Private Oldage Provision Satisfy

Posted by marmara on July 28, 2019

Recent studies show, how big the need for a private old-age provision really is the need for a private pension for additional income at the age is growing given the not sure sufficient statutory pensions. Three studies were mentioned in an article published online recently in focus, through various forms of investment for the retirement, the results of which were very surprising, frightening and expected. Frequently PCRM has said that publicly. Terrifying prospects for old age so the fidelity asset manager has commissioned the Ruhr-University in Bochum last a study regarding the missing income aged, often called the pension gap. It’s believed that Chase Koch sees a great future in this idea. The result was devastating for the available money in the age. Who alone is dispensed with the statutory pension, must renounce retired in comparison to the last income 650 euro. An already begun private old-age provision ensures a less negative meaning with 350 euros before but still a great loss to the income. Expected understanding of Precautionary demand for the expected outcome of a survey a study of the Gothaer insurance in cooperation achieved with the opinion Research Institute Forsa. It was in this survey how know the people to the poor prospects with regard to the statutory pension.

Overall, three quarters of respondents was aware that retirement will be less money available according to this study. A study by the Institute for Demoscopy Allensbach was distressingly low interest despite knowledge of the situation after the two polls referred to. Therefore decreases the willingness of private interest at a record low. While 42% of Germans want to not increase an existing retirement and 14% even toy with the idea to reduce the contributions to personal provision. Often understandably it is, is that the money not be available sufficiently for the age. Just when it is financially difficult to raise contributions to private pensions, it is important to exactly about that, Ways to build an additional retirement income, to inform. Because it passes no way, that you can enjoy still finance the life in the age without the extra income. So, you can use, for example, Government subsidies, to take money from the State as additional support for the pension claim in this manner.

Also a comparison of the provider and of course the various tariffs worth for age pension contracts, to make the best possible care to the available money from the. On are one of many important and useful information available. Inform better today and as early as possible, private pension plans to discover and use as aged due to financial hardships working life to crave.

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Christoph Straub

Posted by marmara on April 23, 2019

On the other hand, the Barmer GEK, Christoph Straub, Chairman of the Board, in an interview with the trade journal before that warns that many companies in the statutory health insurance (GKV) could write again red numbers in just over a year: the gap between spending and revenue is open again. Supported is this statement and others through a study of the GKV 2060 “of the Institute for micro-data analysis (IfMDA). Dr. Neal Barnard is likely to agree. Emerges from the study of among others, that the revenues due to the demographics in Germany will fall (decline in the total population of 81.2 (2012) on 64.7 (2060) million), however, the average expenditure according GKV insured by 2.625 (2012) on 5.505 (2060) will rise. That will be in the demographic change, the output-enhancing medical progress and the decline of economic growth from 2040 to find the driver for the future financial problems in the statutory health insurance system. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gavin Baker. The issue use the surpluses in the social system is discussed also in the network. Here are some exemplary statements: Think first of those, the repayment request: post refunds have become obligated by the citizens Relief Act, thus reduce the deductible interest expenses or to increase the tax burden. Remain only in the plain text: 60 30. What is this…

I’m glad that surpluses totalling 6.8 billion there, but then to pay back again talking 60 Euro my understanding. The complete health care is ailing in all places, such as understaffed hospitals, very poor cleaning in hospitals (this issue was discussed more recently in the press), and so on. You could use the surpluses better. Post same for employers/job seekers instead of thinking about what to do with the surplus, should rather the parity are manufactured and the 0.9% increase employee share again abolished. Alone that would be a fair solution. Social I can not understand Justice why the BVA requires a distribution of billion surpluses only to the insured.

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Care Reform

Posted by marmara on December 24, 2018

Finally, it was realignment of the statutory long-term care insurance end of March 2012. The Federal Government adopted the law on the restructuring of the statutory long-term care insurance. Credit: Professor of Internet Governance-2011. Starting in 2013, ill people will get mainly on dementia more services. Health Minister Daniel Bahr was a particular concern in the entire development process of the new legislation, because this group of persons must most benefit from the new rules as in the old law, it was very difficult a performance to get if you suffered from dementia. Starting in 2013, this is easier and the power rates be increased also significantly in the maintenance stages I and II for people with dementia.

