Luis Nicholas Fagundes

Posted by marmara on September 21, 2018

Beyond the great coffee production and of the illegal traffic of slaves, Brief also it was distinguished in the politics, local how much in such a way national. Between its works politicians it was the mandate of speaker of the house of Are Joo Landmarks, that exerted for some times, and member of the house of representatives of the province of Rio De Janeiro. Moreover, it kept relations with the circle of the monarchic power, participating, also, of the Shout of Independence, in 1822, to the side of Dom Peter I. Brief faleceu the 30 of September of 1889, in the farm of Are Joaquin of the Gram, in Passes three, being embedded in the chapel where it ordered to build, also in the farm of the gram. For its vast Brief coffee productions were known as ' ' king of caf' '. Beyond the comendador Brief, They are Joo Landmarks received important personages as the poet Luis Nicholas Fagundes varela, that it initiated its profession in the city, then after to form lawyer for the law school of So Paulo, in 1836. Moreover, it is commented enters some former-inhabitants of the region that Leopoldina Owner, wife of Dom Peter, would have a farm in the roundnesses of the city where she liked to pass some days.

Of the time of the coffee They are Joo Landmarks inherited the colonial architecture, printed in its casarios and the churches. Also it is important to detach the Beautiful Bridge, constructed together with the road that bound Is Joo Landmarks to the Mangaratiba, where was drained the coffee production. The bridge, built in rocks of would sing and support walls, possess 180 meters of go on the Brook of the Lages. Bronze used in its construction was pillaged by travellers and, currently, part Da Ponte if it finds submerged in waters of the dam.

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