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Posted by marmara on September 22, 2018

Rethink History. Translation of Mario Vilela, 3.ed.2reimpresso. So Paulo: context, 2009. Keith Jenkins is professor-aid of History in the University College Chichester, one of the most famous English centers for formation of professors. Also ‘ wrote On; ‘ What is History: from Carr and Elton you the Rorty and Write (1995) and organized the coletnea The Postmodern history to reader (1997). This is its first book published in Brazil.

The workmanship of Jenkins, ‘ ‘ History repensada’ ‘ it has as main destination pupils who are initiating the historical studies, as the same he considers in the introduction, ‘ ‘ This book is destined primordially to the students who are starting the study of the question: ‘ ‘ What it is History? ‘ ‘ … was written in such a way as introduction, how much as polmica’ ‘ p.17, moreover, the book brings these two characteristics (introduction and controversy), because the author questions that the majority of the introduction texts is ‘ ‘ ingleses’ ‘ this has helped to isolate the history of some intellectual unfoldings, the book is divided in three chapters, the first o author to argue the question, ‘ ‘ What it is the Histria’ ‘? , without copying English formularizations, answering what it is history in the theory and the practical one, in as the chapter, the author answers the certain questions that if relate the nature of history, and in the third chapter, Jenkins to argue of where comes this question of world after-modern and as history can coexist in this new period. In the first chapter, intitled of, ‘ ‘ What it is History? ‘ ‘ , the author works what it is history in the theory and the practical one, (in the theory) it starts first for sample who history is one enters some speeches regarding the world and that these Forman speeches the meanings that the world has, later explain that object of study of history is the past, but that passed history and together, is not joined, and the author comes to affirm this, since, ‘ ‘ …

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