Energy Saving Lights

Posted by marmara on June 27, 2019

Today energy-saving lamps account for 42% of the global market. In this case, 38% in this group of light sources belongs to compact fluorescent lamps and only 6% of the led. What As for Russia, in 2008 the country had sold about one billion bulbs. Of these, only 40 million – saving. Thus, the proportion of “green” lights in the Russian market – 4%. In this case, only two million lights – domestic production (5%).

Others brought to us from China. In China, the market prospect of energy saving equipment realized four years ago. In 2005 they adopted a program of Green Light, by investing in the production of energy-saving bulbs about 2 billion dollars. And in January 2008 The Committee on Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance of China launched a campaign to provide subsidies for the production of 150 million “green” bulbs, which will be completed by the end of 2010. In addition, Chinese exporters generally receive subsidies, that allows them to keep export prices are very low. As a result, now in China comes to 3 billion energy-saving lamps per year, which corresponds to 80% of world production.

Of these, 2 billion is exported. At that time, as China threw all their efforts on the development of a promising market, “green” bulbs, Russia tried to defend its position in the segment of the old incandescent lamps. In 2006, when the Russian government adopted a decree that imposed quotas on importation of bulbs from the European Union, China, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, the share of domestic producers in the Russian market of incandescent lamps was less than 40%.

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Excavator EKGA

Posted by marmara on September 12, 2018

Excavator EKG-5A – a career full-circle electric shovel at the crawler. Abbreviation: ECG-5A stands for – Excavators Career Track, 5 – number of buckets, A – Index of modernization. EKG-5A – King quarries and the lord of major construction projects. It easily copes with the volume of cargo up to 1,8 t / m , and a counterweight – and up to 2 t / m . Used in open cast mining in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, coal mining, industry building materials, and to perform large volumes of earthworks in the construction industry.

Mechanical "Hercules" is made up of the turntable, where the main mechanisms, chassis and truck working equipment, which includes a bucket, stick, boom with pressure mechanism bipedal stance and opening mechanism bucket. To facilitate maintenance of the Iron Giant, the roof body on the platform has a removable panel. Thus, free access to basic units and units of excavator to carry out installation and repair work. Structural advantages are realized in other parts of the machine. For the production of working equipment and parts used truck chassis and high-alloyed rolled wear-resistant alloy, which guarantees high reliability and trouble-free operation at high dynamic loads. Excavator ekg 5 unpretentious and will work diligently in any climate – from Norilsk frost to Sochi heat.

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Posted by marmara on March 5, 2016

It may be noted that the construction industry, along with the area of production of building materials, today expanded particularly active. And in the manufacture of a variety of materials, in particular – aggregates, is involved extensively all possible crushing grinding and sorting equipment. Fully with crushing equipment allows you to process natural materials for practical stone for construction, gravel, sand and concrete. In addition, a significant enough popular offshoots such finishing construction materials such as plastic foam processing, plastics and polymers, and various construction debris. Use of such equipment makes the industrial production of optimally profitable and productive. If in the construction industry used crushing equipment, it is sometimes allows virtually completely abandon the cost of removing debris from the production, because all, without exception, rubbish again processed and again come into commercial production. For this need to install on-site production of conveyor belt, which will send the waste to the fragmentation and secondary processing. This technique provides an opportunity to do much more significant efficiency of production, making it much more efficient, reduces the total time of production processes.

The most important thing that is required when installing such a system is functioning, this conveyor belt, you'll need to change from time to time, particularly if the production system is based on the processing of very hard materials. While the conveyor belt provides an opportunity to apply various kinds of materials for further processing. For example, construction companies and firms for the manufacture of building materials can often do well and demolition of dilapidated houses. The resulting disintegrated may be sent to landfill, and can be process and obtain a functional gravel, cement and the foundation for many other necessary construction materials. Using debris of construction, and in addition obtained by dismantling the old structures can actually increase the financial capacity of a specific production, create it more productive. In this case, the buyer selected construction materials received by the newest technologies on the basis of secondary processed raw materials, acquire quality products at affordable rates. Such production can be called truly effective, and in terms of economy, and in terms of conservation environment.

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MTZ Cleaning

Posted by marmara on April 11, 2012

The task of cleaning of exclusion under the power lines has been and remains relevant. Cleared strip of overgrown quickly. Within a few years need to re-clearing. Perform clean-up in various ways. The simplest and most obvious – tree cutting by hand and their further processing. One of the advantages of this method – the ability to handle hard to reach places. However, manual cleaning is required to repeat enough often (usually every 2-3 years).

In addition, because a large proportion of manual labor productivity in this case is very low. Quality of the work depends on the integrity of the perpetrators, so it is often lame. When applying this method remains the question of processing felled trees and bushes. If this issue is not addressed – that there is an unpleasant situation. Vegetation is cut away and stored in piles that lie for years. In hot pile of dry wood are the perfect environment for wildfires.

Now the problem has become urgent cleaning such debris. The optimum method of processing the wood – chopping at the wood chips. This is done as a rule, by disk chippers, mounted on a tractor. Operate the machine from boma tractor. Can be equipped with hydraulic feed, as well as its own hydraulic system. Cleaning of exclusion and power lines used chemical method. It also allows you to work in inaccessible locations. However, the use of herbicides is not always acceptable. In particular, near the settlements, water, pastures can be dangerous. Possible poisoning chemistry both animals and humans. Sufficiently progressive method of cleaning – the use of shredder (wood chipper), such as Seppi M. They allow you to quickly and accurately processed by large land area. With their help it is possible cleaning as shrubs and medium-sized trees. Depending on the model Mowers able to handle timber with a diameter of 30-50 cm, however, work on large-diameter timber is inefficient. Installed on Mowers different kinds of tractors. Certain models, such as Miniforst, can work on tractors MTZ-82. Larger crusher requires a more powerful tractor.

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