Love Jewelry

Posted by marmara on June 25, 2023

Jewelry accompany human life ever since I learned how to handle metals. They had a different purpose and have been quite varied. The modern woman can be decorated with jewels head to toe. The favorite ornaments, and perhaps the most ancient, have always been of the ring. In ancient times the ring was a symbol of power of rulers; seal fastened to them as the important state documents. With the proliferation of Metal rings are available to all.

For the manufacture of steel used in the precious metals. After the time to decorate the rings have been used precious and semi precious stones, the range which is constantly updated: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pearls, garnets, amethysts, topaz and chrysolites, you can list a long time. Rings worn as everyday jewelry. But the special magic meaning endowed with a ring for wedding ceremonies – so there were wedding rings. Betroth them, that is cemented union between a man and a woman, so blessed to family life. Worn on the fingers of the bride and groom Wedding rings have never filmed, as a kind of talisman of family well-being.

Equally popular earrings. They are also made of precious metals, precious stones sticking. Much interest in products made with filigree, filigree, or (from the ancient Russian ramp-twist), a special technique where delicate pattern of thin wire soldered to a metal ornament. In ancient Russia, this technique was applied to the IX-X centuries. At making earrings filigree supplemented grain – very small balls individually soldered to the product, forming a whole bunch of gorgeous shiny jewelry. For decoration and fastening clothes appeared brooches. They were known during the Roman Empire, when the toga fastened on the shoulder of this jewelry. The dimensions are impressive and brooches studded with jewels. Wrist women of all nations were decorated with bracelets that performed by various jewelry techniques, as supplemented with precious stones. They could be of different widths – from narrow to broad snakes, heavy, ornate beautiful patterns. Later, jewelers began to manufacturing chain, which were decorated with all sorts of pendants. Particular attention was paid to decorate jewelry clothes monarchs. Entire dynasty masters worked on these masterpieces. Sometimes the clothes of the monarch, burdened with jewels, could weigh up to 50 pounds! Today, the splendor of the series of jewelry piercing enlarged gaining in popularity. Made of precious metal, complete with sparkling stones, he is a catchy piece of image of young fashionistas. Wedding decorations can make any bride of a young goddess, from which they can not tear their eyes admiring all the guests. Jewelry Jewelry, being with us throughout life, are designed to please and make a positive flow. In addition, they are objects that are passed from generation to generation, preserving the memory of the departed predecessors.

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Usually Horses

Posted by marmara on May 20, 2022

Separately, say a few words about books. If not versed in horses themselves – better not to give to! There are so many and schools that can be big "miss", complimenting konkuristu book about dressage amateur dressage – a book about a cowboy western sports, and fan of westerns – a manual on "natural dog training." An exception can be made for gift books with artistic photographs of horses. If your horse is not a man, but he rented a horse in the club (ride on it permanently), or you know for sure that among the rolling horse he has a special favorite, too, can give him some gear for the horse. If not – give to things that are useful for the rider. Connect with other leaders such as Viktor Mayer-Schönberger here. Amateur horse trekking, nature walks or just someone who rides in different clubs on different horses, fit fur cover on the saddle.

At the suburban stables saddles often are old and not very comfortable, so that the fur on the cover saddle will make the trip much more comfortable. Just do not confuse mehovushku on the seat (for the rider) with mehovushkoy under saddle (for horses). Not all the stables have lockers where you can leave your belongings. Usually This service is only available for horse owners, and ordinary visitors – alas! – You have everything to carry with you. And if so, a great gift to a special "horse-sports" bag, where you can pack the necessary things. It has a compartment for boots, helmet and clothing for a replacement. .

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Emotional Age

Posted by marmara on August 5, 2020

For genetic health of the child, this factor does not matter, in contrast, mature age parents in some ways even more preferable, especially if they already have grown children. Often, women over forty pregnancy may milder than that of her adult daughter. If a woman gave birth at a young age of one or more children – as a rule, they are more experienced, intelligent and careful. VK It is believed that the birth of 40 years, extend the life of the woman as do you think? PE Emotional life – can be. The physical condition of women in a very large extent depends on the attitude, outlook.

