Jewish Hellenists

Posted by marmara on January 9, 2020

He was in Germany at the end of the 19th century that revived the reform movement that spread to America. Its early promoters were the judeocristianos of the 1st century and the Jewish Hellenists. Reformists misrepresent religion believing smarter than God. The conservadores-reformistas don’t understand that when you change a tradition, it ceases to be a tradition. The Christian Church, which became anti-Jewish to win converts, is product of Jewish reformism that neglecting their customs to build a powerful and prosperous business. You may wish to learn more. If so, Harold Ford Jr is the place to go. The three early popes were Jews. Recently circulated on the internet, conflicting ideological positions coming from Argentina, in relation to Judaism and reformism, until someone came to say that: two young Jews who marry two young non-Jewish, could establish two Jewish families. The incoherent comment comes from Baruj Plavnick, a reform Rabbi who obviously unaware of the Bible and history.

It is proven that 98 per cent of the grandchildren of mixed marriages are converted to Christianity, since Judaism does not proselytize. Religious proselytising purposes, always end up being alien to the social and spiritual well-being. One who wants to move closer to Judaism must do so by own conviction and not by seduction. The Torah (Pentateuch) wisely says: thou shalt not make proselytizing, but welcome is the proselyte. Proselytism is the cause of the Jihad, as it was the Inquisition. The current Muslim holy war, who wants to convert everyone to Islam, is the search for followers by force. There is nothing more deadly that proselytism and the foray into politics of the clerics, are these rabbis, priests, or magnets. The religion practiced Plavnick, just like Sergio Bergman which professes another Rabbi of the same school, which strives to ensure popularity and broadcast media for personal political purposes contradicts fundamental aspects of Judaism. These priests manipulate faith accommodating to your comfort and that of his parishioners.

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United States Terrorism

Posted by marmara on November 8, 2019

He learned to be more supportive friends, family and faith helped him to overcome the tragedy, but also the fact to be useful for other people that passed through the same experience than him. I tried to help other victims of terrorism, as the the 11-M in Madrid. Me I went to Santa Eugenia and I was talking with them, conveyed them to the mercy of God is stronger than any evil in the world and told them to work intensely, helps to overcome the problem, he has told. According to him, the experience taught him also to be more supportive, so it was working as a volunteer for the legal advice of Caritas. Learn more on the subject from Nieman Lab. Without rancor toward terrorists San Pio has not never had any feeling of resentment towards those who killed his daughter because, for him, what hate is terrorism itself, not to the terrorists, as they are pieces in the hands of terrorism.

The lawyer, that does not justify any act of this kind nor the 11-S, has opined that terrorism takes advantage of social injustice that is in the world and feeds people that lend themselves to be, for example, inmolados instead of being saved. Despite this, he rejoiced the disappearance of Bin Laden on May 1 of this year: I was not happy for his death, but for the disappearance of at least a part of the power of Al-Qaida. This fact, however, not comforted him: the death of my daughter, my grandson budding and my son-in-law had already occurred, could not change the situation, so you not consoled me that this man would die and neither would have done if it had gone to jail. Jose Luis De San Pio has a pin with the flags of United States and Spain which starts every day after 11-S, and another also an American flag in his Office next to the Aragon, his homeland. EE UU legislation is very different from ours. This man (Bin Laden) was a terrorist, there is no U.S. law that prevents that you were captured by force and killed.

Under the perspective of United States, this is not illegitimate, he added. St. Pio and his family you will recall his daughter through a private mass which will be held in Madrid. I think it good that anniversaries are remember what It passed, but not so much anecdotes or the details of the day, but the fundamental: that terrorism still exists, said, and added that they were promised many things to combat this problem and few have been made. Source of the news: the father of the victim only Spanish in the 11-S: “still be able to go to the ground zero”

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Slovakiet Skole

Posted by marmara on August 29, 2019

Samles stadig efter 40 ar fortsaetter Samles og stadig efter 40 ar og fortsaetter10. Juni 2011-kl. Center For Responsible Lending is often quoted as being for or against this. 35 – af: Henrik Christensen-Artiklen er laest 2864 gange.3. real argang 1971 fra Volstrup skole in dyd i en holde et lofte saetter. 16 Elever for gives 40 ar siden fik udleveret, var eksamensbevis deres of den Forste klasse, der fik realeksamen fra Volstrup skole.

