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Posted by marmara on May 16, 2019

Sleepwalker I like this word. Not by what means, but because in a compound word sums up the sense of what he says. Do know how many sleepwalkers? If you ask in Spanish, do many insomniacs know? Surely few. But I like more to my goal in this blog, if we take it as sleep walkers. Like those people who go through life without realizing it has that life goes with them, who are responsible for each step you give. Those who complain, day after day of their bad luck and do nothing, not a single action to transform your future. Remember: Your present today, is the past of what your future will be tomorrow you can decide your destiny.

Taking action at the present time, to choose your tomorrow. Stop sleep walking. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Boy Scouts. Let go without sense. Stop reacting to problems. Rather than go off fires. It seeks to build firewall. You do not wait for problems to fall you above, assumes that they are your responsibility, and takes action now to make things go as you want! If you leave life to follow its course, without taking action, sometimes, things well for it and others will come out so many times, things will go badly for it.

But this, this, is not destiny! If things don’t go as you want, is because TU have not wanted to do anything about! Forgive my hardness. A SleepWalker can tell me that he spends all day doing things. If it is true, you can work, play, sleep, eat, pray, study. but. He is aware of where it is going? A sleepwalker doesn’t know that you are walking into a closet, believes that he goes to the bathroom and urine all the clothes! Because so it is with those who do not live your life in a conscious way. They believe walking towards a site, but in reality it is not so.

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