Energy Saving Lights

Posted by marmara on June 27, 2019

Today energy-saving lamps account for 42% of the global market. In this case, 38% in this group of light sources belongs to compact fluorescent lamps and only 6% of the led. What As for Russia, in 2008 the country had sold about one billion bulbs. Of these, only 40 million – saving. Thus, the proportion of “green” lights in the Russian market – 4%. In this case, only two million lights – domestic production (5%).

Others brought to us from China. In China, the market prospect of energy saving equipment realized four years ago. In 2005 they adopted a program of Green Light, by investing in the production of energy-saving bulbs about 2 billion dollars. And in January 2008 The Committee on Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance of China launched a campaign to provide subsidies for the production of 150 million “green” bulbs, which will be completed by the end of 2010. In addition, Chinese exporters generally receive subsidies, that allows them to keep export prices are very low. As a result, now in China comes to 3 billion energy-saving lamps per year, which corresponds to 80% of world production.

Of these, 2 billion is exported. At that time, as China threw all their efforts on the development of a promising market, “green” bulbs, Russia tried to defend its position in the segment of the old incandescent lamps. In 2006, when the Russian government adopted a decree that imposed quotas on importation of bulbs from the European Union, China, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, the share of domestic producers in the Russian market of incandescent lamps was less than 40%.

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