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Posted by marmara on September 4, 2019

Anniversary – an event in a person's life, summing up the whole stage, the desire to answer the question: "What I am, what I have achieved?". Become an indicator of the invited guests – relatives, friends, partners business colleagues, fellow hobby, for example, sporting life, perhaps – the good bosses and subordinates favorite. A normal person would like to know what people think of those who played in his life, some weighing role. What will they say at the table, some toast and wishes to express – superficial excuses typical "neat" patterns, unique, sincere, full of gratitude, love, respect and tribute to the talent, business, family, other qualities of speech … And, of course, hero of the occasion, going to organize a birthday, simply because compliance with the tradition, understand the social significance of such an event, and trite – it wants to see many of the guests for holiday table, enjoy socializing with them. The question arises: what purpose really lies at the base of your desire to organize a birthday? What do you mean by "organizing the anniversary?" Decide where to collect guests (Home, cottage, in a cafe, a sauna, a restaurant, auditorium, etc.), how many people to invite and desirable as possible for financial reasons, for personal reasons, the relationship between the guest, the capacity Planned place of celebration, you'll understand – what is the purpose of the anniversary. For example, your goal is to collect the most intimate, inner circle of relatives and family friends.

Then the ideal place would be a general, a favorite by many participants a place that played a huge role in establishing the relationship, which is associated with memories, good moments of life, joy, happy days. Or, your goal is to collect as many relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues. For this restaurant is perfect, we can not do without a well-designed programs, invitations to artists, commissions for the anniversary of the master – a professional who can well determine the mood in the hall or otherwise adjust their work. After all, your task – to show off by an excellent organizer, a companionable man, the soul of the company. I would recommend to organize large scale events with the help knowledgeable people, either to trust the professionals to organize a birthday, for example, holiday agency, or use their services in part – to develop a plan scenario, the selection of the site, coordinate the menu, the concept of activities, assistance in the selection of artists and other aspects. Perhaps your goal is to PR. So, with family and friends you are thinking of another time and another place. And here (as you personality known in some circles) is needed advertising, the maximum coverage of the audience, part of the media.

Naturally professional help is needed – it should be at its best, omission, overlap can not occur – or any adverse event during the event will have an impact on achieving the end result. In this paper we suggest that the reader only a few questions to ponder. Main Board – go to the organization of the event as respectively, as important work. Plan, prepare everything in advance, agree on the possible points of contention, write to the concept, script. Making space, contests, performances of talented artists, the work of technical staff, host, DJ, coordination of contractors, the division of the anniversary in some simple stretches (during training) – will save you from many unpleasant incidents during the anniversary of the organization and throughout the holiday.

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