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A school of 1 existed degree that taught to the employees and children of whom familiar ones worked there also some as Pablo Cesar grandson of Cantidiano (he was the proprietor of the Castle), who paid the wage of these professors was the proper proprietor of the farm. He had an infirmary with ready doctors and nurses to consult some worker who came to need the services. Many employees for working in the cut of the sugar cane, some times cut themselves and needed first-aid services and as in the proper plant the disposal had doctors they did not need to leave the workstation the search aid medicates, because the professionals already met there to take care of them. He had a workshop in plant being one of best of the south region of Sergipe, being used it to fix the broken wagons, to change tires, to fix some you scheme that they broke everything this, not to lose much time and not to harm its production, because something was had that to contract people who worked in neighboring regions she could delay some days for I came to adjust objects and as already they had people the disposal of the Device Castle, when needed concert immediately the qualified employees for this was the disposal. Beyond the sugar activity it existed the plantation of coconut of the Bahia and the creation of cattle that lead the wagons having more than 1,000 heads of cattle, possua also a still that also used to advantage the broth of the sugar sugar cane to make cachaa and this product was vendido in such a way for the botecos of the proper village, as well as for neighboring cities. The house of the Castle was one mini manufactures where daily the employees made requeijo, dose of Calda, skimmed milk and produced butter, in the garden the planted flowers was vendidas for arrumao of parties for neighboring cities, Ranch was one of the cities that more bought flowers of the Castle to make ornaments and arrangements of marriage.

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