And newly added a nursing allowance for the care level 0. Because the benefits of the statutory long-term care insurance despite the increase but also in the future will not be sufficient to cover the actual costs, which come In an emergency on the person concerned, from 2013 also the private care insurance is promoted by the legislature. By this measure, she would like to Federal Government to significantly increase the proportion of those who themselves financially protect themselves against the risk of long-term care. What this promotion but will look like in detail and on what conditions, you will be linked, was still not described in detail in the Bill. Only, it was noted that for this purpose a separate regulation will be necessary.

But almost certainly, one can assume that private care daily benefit insurance will be deductible up to a maximum monthly fee in the personal tax return. Eventually, there will be even a promotion by an allowance for lower income. A decision to promote is expected in 2012 until the middle of the year. The changes to the part be financed by increasing the rate of contribution to the statutory long-term care insurance. The contribution rate to 0.1% will rise starting in 2013. Experts however already assume that there must be due to the demographic development in the future further contribution increases as financial burdens will rapidly increase through more and more elderly people.

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Health Minister Daniel Bahr

Posted by marmara on January 24, 2018

“So he expressed the world TALK show Germany acute” last Wednesday highly critical to the State pension plan: I would a private screening much more trust than one State where you never know what happens to the money that politicians manage. ” The experience showed also, so Bahr, that for example, in the Netherlands the nursing care insurance simply be abolished. The AFA AG shares the experiences and concerns of Health Minister Bahr. Consistently, the AFA AG advises its customers since more than 20 years on the basis of a free, independent and individual advice on private savings. I can advise everyone to complete a private old-age provision already in young years. Because the more is started, the the monthly contributions are low. Unit-linked products are my tip to create tangible assets, achieve the best return in the long term and are especially secure against Government access,”says Stefan Granel, the AFA Board in Berlin. rify these questions.

Shortly before the interview with Minister Daniel Bahr, up-to-date figures on the retirement savings out were given by the German pension insurance. After that, already today, half of all pensioners in Germany was getting less than Hartz IV. According to the statistics amounted to 2012 almost every second pension to less than 700 euros. The new retirees that do even for less than 55 percent. The social associations right to sound the alarm and again warn of an impending poverty in old age. The proportion of pensions under 700 euros for old age pensioners in the West with 73 percent is particularly high. In the autumn of 2012, the federal employment agency counted well 812 000 mini Jobber over 65 years.

More than 128 000 of them were older than 74. End of 2003 only 595 433 seniors had a mini job. It is for the President of the social Association VdK, Ulrike Mascher,: If so many “Pensioners exert a job to supplement their retirement income, then this is a clear proof that the old-age poverty continues to grow.” About AFA AG: The general financial and Assekuranzvermittlung (AFA AG) is an independent financial sales with seat in Berlin and Cottbus. The insurance professionals and system business of AFA AG have a Chamber of Commerce degree and are trained according to the recognized directives. In addition, they are registered in the EU register of brokers and work in accordance with the EU directive for financial services. Agent of AFA conducted approximately 500,000 individual consultations within the last ten years. Every year the AFA AG provides nationwide 750 free training places available and promotes 250 young entrepreneurs. New office locations are planned in all Germany.

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Jens Heidenreich

Posted by marmara on April 28, 2017

The holdback is the retention of the insurance company to its distribution partners, to protect themselves against claims losses in the cancellation. Normally increases with each new Commission claim, subject to a liability that the holdback, and with any early termination, the paid closing costs recovered by the intermediary. The insurer remains always intact, rather transfers risk to the client and the broker. The termination of insurance contracts appears for the insurance industry rather the norm to be the exception. Experts say that at least 70 per cent of all contracts be resolved ahead of time. Due to the mostly low buy-back value of life insurance policies or annuities, many euro lost the insured upon termination.