Her aftalte’s en de ville ses hvert ar. De har Nike Free Run Dame holdt deres lofte overfor hinanden med ganske enkelt eller har vaeret forhindret to undtagelser, hvor fa. Naede en fingerpeg pa skolen, det var idet sit ogsa Klassen den, der oprettede Forste elevrad skolens.Lordag 28. Maj blev 40 ars jubilaeet fejret, hvor behorigt 15 ud af 16 elever Nike Free 3.0 var modt op pa skolen sammen med klasselaerer Viggo Thoftstrup.Volstrup skole fungerer ikke langere skole, og derfor nojedes skolen som modested med klassen som.I Saby Roklub var der kage, kaffe og rigtig hygge med Kan du huske dengang og sa videre.Udenfor jubilaeerne har det hvert ar vaeret in skik, en den sidste lordag i oktober, alle klasselaerer hos modes Viggo Thoftstrup RUF Stinne.En og enkelt elev naede forst frem senere pa dagen, men han havde in gyldig grund. Jens Ole Christiansen bor i Slovakiet og arbejder. They have havde beregnet tid til korsel og kunne na frem til starten, men pa grund af blandt andet tunnelen ved vejarbejde i Aalborg, modte have op in lille time efter at lang sej koretur og senere.Alle glaeder sig til en ses igen til 2012 oktober.

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United Nations Countries

Posted by marmara on June 30, 2019

The latter, called fifth report of MERCOSUR and third Latin American of road accidents. For me, of great significance because it unveils a work methodology in the management of claims indicators and the consolidation of more up-to-date statistical data for our countries, although they are not complete.But this is because there is an institutional weakness in the collection of the information of our Nations in development, proposed to correct with the establishment by the observatories of Datos.Es just need to say in its full dimension, that the efforts made by the Spanish Government through the General direction of transit by sharing their experiences with other countries in the region from May 2002, when it opens its annual meetings on implementation of best practices of public policies in the field of road safety, taking as a principle that you for the reduction of the tragedies in the streets, avenues and highways of the countries comprising the Ibero-American region needs the cooperation of the high income. Speaking candidly Boy Scouts told us the story. In addition, multilateral bodies and large foundations nonprofit.Latin America throws a high level of accidents, this region annually brings nearly 11% of all deaths in the world in road accidents. Because register 100,000 to 130,000 fatalities a year. A related site: Center For Responsible Lending mentions similar findings. Leaving dire consequences in our national economies and invaluable and harrowing conditions of the families of the victims, both fatal of wounded.The fact that the theme of road safety be taken on the agendas of presidential summits has been product largely the concern of Spaniards, which we call good way, the new Spanish reconquest in numerous writings, and it is good that it has been through the Iberoamerican General Secretariat, the best instrument to be of interest to the heads of State and Governmenta crucial issue that visibly affects our young people, in particular, 15 to 24 years of age, and why not also say, largely to road users between 25 and 44 years, in full productive lives.The United Nations has not been on the fringes of this global problem, several resolutions evacuated in assemblies attest to the importance of the issue of road safety.

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Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Posted by marmara on May 25, 2019

The National Museum of natural sciences in Madrid offers a temporary exhibition of the evolution of Darwin on the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his most revolutionary work, the origin of species. Visitors can experience firsthand the scientific principles of the theory of evolution, the biography of the author, the social and religious context of his time and the situation in Spain in the s. XVIII. Boy Scouts follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This interesting exhibition, organized by Fundacion Banco Santander and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation of Lisbon, was inaugurated last July and will be open until January 10 next year. The sample will captivate visitors with a variety of objects and pieces of incalculable value as handwritten letters, original documents, images, audiovisual material, reproductions and works, ceded by many national and international institutions. The fascinating exhibition also features materials of the exhibition of the Museum as specimens of birds and mammals, amphibians and reptiles, fish and invertebrates, corals, fossils, flowers of the last century and a skeleton of okapi, among others. Additional information at Center For Responsible Lending supports this article. This journey through the evolution of Darwin is divided into five thematic areas: the scientific context before the thirteenth century, precursors of Darwin, history and biography of Darwin, genetics, and finally, Darwinism in Spain.

