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Posted by marmara on April 20, 2012

It was verified from the verbal stories, that the manifestations politics of the aboriginal peoples need to use alternatives to guarantee the recognition of its cultural expressions. Usually if they present in character events politician, making use of traditional accessories, such as cocar, the penalties and with the bodies spotted. Some communities had never had this custom, but is used of this scheme to legitimize the indian created by the national society and to guarantee the visibility of its demands. Such fact if ahead makes necessary of the constant behaviors of positivao of rights in the dynamics Brazilian politics that if pautam only for the rules instituted for the society of not-indians, in which the performance if makes to the default of the greaters interested in the formularization of the legal apparatuses: the proper indians and its communities (SAINTS, 2009). 5.Aspectos Aboriginal Contemporaries front to the positivao and efetivao of rights Although the disposals elucidated in articles of the Constitution Citizen of 1988, what he verifies yourself in the contemporaneidade still makes jus to the happened conflicts of the Brazilian colonial context, express potentially from middle of century 19, moment this where the European interest for the land headings was raised in result of the undisputed influences of perpetuation of the capitalist dynamics. As the effective CF, the lands aboriginals are of property of the Union and inalienable ownership of the indians. Added to this disposal, is still verified a disposal of International, present character in the International Organization of the Work? OIT, that it brought up to date in 2004 the previous Convention, of number 107? representative of the first international legal instrument conceived specifically with the objective to protect the aboriginal rights? by means of the Convention of number 169. This if presents in respect to the ethnic-cultural diversity of the aboriginal peoples, and guarantees the social institutions, politics, economic and cultural of the same ones.

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