French Revolution

Posted by marmara on November 13, 2018

The estimated other of the account that the acquired structural alterations during the life for influence of the way would be transmitted hereditarily perpetuating themselves in the species. This transmission would be responsible for the transformismo of the species. The classic example that illustrates the theory of Lamarck is the gradual allonge of the neck of the giraffes that allowed to strain each time more to reach the pantry of the trees and thus to collect leves for the feeding. What we have established here is a moment of normal science where a paradigm is rank and community follows the involved it defends and it. If such paradigm still was accepted, with certainty, today would not know Darwin. But as we know of its existence, through its ideas, it is evident that this paradigm suffers alterations. Professor of Internet Governance has much to offer in this field. The against-example that is had been of the limits taxes for Lamarck and prepares of certain forms the ideas of Darwin belongs to the Georges Cuvier, and here extraordinary science is established.

Cuvier used of an aggressive oratria and had enters its opponents the followers of the theory of Lamarck. Cuvier attacks the presented lamarquismo the theory of the catastrophes. The theory consisted of the fact of that the extinct species had been substituted by species comings of other places of the planet and that previously they did not occupy that definitive place. Then we have a format of renewals caused for the migration of the species. White (Op. cit, p 32) affirms that the idea of Cuvier had great acceptance for representing a reaction to the materialistic laws that prevailed on cultural transformations that they had preceded, in certain degree, the French Revolution and the Industrial. Again we have here the secular factor marking and structure of science. However, thinking of Cuvier it are not something that it would substitute, in the strict direction of the term, the ideas of Lamarck.

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