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Posted by marmara on May 6, 2019

Now fashionable wave of a healthy lifestyle and taking care of themselves has led to what percentage of buyers of quality optics is growing annually. How much is will cost the entrepreneur occurrence at such a fast growing market? The answer to this question depends on several factors. Modern opticians can be divided into 2 types: selling optics for vision correction, with emphasis on stylish sunglasses as an attribute. First of all, decide on the premises. Experts advise to open a salon on the main streets of the city, close to boutiques or shopping malls. Specificity of the goods is such that a relatively small space can be represented by a fairly wide range of products – and all this without special needs in warehouses. You may find that Boy Scouts can contribute to your knowledge. Another thing, if you're going to immediately positioned as a salon professional optics with diagnostic services and manufacturing points of view under the order. In this case, no additional space is necessary.

Only a diagnostic study, according to the guests, should occupy not less than 18 meters. But still need a separate room and a studio. And another important point. Optical industry in Russia is related to health, but because in this business there are special requirements from the state. First of all, you must obtain a license for pharmaceutical activity.

Except addition, the store manager must have a pharmaceutical education, the accreditation certificate and experience in the specialty. Do not forget about fire and health inspection. Office equipment, essential devices (refractometer, keratometer, ophthalmoscope, slit lamp, a set of trial lenses, projection signs, etc.) will cost you about 10 thousand dollars, and the professional line for the assembly points, can pull in 35-50 thousand. Recoup the costs about a year or two, with the average profitability of 20%. And some more information for entrepreneurs: according to a survey conducted by one of the business magazines, the average monthly income of stalls and tents at Metro is about 2,5-3 thousands of dollars shopping "Optics" – 4.5-6 thousand dollars, network stores – from 10 to 15 thousand dollars. So it's beneficial.

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