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Posted by marmara on December 27, 2013

In addition to these techniques, there are also methods of advertising a product without the direct involvement of staff. These include merchandising. He is bringing a client to a particular product through awareness of its location in the store, as well as a favorable disposition among similar products and a beautiful layout. Rate quality of supply staff will share "mystery shopper", which is in the supervisor to make purchases in the store under the guise of a buyer. Effective mechanism for promoting the company and its goods are consumer surveys at the indicated current or potential market for the sale of goods.

In order to increase consumer demand for a particular product, it should also be aware in advance of its preferences, as well as signs by which he makes a choice when buying products. Understand what it is now the consumer can help the marketing research. They are aimed at gathering information about the desires modern buyer, its processing, analysis and formulation of conclusions and recommendations for companies on the materials of the study. Marketing studies are of two kinds: quantitative and qualitative. K first group consists of flat, street, phone, mail surveys, and monitoring and calculation of the cross points of sale, Hall test and Home test. Qualitative research is divided into in-depth interviews, expert interviews, focus group and panel. With the above-mentioned methods, alternative sources of information and data analysis conducted market research a full cycle – from tasking to the report. Advertising in the media, for example ad unit in the news on television is also one of the basic ways to promote products and services.

It positively affects the image of the company, says its respectability and values. Here you can talk about advertising in the press, which is effective for attracting large number of consumer audience, as well as a chance to keep a potential client has interested advertising without any particular efforts and later come back to it. Radio advertising is also an effective way of promotion. In addition to broad coverage of the population, it compares favorably with other ways to promote products of their attractive price together with the expected effect. Finally, advertising on television gives the buyer a comprehensive view of the subject. This type of advertising not only provides statistical picture and identify benefits of the goods, but also to paint a visual image that will long be remembered target buyer.

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