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Posted by marmara on May 7, 2015

Nowadays many people live under in their financial needs of the labour market is getting smaller and smaller, the unemployment threatens almost on every corner. More and more people do it more alone, making the living and must relate Hartz 4. This is not only the people who have no employment relationship – more and more people who for decades stuck in the world of work, are also forced than “Support” Hartz 4. The reasons could be to look for, that there is hardly a wage increase, rather on the contrary: the wage is reduced, increasing the overtime. Rarely these are paid these days, employers often prefer offers the vacation replacement. But even employers are often forced to minimize the cost of employees.

So three are made rather “400 euro jobbers”, as a full-time employee. Should you in this context also consider, that increasingly a third body is integrated in the employer – employee relationship: the Temporary employment company. As the search also always more difficult for a working relationship, many people use the offer of temporary employment agencies. The advantage: Often a rapid integration into the working world created this. The downside: In addition to the taxes of the monthly wage also the charges for providing the temporary work company “lost”.

In addition, it is often so that – as the name suggests – the place is only temporarily available. Many job seekers take this in stride, with the hope of a subsequent takeover in a stable employment relationship. Be neglected the Internet but never should in finding work at the present time. Statistics show that the Internet is becoming popular: evaluating the statistics of the Census study as well as the ARD/ZDF online study, obtained the result that more than 43 million people daily surf the Internet 76% of all people who live in Germany are converted. The assumption that this progress somewhat with the Search online for an additional income might have to do, seems not entirely outlandish. The Internet offers more possibilities to secure themselves at least a monthly windfall. Often generated here without further sums of 50-100 euros, which of course represents Hartz 4 recipients much money for each. But also great merits obtained more often through the Internet. So, there are numerous companies, whose founding alone are fixed on the Internet already. 4,5 Or even 6-digit amounts generated each month, employees are accordingly sought to “outsourcing” of existing work. The issue of money making on the Internet is therefore also in the full lips. But also here it applies to inquire in advance exactly. Not all jobs are reputable, with providers from abroad you could run the risk to be remunerated for the accomplished work not as agreed. It is therefore important to obtain information about the companies advance always, thanks to the major search engines, this poses no problem. Tip: Enter- before you start an activity in the Internet – always a company name in a search engine and you just look at the score. Often, it also helps in finding in addition to the company name to specify also keywords such as “Serious” or “Fraud”, to get a corresponding result.

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