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He is added in the letter of wharton.universia.net, it is obvious that social media has revolutionized the interaction between human beings, says Kendall Whitehouse, director of new media for Wharton. It is natural to wonder how can transform internal business processes. It is what you also think Shawndra Hill, Professor of operations management and information from Wharton. She, however, added that a specific measurement about the impact of social networks on the returns of companies lack. The use of social networks in enterprises is relatively recent. The use of more sophisticated tools allow people to communicate with the entire organization. However, you need first and foremost, that there is evidence that such tools are really useful. Currently, the effective application of social networks for companies creation is a process still in phase of development.

In February, Salesforce.com launched a social tool for companies, Chatter.com, which is an extension of the software of management of customer relationships that Salesforce keeps in the cloud. In several respects, Chatter.com promoted by Salesforce through ads that aired during the Super Bowl mimics Facebook and Twitter allow workers to share profiles, make comments on projects and continue what peers and corporate processes such as invoices and sales proposals. In December, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Marc Benioff, the most enthusiastic advocate of corporate social networks, said that Chatter is your company sending a tweet, of course, all this involves changes, assess how this can be applied and increasing the operational capacity of companies, their impact on organizational culture, in the internal communication dynamics, and other topics. In this regard, also added us, that to Professor Nancy Rothbard in management Wharton, the introduction of social networks in the culture of the Office could have major consequences in the way in which businesses are structured. The advantage of social networks is to create communities, but a kind of different from the non-virtual community.

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