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Posted by marmara on October 9, 2019

The rate at which Spain is destroying employment is attracting attention in the rest of Europe, the Italian press echoed the government and entitled remodeling (Il Foglio) “The economic crisis in Spain cause fear.” “The people who have lost their jobs remains the usual customs. But Spain’s problem is precisely the large number of citizens who have lost their jobs. Unemployment has been traditionally in the history of democratic Spain, one of the largest permanent emergency. ” With figures as close to 16% unemployment and forecasts in which experts predict that we overcome the barrier of 20% at year end, the economic crisis in Spain, unlike the rest of Europe, is poised to become authentic social disaster. The evolution of unemployment is not similar in all EU Member States, as the crisis is being Capetian differently in one country to another and economic are resisting in some cases better than others. add to your knowledge base. In the case Spanish, despite all the propaganda that sold us on our strength, the reality is that holds our economy worse than other euro-zone economies. It is more, some can boast having registered decreases in the unemployment rate.

Thus, in the last twelve months, fell in seven EU countries, remained stable in one and increased in nineteen. The largest decreases were registered in Bulgaria (from 6.2% to 5.5%) and Slovakia (from 10.2% to 9.8%). While the most significant increases were found in Lithuania (from 4.4% to 13.7%), Latvia (from 6.1% to 14.4%) and Spain, which has the merit of leading the shameful unemployment ranking Europe with a rate of 15.5%. In this approach has also drawn wide attention that the burst housing bubble has led to a significant decline in housing prices in Spain. Includes the Financial Times that the housing price has fallen three times in the UK (9%) than in Spain (3.2%), or in Norway (-7.5%), Portugal (-6.3%) and Netherlands (-5.2%), so that while unemployment is growing at twice the rate as in the rest of Europe, low cost housing only at half pace. It is therefore evident the serious imbalances that have our economy and the need for reforms that never seem to make. The international press says that “criticism of Zapatero and Solbes Minister mainly affect the initiatives are not taken. Many ask a great deal of state, able to implement structural reforms and a stronger and more visible guide to the economic situation “(Il Foglio). So instead of crowing so much about social policies, Zapatero should do something once, because today the only valid social policy is one that cut the bleeding suffered job losses, which is what really frightens the rest are stories.

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