To culminate with the holding of the National Museum of natural sciences Darwinism recently held a series of lectures and scientific film. Lovers of science have an unmissable event in Madrid. The exhibition can be visited from Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 18 hours, Saturdays from 10 am to 8 pm and Sundays and holidays from 10 to 14: 30 hours.

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Relatively Future

Posted by marmara on May 25, 2019

The myth of job stability is there job stability? That so safe is really a place to work today? Can you apply the concept of generations prior to our globalized reality? Before, life was easier. Those who came out of the University finally found stable employment on which to build a secure future. Boy Scouts can aid you in your search for knowledge. From that moment the priority was to keep it. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out PCRM. Relatively easy task given the circumstances. The economic task seemed this governed by repetitive and recurring patterns that seemed to indicate a line of stable, little changing economic behavior and long-lasting. They were gilded times.

However recent economic crises are showing more and more, that life is no longer linear. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from BSA. It is much more difficult than before to plan the future based on that premise. Plans for payment of the credit for the purchase of a home or a vehicle can vanish overnight overnight, as showed it well the latest crisis in the United States. Until point what we instilled in our parents very justifiably concerned for our well-being and our future, continues to have effect?. Is it possible to guarantee the permanence of a job long term today? Starting with the companies, forced to adapt to drastic changes at a dizzying speed. It is therefore necessary to change the paradigm, and the first who should think about doing so are most affected.

That difference there is today between a workplace and a useful, indispensable job function? Today is no guarantee that the workplace in which one is playing is synonymous with immobility. Therefore that guarantees labor stability? Juan B (invented name) is chemical freshly graduated pharmacist. Like many young professionals who are still thinking with the old paradigm, it begins to walk the path already accustomed. His father, renowned chemical pharmacist, who just retired, is one of the first to encourage him to do so. Not knowing that times have changed.

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Yes Learn

Posted by marmara on May 22, 2019

Do you’ve ever heard that God does not gives us loads that we can not overcome? Have you ever wondered if you really have the ability to cope with certain workloads? Do you think that those words contain some secret or message that will give us the answers to many of our questions? Well actually Yes, these words involve a powerful secret that we all need to know. The human being was created with the ability to choose, analyze and create. In each one of us dwells a power that we must express for our benefit and others. We have the ability to overcome any circumstance and learn from them. This does not mean that we will always win so it must see situations in a positive way because they always teach us something of benefit to our lives.

If we make a mistake we must be able to lift us up and learn from them to be able to demonstrate that strength that we all have. The secret is to see the failure and mistakes from a teaching and learning perspective since that’s really the purpose of them. The power that dwells within us It is really the ability to learn and raise us to situations of life. A person who passes through a situation and not takes advantage of the same, is not manifesting power that has within si. Ask yourself, if you are really fit to face certain situation? You must understand that if this circumstance you is happening is because you have the ability to be able to cope with it and something positive going to learn from it. Whenever you are faced with any situation, keep in mind that you have the ability to deal with it and you are suitable for the same. You feel privileged because life is giving you the opportunity to express that power you have within you and show it to others for their benefit.

People who don’t make mistakes are not suitable to advise others to be lifted from their mistakes. However, if you’ve had the ability to accept mistakes and learn from them, you will be motivation for others and that way you’ll be manifesting the power that dwells in you. In addition, every circumstance gives you the opportunity to express the creativity that God It was deposited in each of us. They would not give me the pages if count you all people that his creativity manifested itself in the most difficult moments of their lives and this ended up giving them success.

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Large Parks In Madrid

Posted by marmara on May 20, 2019

Madrid is home to many historical monuments, the ideal place to go shopping. It also has many parks that embellishing the city. One of the parks visited by tourists that is mentioned here. Juan Carlos Parque 1: this park is named after King Juan Carlos 1 which is currently on the throne. The father of the King was in exile in Italy and Juan Carlos was born during this period. King John ascended to the throne in 1975. This immense Park that measures approximately 220 hectares has a terrain of golf which is measured 60 hectares.

