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The word SOLIDARITY has some meanings. It can be translated by Aid; Support; Support; Cooperation; Coparticipao; Friendship; Fellowship; Commitment; Brotherhood; Interdependence; Reciprocity. Amongst all the words ' ' Irmandade' ' it would have to sobressair in the Solidarity of the priests, therefore they are all brothers in the clergy. But the Solidarity of the Diocese of Formosa was marked with a Commitment for which the priests if compel ones for the others and each one for all. It was a Solidarity of obligator commitment, therefore it enters days 16-19 of May had in Are Joo d? Alliance a Meeting of Update of the Clergy that dealt with the Sacrament of the Marriage from the Code of Canon law with the Doctor Foot. Valdir Mamede, of the Clergy of Brasilia, and in the end of the meeting was said of the FAPE (Deep of Aid to the Priests), which had a maturation and efetivao approximately the three years. For other opinions and approaches, find out what BSA has to say. However, it was not accumulating of stocks all the necessities of the ministers: some obtained to help, others were helped, and others not it obtained to help and they were not helped.

Then, to diminish this discrepancy of cngrua (contribution that the priests receive for its sustenance), was considered and approved one cngrua only for all the priests gotten from monthly view of all the parishes to the diocesana bar and posterior division in equal parts for the clergy. With this, exactly that priests it is in a Parish with little resource will have the same allowance for expenses that one that is where has resource. Each Parish will have, as its conditions, to deposit in stipulated time one definitive amount for the Bar and this will make the division. I divide it will have beginning in August. In the Letter Encyclical letter from the pope PACEM IN TERRIS the Pope Joo XXIII says that ' ' under the impulse of solidarity fraterna and the Christian charity, if pledges in threshold dor' '. The priests of the Diocese of Formosa reveal Solidary ones with the others do not stop eliminating the pain of nobody, he only considers a Commitment that ones for the others and each one for all compels them. Thus, either for Solidarity fraterna, either for the same Brotherhood or with a Commitment that compels, the priests had revealed, with this gesture, a matureness in the faith and Christian charity. This is a Solidarity that also must be expanded for other Dioceses and be placed in practical in the day the day. Ahead of this, I ask: you have been solidary with somebody? Joacir Soares d? Abbey, priest, Philosopher and author of some books

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