Greenpeace Eco Rankings Published

Posted by marmara on May 12, 2019

Result: Nintendo can learn from Nokia which reveals green list of Greenpeace, which the big equipment manufacturers is environmentally friendly and which must still learn in terms of environmental protection. The online portal for auctions reported, who could score points by its green policies in the current ranking. That environmental awareness should today be part of corporate policy, know also the manufacturer of equipment such as TV, mobile phone or notebook. Since 2006, Greenpeace therefore annually prepares a ranking of environmental performance of the 18 leading technology manufacturers. For the non-profit organization analyzed the companies in terms of chemicals, recycling and climate change.

Place one and two occupied the mobile phone manufacturers Nokia and Sony Ericsson. You scored due to the abandonment of harmful chemicals, and the energy efficiency of their mobile phones. The software maker Microsoft and console maker Nintendo took the last ranks of the list. You were not convinced by the prevention of pollutants through energy-efficient appliances. Companies such as Apple, LG, Philips and Sony formed the midfield.

Samsung fell some places down compared to the previous year. According to Greenpeace, it lacked the company’s usage against harmful substances. Apple however could rise from the ninth to fourth place. The company operated a model policy in terms of energy efficiency and pollution prevention. More information: presse.

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