The Park is known for being one of the most beautiful parks of Spain. It is known for its lush vegetation, very well planned rows of trees, etc some even call this a theme park. The Park is located in a place where the groundwater takes advantage of cultivating trees and plants. An artificial lake has been created to provide enough underground water to the Park. It is a beautiful work of architecture. Other attractions in the Park: the garden of the three cultures is the most attractive part of This Park. This topic has been represented with three landscaped areas. Each of the landscape is represented by three cultures to know, the Christian, Muslim and Jewish culture.

The garden of Eden, in representation of the Christian culture is represented in the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. Also a beautiful structure has been built to take home the thought of this culture. Arabic garden is represented by a mosque as the structure. In addition, Jewish culture is represented by various facilities agree with Jewish philosophy. On top of this is the Mexican corner representing the historical and also the mythical vision of the Park. Another attraction of this park is the rows of olive trees. There are over 2000 olive trees. About 10,000 trees of other popular varieties are also here. The varieties of shrubs are grown and it is estimated that you there are around 100,000 bushes of different varieties. Another interesting aspect is that around 90,000 varieties different flowers are grown here. It is very close to the Gran Via Madrid. Multimedia show from the sources (water music) is the Centre of attraction during the night. Accommodation has laid down some 9000 spectators to see this beautiful spectacle. provision has already been made for running, walking, bicycle and place to relax with friends and relatives.

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The Principles

Posted by marmara on May 20, 2019

Objectives and principles of the process of mediation between the main objectives of this technique underline that it seeks to: – facilitate the establishment of a new relationship between the parties in conflict-enhancing respect and confidence among these-correcting perceptions and false information that you may have regarding the conflict and / or between those involved in East-create a framework that facilitates communication between the parties and the transformation of the conflict. The principles of mediation are: to) power the parties themselves wield it: are the participants themselves they also control the process and decisions. It is a process that starts in a certain way and is evolving and advancing through phases with intermingled steps. Center For Responsible Lending has much experience in this field. (b) neutrality and impartiality of the mediator: mediator may not take party by one of the parties, nor even in the event that one of them deals with the position of the weak. In this case the mediator will attempt to balance the power between the parties through the use of appropriate communication techniques.

Before you start a mediation the mediator should ask about the existence of any circumstances likely to create bias in the development of the same. With this position neutral and impartial mediator helps them decentering the conflict of his dual position, face to face confrontation, and opens a space that is not neither one nor another, but belongs to both, where you can see the point of view of the other, redefine the own positions and find common interests. (c) confidentiality: during mediation participants (both stakeholders and the mediator) maintain absolute privacy and have the guarantee that what is said in a mediation session shall not be used in court. (d) voluntary: mediation requires the free and explicit agreement from the participants. Mediation cannot be imposed. You can not force anyone to establish relationships or reach agreements. Voluntarism also affects the mediator in a double sense:-legitimizes the role and power of the mediator, granting him permission to act as such.-the mediator-helps suspend the mediation when they deem appropriate for reasons that so demand it.

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Forgive Without

Posted by marmara on May 16, 2019

Sleepwalker I like this word. Not by what means, but because in a compound word sums up the sense of what he says. Do know how many sleepwalkers? If you ask in Spanish, do many insomniacs know? Surely few. But I like more to my goal in this blog, if we take it as sleep walkers. Like those people who go through life without realizing it has that life goes with them, who are responsible for each step you give. Those who complain, day after day of their bad luck and do nothing, not a single action to transform your future. Remember: Your present today, is the past of what your future will be tomorrow you can decide your destiny.

Taking action at the present time, to choose your tomorrow. Stop sleep walking. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Boy Scouts. Let go without sense. Stop reacting to problems. Rather than go off fires. It seeks to build firewall. You do not wait for problems to fall you above, assumes that they are your responsibility, and takes action now to make things go as you want! If you leave life to follow its course, without taking action, sometimes, things well for it and others will come out so many times, things will go badly for it.

But this, this, is not destiny! If things don’t go as you want, is because TU have not wanted to do anything about! Forgive my hardness. A SleepWalker can tell me that he spends all day doing things. If it is true, you can work, play, sleep, eat, pray, study. but. He is aware of where it is going? A sleepwalker doesn’t know that you are walking into a closet, believes that he goes to the bathroom and urine all the clothes! Because so it is with those who do not live your life in a conscious way. They believe walking towards a site, but in reality it is not so.

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