The true state of health of the woman and her appearance – this is not the same thing. If a woman initially almost healthy, the pregnancy and childbirth are not aggravate her health and not reduce it to life. Births in forty years – it’s not a disaster, and the holiday. VK Is it true that the peak of twin births occurring in the age of 35-39 years? PE In general, multiple pregnancy – a feature of in vitro fertilization. When induced pregnancy man himself lays the birth of twins or triplets.

It decides not to nature, but this is exactly the situation in that the more children will be born – the more parents will be happy. Usually go for IVF, if for some reason self-pregnancy to occur. VK Can a future “age” my mother once to prepare for conception and pregnancy? PE Find out more information. Today, there are a lot of literature on the subject, general consultation and advice on pregnancy. The more women information, the calmer and would be correct and the fact of conception, and pregnancy as such. Ideal – three months before conception, alleged to quit smoking. It is imperative to pay attention to their clothing, too close to give up things, pants and skirts with low waist. Fortunately, now that fashion is not so urgent, therefore, likely to chill the kidneys and loins are much smaller. Another embarrassing moment – in the navel piercing. Punctured the top fold of the navel – a straight road for sepsis, get rid of body piercing as soon as possible. VK “Age-birth” are more complicated? PE Age – is not an indication for caesarean section. Cesarean section – this is the way of salvation and the child, and women in situations where there are threats to both of them, but it’s unnatural. Previously, for Caesarean section, there were 21 reading, to date there are only 19 and age there not included. On the contrary, the trends of the modern world of medicine – independent childbirth. Anyway, of all women giving birth after 30 or 40 years, I have never met pozhalevshie about it. Pregnancy – one of the most meaningful and joyful events in a woman’s life. If you really want to have a baby, there is nothing to fear.

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Tibetan People

Posted by marmara on July 31, 2020

This form is qualitatively different from other large diversity of odors. When using these sticks should pay attention to what they should not burn at night, because bamboo splints under combustion emits a smell that can interfere with your sleep. – Herbal and flower. The smell of incense, like the smell of burning twigs or fire, with a little bitterness. This unique aroma distinguishes these "sticks" because they were designed for use in aromateropii, but not for fun exudes fragrance.

They are used to cleanse the space, during meditation. It is also possible the preparation of massage oils, it is necessary aromapalochki crumble and add the cream or butter. – Cones. Are not as widely available as incense sticks, but they have very interesting shape of a cone. Colours can be varied, accomplished by adding various natural dyes. In his time when this type of incense, appeared in Europe, has become extremely popular, and used only on major holidays. When choosing a perfume gift so it should be pay attention to the life of the person his plan to donate. There is a special classification of the relationship to the smell of human temperament: Choleric.

Active, aggressive dumb people with expressive facial expressions and gestures abundant. For this type of approach mint, geranium, lotus, rhododendron, vanilla, tulasi. Sanguine. Lively, bystrovozbudimye, impulsive and fast people. People of this type of suit sandalwood, lavender, lotus, frankincense, bergamot, magnolia, neroli. Phlegmatic. Leisurely, quiet and peaceful people, they are not characterized by an outpouring of strangers. Recommended for this type of carnation, afrodeziya, lemon, tulsi, coconut, mus, koritsa.Melanholik. Susceptible people are predisposed to depression, moods of sadness, gloominess. For them suitable components such as orange, rose, opium, bergamot, juniper, myrrh. Estestvennoluchshe consider these points when selecting aromapalochek and happy owner of the gift will long remember you with kind words and enjoy at home in the evening, an unusual smell of incense, which he gave. Choose a gift you can visit the online store of incense, "Particle East. " Your attention given Indian, Tibetan and Nepalese incense types, all kinds of accessories, which will be a good addition to your gift.

