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Posted by marmara on June 24, 2011

The Foundation is based in Cali and is inspired by the life of Gabriel Piedrahita Uribe, who died tragically in 1995 at the age of 22 in a plane crash. Gabriel was endowed with a prodigious curiosity, an insatiable appetite for life and a tireless passion for helping others, was convinced of the unique potential of every human being and the immense power that individuals and groups committed to change the world. Gabriel saw education as the key tool for a more just and dissemination of knowledge and shared experiences and realities of all human beings the way to peace and tolerance. Death surprised him when he was only 6 months of graduating from Harvard University and immediately realize his dream for some time devoted to basic education in a school poor. The Foundation is a tribute to her brief and intense journey through life and a testament of love from their parents, siblings, relatives and friends and all who feel privileged to have shared her laughter, her intelligence and goodness.

About To Give Give to Colombia Colombia (G2C) is a nonprofit foundation, based on the United States with 501c3 status. to work as an efficient, transparent and professional to channel and monitor international donations, identifying and designing projects that meet the interests and values of the donor, and covering the priority needs of Colombia. a G2C working with donors of different segments joining their efforts and Social Responsibility initiatives, achieving focus resources and talents, acting as a multifaceted and comprehensive response to address the major socio-economic problems facing Colombia today. Give to Colombia focuses on three strategic pillars: education, economic development and entrepreneurship. Our value added is work hand in hand with corporate donors, institutions and individuals since the start of the presentation of the project until the pipeline and the subsequent monitoring and supervision of the use of funds by the executing agency in Colombia.

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