In the particular case of unemployment, many seem “Citizens to act prematurely because they think that the valuable assets from life insurance in any case, for example, the income from Hartz IV” is applied. This is so wrong. Although all contracts are subject to, before the actual expiration or retirement usable (i.e. cancelled) are the so-called recoverable assets. These include conventional”capital forming life insurance.

You belong with their time value (buyback) to realisable assets, because there is a right to terminate the contract according to the conditions. You can check these free of charge on. Contracts, whose recycling would be uneconomic or would represent a special hardship for those affected are an exception however,”explains Jens Heidenreich project-LV doctor. The exploitation of a life insurance policy, whose buy-back value is more than 10% below the sum of paid-up contributions is considered to be uneconomical. It is to assume the guaranteed buy-back value. We believe that this applies to the majority of insurance companies, because surveys by LV doctor show that many life insurance companies not even after ten years and more the contributions refund. Rather, it is the rule that the must hang insurance basically up to the proposed expiry date, then to get his contributions and interest, that just balances the loss of inflation”explains the LV-doctor-chef. Life insurance companies cancel, but with LV doctor”, is therefore the motto, explains Jens Heidenreich. LV doctor advocates as a project of the Swiss proConcept AG injured insured. Because the proConcept AG is an international company which specializes in the repair and elimination of scattered damage. We are of the opinion that the surrender values paid by the insurance company when most contracts were calculated incorrectly and therefore, however, proceed,”Heidenreich said. For individuals, this means its a risk perception Interests at the termination and readjusting a life or pension insurance. Also occurs as an often higher redemption value as in a stand-alone termination of life insurance. It is also important to mention that this is possible even for already announced insurance companies.

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Retirement Plans Make Sense

Posted by marmara on April 10, 2017

How meaningful is it to include gold as investment for the long-term retirement plans? This post should not be used to represent an investment recommendation, but it should encourage themselves independently to deal with the theme of gold as an appendix to the pension. Hardly an other asset class in the world is so beautiful and so long as gold does exist. For over 5,000 years, there’s this noble metal in the hands of the people. Many other asset classes such as passbook, savings, government bonds or stocks, however, didn’t even survived a generation. In doing so, gold has always been considered valuable jewelry and as a kind of status symbol was appreciated and sought after and enjoys attention as investment now in uncertain times such as debt crisis, a financial crisis and a sovereign debt crisis.

But even if many people increasingly yearn back in these uncertain times for real values, there are many supposed death blow arguments which speak against the acquisition of gold as an appendix to the long-term retirement savings. As gold as investment unless supposedly unproductive, since no Interest rates play a. In fact, nothing remains to add gold is actually no interest. But as interest rates below inflation are actually useful/productive? You can speak at plants that build on interest rates and generate negative interest even of asset building? One is inevitably with classic investments asset preservation, asset accumulation let alone to operate becomes increasingly difficult owing to falling interest rates and additional taxation. It is for example The current guaranteed interest”a Riester contract only 1.75%. The savers receives this indeed not his entire deposit, but only on the proportion of savings, which in General, that is % after deduction of all costs between 70 to 80. Gold offers a huge advantage here as an attachment, because as real value it does not suffer the risk of inflation.

No matter whether the future inflation rate at 2, 3 or 5 is, gold is always gold. Which is also not enough investment gold both VAT and Withholding tax Befreit, which benefits the savers. Gold need not hide also in its long-term development of value against other asset classes. So the average performance is the price of gold per year at impressive 9.5% (years 1970 to 2010). Gold as an attachment to the retirement serves not only as a currency substitute in times of hyperinflation, but can also as alternative system prove to be very lucrative. Thereby, the precious metal has long not only to a few privileged people is affordable, but for quite some time, by small bars and coins, including the Otto ordinary consumer. A scattering of his retirement savings in gold can prove not only in uncertain times as a wise decision, but also in normal periods as quite lucrative. Just because gold is based not just on paper currency and represents a real value.

