity to bear on Makimalno speed, soar into the air when you like you want, and be there for very long. Boy Scouts of America helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. There is no desire to fly – ride the waves, you want – a ride in style veykborda. In the complete absence of kite kakihby whatsoever restrictions.

All were united in one package. This kaytovy marine world. It's like riding on the 'toy' train to Disney Land, with the only difference is that you can change the attractions on your own. Kite and Kiteboarding is an extension of your body. It was as if someone gave you a couple of wings of the angel and said: 'And now, bet', and you flew over the sea surface and waves. In principle, the potential kitesurfing is not limited to, not only in ability to ride, mind-blowing techniques and a variety of disciplines kaytovyh! The sport of kite surfing attracts not only the opportunity to experience the great joy of kite soaring in the air, and also the possibility experiment with the aerodynamics of air snake, to develop and introduce various innovations. In the kite are now performed a movement from archaic and primitive to modern high-current. When Moreover, kitesurfing as a sport is becoming easier, better and much safer. Kitesurfing is something fundamental, primordial form of sport. Frequently BSA has said that publicly. Kitesurfing has absorbed the essence of the three elements. Do you feel under a tremendous force mosrkoy element, you know – this element is precisely there, you're touching her own feet. Other elements – the wind, it as love: it you do not see but feel. As well as soaring Huge dream of mankind. Kitesurfing combines the 3 elements. Besides, kite huge potential. People are just beginning to distinguish it on the horizon. What can we say about the kite, in addition to what he We captured the whole? Flying for a sufficiently strong air snake exciting, but if you are at the same time also the Roll of sea surface in Kiteboarding, this feeling is almost indescribable.

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Emperor Caligula

Posted by marmara on September 29, 2018

Apparently, the first mention of the precious gifts can be attributed to the New Testament time. What is surprising, at the very beginning of our era prepodnoshenie gifts fulfilled likely social problems to which attributed worship leaders, decorating their clothing products made from precious metals and precious stones. Dr. Neal Barnard understood the implications. Similarly, in ancient Rome, do not forget to exchange gifts before the holidays. Of course, in those days gifts were not very familiar to us form a few sprigs of laurel from the sacred groves, grain alcohol. Gifts made to present voluntarily, although history has rulers who were forced to force their subjects giving gifts to New Year's Day.

During the reign of the Emperor Caligula gifts, which he believed did not comply with its status as subject to ridicule. Even Henry III used the penalties to those merchants whose money, presented to him as a gift, seemed minuscule. In the Middle Ages, when religion became paramount, and to eradicate the old traditions of prepodnosheniyu gifts. However, the solicitation of gifts and the church found justification. Nowadays, people are given gifts to express gratitude and their attitude towards any particular person.

As a general rule, gifts are presented as an apology, promotion or incentive employee, congratulations to any important date, expressions of respect. But be careful when choosing a gift: for example, Muslims pork is taboo, so by giving clothes from pig skin, you can not only pleasure, but to insult people. A similar situation exists in India, but there are cows sacred animals. So that products from bovine skin should immediately delete from the list. When choosing a gift should be special attention paid to the quality of the product. You should not skimp on quality but also to give luxury expensive gifts, too, should not, as such things can cause a feeling of 'debtor' in front of you. I hope you will help our advice and you make the right gift and will bring only positive emotions favorite or respected person.

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International Foundation

Posted by marmara on February 16, 2017

Figure 3. Intelligence spiritual holistic education model works with a new paradigm that leaves behind the dogmatic, scientistic and Relativistic thinking, to give step to a vision of integrity and transdisciplinarity. Spiritual intelligence seeks to resolve the problem of hedonism and nihilism that spread with Postmodernity and which have brought more suffering to humans with your false assumption of seeking pleasure and moral relativism. Spiritual intelligence works with the eye of contemplation and develops the capacity to be happy, happiness as the capacity for self-knowledge, understanding of the joy that is born of our inner being and recognize what we really are; spiritual beings. The development of spiritual intelligence is achieved with the triple (Gallegos, 2007) training: practical care full, practical ethics, and practical wisdom.

Triple spiritual intelligence training is achieved through the practice of mindfulness, whose purpose is the self-knowledge, the observation of our inner being, mindfulness is observing things even-handed, without judging, this practice helps to resolve both internal and external conflicts. The practice of ethics or moral development means living the universal values as a fraternity, love, peace, freedom, honesty, etc., not only learn them from memory way but understood its true meaning and put them into practice, be ethical means being compassionate and loving with others, respect for all beings. The practice of wisdom consists in the ability to understand the ultimate reality, which is beyond the reality that presented us in everyday life is the third practice of training Eyes with which he looks at me to me, are the same that I look at him to him. Bibliography GALLEGOS NAVA, r.

