Excavator EKGA

Posted by marmara on September 12, 2018

Excavator EKG-5A – a career full-circle electric shovel at the crawler. Abbreviation: ECG-5A stands for – Excavators Career Track, 5 – number of buckets, A – Index of modernization. EKG-5A – King quarries and the lord of major construction projects. It easily copes with the volume of cargo up to 1,8 t / m , and a counterweight – and up to 2 t / m . Used in open cast mining in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, coal mining, industry building materials, and to perform large volumes of earthworks in the construction industry.

Mechanical "Hercules" is made up of the turntable, where the main mechanisms, chassis and truck working equipment, which includes a bucket, stick, boom with pressure mechanism bipedal stance and opening mechanism bucket. To facilitate maintenance of the Iron Giant, the roof body on the platform has a removable panel. Thus, free access to basic units and units of excavator to carry out installation and repair work. Structural advantages are realized in other parts of the machine. For the production of working equipment and parts used truck chassis and high-alloyed rolled wear-resistant alloy, which guarantees high reliability and trouble-free operation at high dynamic loads. Excavator ekg 5 unpretentious and will work diligently in any climate – from Norilsk frost to Sochi heat.

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