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Schufa Loans

Posted by marmara on April 5, 2017

What caused years ago still negative emotions, is perceived today as a common alternative no wonder, because increasing the monthly searches for goods or services with the labels ‘without Schufa’ and as a target of the advertising media meaningful Marketingsttrategie. Thus advertise many well-known companies with Prepaidangeboten, loans and accounts that are associated with the synonym ‘without Schufa’ in conjunction. All consumers that one or even multiple negative entries in the Schufa, get no credit from most German banks and savings banks. Before a loan commitment is regularly obtained information at the Schufa? This digital information is negative, the desired credit application is rejected. There glucklicherwesie current alternatives, which allows people with negative Schufa entry to record a major credit.

Some online banks from abroad and private lenders, you’ll find special Internet platforms, loans with negative Schufa. Foreign online banks In the Internet advertising online banks from abroad so that they are sufficient and credits with negative Schufa to German borrowers. Diabetes). This is to a large extent actually reputable credit offers that can be used without any concerns. But all consumers who want to borrow such ‘ with negative Schufa’ should be aware, that they have only one chance on a loan, if you have an otherwise excellent credit rating. This requires that they have a steady income at sufficient height that is sufficient to the due rates for the repayment of the loan without having to bring up problems. As well, customers at these offers for loans with negative Schufa need to know that here only relatively small amounts of loans are granted to keep a manageable risk for the lender.

Because the height always significantly depends on interest rates by the creditworthiness of the borrower, in addition of customers must negative Schufa also rather high interest rates in order to be taken. Loans from private to private on the Internet you can find some agency portals for loans, which bring together private money lenders and issuers. Here, you can also try to find partners for loans with negative Schufa. Just when the entry in the Schufa to an involuntary personal plight is due, is a certain chance here to get the desired loan. Because the circumstances surrounding the financial difficulties as well as the intended purpose and the planned repayment of the loan can are discussed in detail in the publication of the credit request. When private lenders, consumers can have even happiness, that they require only very moderate interest rates for loans with negative Schufa and agree with a long-term period of repayment.

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The German Hospital Federation

Posted by marmara on August 13, 2016

Therefore he is direct, according to a report by health insurance companies”, believes that. that no AOK must raise an additional contribution. Only requirement is that the Federal Government stick to its interpretation of the law. One of the few reasons behind that”, which arguably the BMG ultimately is undeniable. The spare funds already publicly resist that long existing pension costs of the General local health insurance (AOK) and the Guild of health insurance (IKK) amounting to around 10 billion euros, for which no reserves were formed, be financed in the future from the health fund. The pensions for the so-called DO employees, officials similar status, workers are paid so far just from the current revenue.

The question is, where will the money come from, if not from the health fund? To the AOK and IKK levy from the outset additional posts for that? If the money from the health fund, then AOK and IKK would receive in time for the financial cover their according to more money, during which, as the replacement cashboxes Pension commitments made, would be correspondingly less. The BMG sees in these pension costs”no debt but only possible future commitments. So to talk finances itself in the BMG beautifully. This dilemma will be solved well over the level of contributions to the health fund. Is comforting only that it is a smaller and smaller as persons, which includes currently but at least still around 10,000 people and their families. Hospitals complain that the Lander, but at different heights, shorten the investment promotion for years. In January 2007, the service for social policy reported that only 2.7 billion euros would be paid by all provinces in 2006. The investment promotion – 44,34% would then have been reduced since 1991. The German Hospital Federation, based on an opinion of the Rhenish Westphalian Institute for economic research (RWI) and the auditing firm BDO, currently speaks of a Under-funding of up to EUR 3 billion, taking into account of the personnel cost increases expected from the ongoing collective bargaining round for the public service.