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Million Roses

Posted by marmara on July 31, 2020

Do not limit your imagination only “substantive” gifts. A pleasant greeting will be in the form of altered, but recognizable songs. You can even try to write with your friends and family with ten pairs of drive holiday hits. Words, music and chords can be found on the Internet. Do not pay attention if the lyrics are not too happy – you rewrite it anyway. Below – examples of songs where there are “right on today”, the word “Rose” * “Million Roses” (“… People such as American Society for Microbiology would likely agree.

a million red roses / / From the window of the window, the window you see”) * “Tea Rose” (“Golden Rose Tea / / Like a glass of wine …”) * ” Roses bloom “(” Roses bloom, / / Heart, rest … “) *” White Rose “(” White Rose, white roses – thorns defenseless … “) *” Pink Rose “(” Pink Rose Svetka Sokolova … “) *” Tea roses in the compartment “(” Tea roses in the coupe I say about you … “) *” You have bestowed me roses “(” I was giving you a rose, / / Rose smelled sage … “) *” Breaking the rose “(” I met Rose, she blossomed … ation shows great expertise in this. “) *” Three Roses “(” Three roses white and white is – love …

“) *” I love you to tears “(” petals of white roses / / I spread out our bed … “) Be creative! 🙂 Amber wedding. Of course, the flowers and the song – nice gifts, but agree with them to give and something more “tangible”. Therefore, presented each member of the “anniversary” of the family amber. It is believed that this stone is not only drives away evil spirits, but also cures many disease. Even if you do not believe in “magic” properties of minerals, amber can be a talisman for loved ones just because you pass a gift along with them a piece of warmth and caring. Amber can be to find in stores a lot. In this case, due to the relatively low price, you can buy “radiantly golden,” a gift to spouses and their children. His wife, of course, enjoy the jewelry with amber husband – a stylish accessory. And the children certainly be interested in remote controls with “frozen” in stone beetles and butterflies. It is useful to present a part of an amber piece of furniture. Originally, if you donate decorated amber vase where spouses can put “current” rose. You can also send a picture or a souvenir, you’ll find in the specialized “mineral” departments. Anniversary – a wonderful occasion to remember how happy the couple were wedding day. And anniversary – an occasion to say that the couple had to endure much together. Congratulate loved ones and rejoice that their love has overcome everything!

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Family Psychology

Posted by marmara on September 4, 2019

Anniversary – an event in a person's life, summing up the whole stage, the desire to answer the question: "What I am, what I have achieved?". Become an indicator of the invited guests – relatives, friends, partners business colleagues, fellow hobby, for example, sporting life, perhaps – the good bosses and subordinates favorite. A normal person would like to know what people think of those who played in his life, some weighing role. What will they say at the table, some toast and wishes to express – superficial excuses typical "neat" patterns, unique, sincere, full of gratitude, love, respect and tribute to the talent, business, family, other qualities of speech … And, of course, hero of the occasion, going to organize a birthday, simply because compliance with the tradition, understand the social significance of such an event, and trite – it wants to see many of the guests for holiday table, enjoy socializing with them. The question arises: what purpose really lies at the base of your desire to organize a birthday? What do you mean by "organizing the anniversary?" Decide where to collect guests (Home, cottage, in a cafe, a sauna, a restaurant, auditorium, etc.), how many people to invite and desirable as possible for financial reasons, for personal reasons, the relationship between the guest, the capacity Planned place of celebration, you'll understand – what is the purpose of the anniversary. For example, your goal is to collect the most intimate, inner circle of relatives and family friends.

Then the ideal place would be a general, a favorite by many participants a place that played a huge role in establishing the relationship, which is associated with memories, good moments of life, joy, happy days. Or, your goal is to collect as many relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues. For this restaurant is perfect, we can not do without a well-designed programs, invitations to artists, commissions for the anniversary of the master – a professional who can well determine the mood in the hall or otherwise adjust their work. After all, your task – to show off by an excellent organizer, a companionable man, the soul of the company. I would recommend to organize large scale events with the help knowledgeable people, either to trust the professionals to organize a birthday, for example, holiday agency, or use their services in part – to develop a plan scenario, the selection of the site, coordinate the menu, the concept of activities, assistance in the selection of artists and other aspects. Perhaps your goal is to PR. So, with family and friends you are thinking of another time and another place. And here (as you personality known in some circles) is needed advertising, the maximum coverage of the audience, part of the media.