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Posted by marmara on February 21, 2012

The first group was leaving earlier, so they had to gather in the rain. But our group wandered into a state of uncertainty: we can go at least until the evening, so we had to hurry nowhere, and we started cooking the remaining chicken on a fire in the rain. Hens won seats neprozharennye, but nonetheless, they, like yesterday, torn to pieces and eaten. The first group got together and went down with both of our leaders – just Sasha promised to come back for us. Rain suddenly stopped, the sun came out and even become hot. We dry all things together in the dry, even heated water to wash his head.

It remained to sit and wait for Sasha's return with news of our departure time. Idly sitting by the fire, and sharpened the remaining products. State – as the first of January: when you get up this morning and did not know what keep him occupied. A overcast sky again. Adylsu lumbered over and shone in our side of the clouds again stretched along the ridges, uncovered until the very valley. Noticeably colder and it was clear that the rain can not be avoided.

We decided before it starts to put one tent to allow members to hide. And here comes Alex, almost simultaneously with the rain started. He brought beer and encouraging news that we leave, we did tonight. With a mysterious kind of Sasha asked for sausage and bacon, then pulled out of the bag three dozen fresh eggs. Directly on the fire in the boiler began to prepare an omelet. The dish turned out delicious. It is with great pleasure that we gulped it on rye bread, mayonnaise and beer, ignoring the pouring rain and cold. Finished food – immediately ended and the rain. Clouds disappeared and we went down. On the way there was raspberry (how could I miss her), then a few passed through the forest, the latter segment of the descent was just a "delightful" – steep path on the clayey slope, which was pretty hard to keep his balance. It's amazing how the guys were here in the dark with a beer in the shales … After this miracle clay began a picturesque canyon. Somewhere near was a source of mineral water. Drank in the last mineral water, have gone further down. Came to the village, near the shops dressed, pereobulis. They drank beer, which has already climbed with difficulty, bridou chips. Sasha decided to ruin us and brought out Store watermelon. Gobbled up and – with difficulty, and not entirely. Finally, came our "gazelle." Loaded and a favorite Salam went to Pyatigorsk. Initially, laughed a lot, finishing rastryasennoe pretty steep mountain road bends expensive beer, after a while everything became quiet. Every thought of his, in his own farewell to the mountains. At the post again for a long time before the Pyatigorsk stuck in traffic. Through the open windows salon filled eerie smell of exhaust from neighboring vehicles. Fresh mountain air was completely eliminated from the lungs. Hello, civilization, and the urban reality. In Pyatigorsk, had dinner and went to the apartment where we had to hold savings in a campaign two day.

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History Of The Champions League

Posted by marmara on December 12, 2011

Football – a game of millions, and perhaps anyone who even slightly interested in the most popular game with the ball, knows what the Champions League. This is not just a tournament, the Champions League trophy – a dream of every professional footballer. Initially, the tournament is hardly the name 'European Cup' and the first was held in the 1955-56 season's. This event took place a month after the first UEFA Congress, which took place on March 2, 1955 in Vienna. An interesting fact is that the idea of organizing a "European Cup" was not filed Football Association. No recently created Football Union was deeply concerned about the organization of international matches teams of honey, it is on the main body of European football was not until the invention of new features. The good man was found, thanks to which we now have great pleasure in seeing the Champions League. This man – Gabriel Ano, Editor French sports newspaper 'L'Equipe'.

He suggested creating competition among teams at the European scale. To conduct a new tournament matches, Ano, along with his counterpart, Jacques Ferrer offered on Wednesday evening. Team authoritative magazine L'Equipe agreed that invite to participate in the tournament the most profitable titulovanye most clubs. Rules of the French magazine was supported, in the first match of the tournament of the new 'Sporting' and 'partisan' dispersed in a draw, scoring each other in Lisbon on three goals. In the second leg, which is already held in Belgrade, with devastating lissabontsy lost 5-3, and 'Guerrilla', defeated, passed to the next round.

The first years the existence of the European Cup marked the total dominance of Real Madrid. Royal Club took the first five trophies (1956 -1960 season). The author of the second, but less impressive series of victories in the ketch, was Ajax Amsterdam. Dutch club could become the owner of three consecutive Cup season (seasons 1971 1973). Just three years in a row champion Cup Champions League Bayern Munich Stavan. Yet to say that in Cup history was long-term dominance of one of the clubs can not. For example, the same Real Madrid after the Cup in 1966, knew victory in the tournament 32 years, until 1998. And fans of Ajax, sat down after a triumphant 70's, waited for the most prestigious trophy for 22 years. Bavaria, in 2001, won the Milan and produced the first victory in the ketch after 26 years of failure. In the history of the Champions League is worth noting the period from 1977 to 1984. That's when Liverpool won four victories. This fact deserves a separate mention because they won a victory mersisaydtsy practice different compositions. 1992/93 season was perhaps the turning point in the development of the tournament. It was then when to replace the Champions Cup Champions League came. Changed and format of the tournament. By stage of playoffs was added the group stage, which tested a year before a formal decision. The number of teams in the main draw of the Champions League has increased from 8 to 32. First of all, it caused the increase in popularity of the tournament.

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