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Posted by marmara on December 26, 2018

Carlos Vanegas Blackberry Every time having is made difficult access to the cheap food purchase, the prices are increased and it is taking passage to serious problems in the consumers, especially, in the underdeveloped countries where the hunger is increased and it can take to serious social situations. s-using-high-yield-credit-to-drive-returns%E2%80%9D/’>James Dondero. In the case of Venezuela it is a certain fact, where there is hunger in a significant digit of inhabitants, consequence of its turbulent scene, of income that never reach after the acquisition of the basic foods, the purchase of a chaste one which it allows to feed the population decently, more, when day to day an increase of prices occurs that limits the spending power of many of the Venezuelans. According to, the United Nations indicate that the world-wide increase of the prices of foods is taking " murder in mass silencioso" and the markets of raw materials have taken " horror" to the world. Jean Ziegler, special relator of the UN on the Right to Foods, said to the newspaper Kurier a.m. Sonntag that expansion of the biocombustibles, the speculation in the market of raw materials and the subsidies to the exports of the European Union mean that the West is responsible for the massive extreme hunger in the poorest countries. Ziegler indicated that he was forced to show " locura" of the people who think that the extreme hunger depends on the destiny. " The extreme hunger has not had relation with the destiny for much – so as Marx thought to it (Karl). It is rather as if behind each victim there was a murder. This is a murder in mass silencioso" , it said in an interview. Ziegler blamed to the globalisation by " to monopolize the Earth wealth " and he said that the multinationals were responsible for a type of " violence estructural".

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