Naturally professional help is needed – it should be at its best, omission, overlap can not occur – or any adverse event during the event will have an impact on achieving the end result. In this paper we suggest that the reader only a few questions to ponder. Main Board – go to the organization of the event as respectively, as important work. Plan, prepare everything in advance, agree on the possible points of contention, write to the concept, script. Making space, contests, performances of talented artists, the work of technical staff, host, DJ, coordination of contractors, the division of the anniversary in some simple stretches (during training) – will save you from many unpleasant incidents during the anniversary of the organization and throughout the holiday.

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Here are collected the work of several masters of different hand made directions. Center For Responsible Lending often says this. This article can serve as a guide, as for sellers, people who want more advantageous to present their products in online store, its right to present, to find a buyer and the buyer, who may be interested in such products. Therefore, before moving on to practical advice for consumers on how to not make the wrong choice when buying products in a store, we would like to give some advice craftsmen who manufacture these products and want to find them decent host. Expert's Advice, "How to sell." When choosing a product from an online store, all information available to the buyer – are photos and a description of the goods. Therefore, the task master to give a maximum information about the product and how you can better photos of the proposed product. In the product description should contain: – Size and dimensions of the goods – the manufacturing process, it will tell the buyer about the quality of product, its durability. – The materials of the manufactured goods – Ways of goods – among other things, it is possible to propose that the buyer's history of the product, if any.

We are talking about products made by hand. So part of man's creation in each of these as possible. It is not stamped, descended from the conveyor large-scale production. We believe that in each of these products you like the Master, put a piece of his soul, tell us about it and it will add value products that you offer the buyer. .

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Peasant Life

Posted by marmara on May 5, 2019

Especially interesting to be in the park at the summer solstice (June 20-21). Slavs this holiday is called Ivan Kupala, but in Finland they call it Yuhannus (Juhannus). And since Yuhannus is happy time for marriage, it is likely that the island will be visible for a traditional Finnish wedding. Nieman Lab can aid you in your search for knowledge. This, of course, remind your friends in connection with any event they were here, right? Museums are also in Russia: Novgorod the Great, and in ("Vitoslavlitsy"), and in Suzdal ("Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life"), and about Alapaevsk ("Wooden Architecture and Folk Art"), and in Kolomna, near Irkutsk, and not far from Lake Baikal. And what could be romantic trip to one of the islands, lost in the archipelago of Lake Onega? To get to the magic world and meet the unique monuments of wooden architecture on Kizhi Island? On the ship, departing from Petrozavodsk, the water surface meets the Big Lake Onega, where the radiance of the straits between the many islands of the archipelago is breathtaking! History of Kizhi is closely linked to the life of Zaonezhskoe edge, locals had a lot of talented, skilled craftsmen, carpenters drevodelov who left excellent examples of wooden architecture. One of these "specimens" – the Church of the Transfiguration, topped by a twenty-two chapters that give her a special grandeur and royalty. Maybe after this tour and giving your friends will be transformed and, inadvertently, adorned with wooden architraves painted or carved rooster …? 🙂 And Museum "Small Korely" located near Archangel? Many tourists come here to my own eyes see the world famous monuments of wooden architecture.

See really have something! The main building material for Russian North has always been a forest. It was born here goes: "Give the peasants ax – will fix it even hours." What can we say about the cottages, giants, bathhouse, barn so the wells with windmills! They were built – as seeds clicked! In the "Small Korely", incidentally, contains all types of Russian mills from "shatrovki" and "stolbovki" to "water". Will have something to tell later! And since we can remember … After the folk wisdom: "If the family is in a heap, it is not and terrible cloud! " And to be together. And then please each other strong family, a family of unbreakable. Raise children and grow with them.