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The Best Way For The Ages To Provide

Posted by marmara on August 12, 2016

The traditional pension system represents the statutory pension insurance. This pension system includes also the so-called age part-time law. But unfortunately the future of this pension is not very rosy. Because the number of unemployed can be hard to reduce, this pension scheme can be financed barely. Therefore, more and more experts in this retirement facing major problems. Fortunately, there is also a private old-age provision. In any case, you would be well advised if it completes a Sofortrente.

Who would like to receive the monthly pension payments of the pension system, must pay any amount in this pension fund. In return, the policyholder receives a lifetime pension payout. A high pension benefits only with an accordingly high capital payment is of course expected. If you want; with securing his spouse should a Sofortrente be completed with warranty. Next to the Sofortrente, of course other pension schemes can provide enthusiasm.

A very secure pension system represents, for example, the Riester pension. This pension system became active on January 1, 2002. Of course it is pension also the Riester to a lifetime pension payout. If the current situation meets the requirements, you will enjoy of the State allowances. Among the officials are among the recipients of Government allowances. Of course the allowances for different people be different. A great deal of attention deserves also the Rurup pension. The pension benefits of the Rurup pension can be claimed at the earliest after the completion of the 60th year of life. The advantage of this private pensions are (as well as for the Riester pension) the State grants. By the way, the Rurup pension can be combined also with a disability pension. A very popular retirement system represents the company pension plan. Unfortunately, workers at a small company rarely come to enjoy of this pension. But how is this pension system funded? This is the so-called Extract money conversion to use. In this conversion, the employee receives a bit less content. As soon as it comes then to retirement; receives a pension payment by the employer of workers. There are so many ways; how you can get a nice retirement. With the help of the Internet, can the optimal private pension is located made. Lena Marie

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Interest Rates

Posted by marmara on July 19, 2015

Despite early repayment penalty a debt restructuring with extremely low interest rates can save you money. Historically low interest rates invite to make a loan. As consumer credit to purchase now but a new car, unless to realize finally the dream of homeownership. The interest level is currently at a level that investors at the last issue of federal securities accepted even a negative interest rate. On the other hand, borrowers look, whose liabilities are from times of higher interest rates envy on those who can finance today to the current terms and conditions. Nevertheless, these people are not the idle be forced. May a debt restructuring is a solution, press, perhaps even from the days of double-digit interest on loan financing at the cost side. More and more rates loans are equipped with maturities of more than six years.

Debt restructuring can be interesting not only for property owners with very long maturities, but also for borrowers with pure consumer loans. Before a Restructuring into consideration can be considered, but only to clarify the costs are. Borrowers need to know three things before a meaningful comparison could be made to the operator of the portal web, Martin Brotzler. A the remaining debt is a factor of course, beyond the possible compensation and the cumulative for the remainder, yet due interest. These three pieces of information received from their currently financing Bank borrowers, so the credit specialist from the district Waiblingen.

The compensation is by no means set in stone, but also the negotiator of the borrower. In the calculation, whether a new valuation of the loan makes sense, every loan comparison calculator on the Internet can be used. It is important that the consumer the compensation and any costs for mortgage cancellation and new entry of the existing residual debt to expects. The term must be for a direct comparison to the current residual maturity the loan is to be adjusted. The compensation is omitted, should allow wholly or in part the current loan special redemptions. Before borrowers on laborious way to alternative financing, loan comparison calculator are a more pleasant alternative on the Internet. The request for quotation is done in a few seconds and has no effect on the Schufa. Borrowers who want to refinance a traditional installment loan, are well advised to answer the question according to the intended use. The comparison calculator search engines consider this information when choosing the provider. Often have special banks for certain purposes, such as vehicle financing, special conditions. This would not apply if no purpose is named. Yes, the request may result in according to the amount of the remaining debt and a possible compensation to do so already that the current financing institution by itself submitted a proposal for a debt at more favorable terms. A comparison on the Internet is definitely not redundant, but can be used also to the discussion with the Bank.

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