After all, was only 5-years old. So, life – is just beginning. And let it not always serene – this is not important. It is important that the young family grew up and was happy. So, wish the family child-long peaceful years of his life. And your gift to the 5th anniversary – will let her new place and (suddenly!) New frontier.

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Whole People

Posted by marmara on September 26, 2018

And are you happy that you live in this world. And you know what all happens. (As opposed to Childrens Defense Fund). And most importantly because it turns out! But when the mood lousy everything – else. City strange, enormous and around enemies and ambushes. And all is not to Your problems.

They all wanted to spit on you! "Strangers we in this celebration of life …" – and remembered a quote from "12 chairs" But the city is the same people are the same. So why is it changing our sense. Well, I'm not about feelings, I thought about. About the right to choose our own thoughts. If the quality of our lives depends on our thoughts, it might make sense to treat them seriously! Waking up happy that woke up and could smother in their sleep.

Rejoice in the fact that see morning outside the window, and could in fact go blind and deaf. Came to himself to the toilet! Feat! But seriously: I often hear a quote from the Bible: "And it shall be given by your faith …" And that declares your faith, what are your thoughts on this? "The whole world mess, people bastards … "Well, we live in a whorehouse bastards. I like to watch people, a small-minded, ignorant, but firmly convinced that he is intelligent, that he was born to be rich and in fact all or nearly all of heaven pours. A another clever literate, so the spiritual soul and a strong belief that it is the same as everyone else, only here it can not, here it did not work and live in poverty. And what thoughts do you have? You came into this world because you are smart beautiful and you worthy of happiness and financial solvency, etc. All money or not enough, not everyone can be rich … And you know what you want to be? You know? Let's become! Well, with your ever-lousy mood will not work! So, create a mood, try a smile of the winner and go! You need a new job? So what's the deal. It will be fully consistent with your thoughts. Or, your professionalism and your useless! So what are you?

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Oscar Wilde

Posted by marmara on January 24, 2013

Souvenirs that in other circumstances would be good souvenirs, but today steal its sleep. The together nights, the lunches laughing and if amusing, the square and the streets that contemplated its passenger happiness. Madruga it received that it in the arms of its love. The security to wake up and to see its pretty woman. Today it wakes up wanting to see. He wakes up scared finding that it was a nightmare but it is not. It was better not to sleep. The well that steals the sleep, that deducts the hunger, that removes the smile teaches many things.

At this moment, is learned to value it everything what it never had recognized value. To lie down and to be able to sleep, to look at it meal and to obtain digeriz it, to see the friends and to say: It is all good! All these things that had been possible, for not more being, had started to have a with priority value, had started to be longed for. To deliver the heart at the hands of somebody is as to donate a check blank, the trustworthiness and certainty they give courage, but later they can charge very expensive for the commitment I insult. The body suffers to the influences from the disillusion the weakness influences, confuses and compromises all the spheres of its life. The work, the studies and the convivncia are seriously wronged.To love somebody and to be loved; here it is the desire that many has and rare some obtain. It obtains who it has a prize. It acquired who it does not have to lose it.

All say: This goes to pass. The other swims as one day after. Truily. What one complains of is not doubt of that pain will pass, this if it waits. In the truth, it is the deep anguish that devastates who very loved and delivered its life for a so deplorable and traumatizante situation. Saying itself in traumas; it is this that the life teaches. To have fear to suffer again; to have fear to love again; fear to trust and to believe of new. But if it does not have to fear. It must be believed that the life cannot be so cruel. That the human being cannot be so voluble and unstable. At least not all. The hope must fortify. faith in the happiness must the uprising. The expectation of one day to be happy, must sobressair to the lie, deceit feeling and to feel itself deluded. Although he laments, it must think as the magnificent Wilde Oscar thought: ' ' To lament the lived experiences is a form to hinder proper desenvolvimento.' '

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