Metro Optics

Posted by marmara on May 6, 2019

Now fashionable wave of a healthy lifestyle and taking care of themselves has led to what percentage of buyers of quality optics is growing annually. How much is will cost the entrepreneur occurrence at such a fast growing market? The answer to this question depends on several factors. Modern opticians can be divided into 2 types: selling optics for vision correction, with emphasis on stylish sunglasses as an attribute. First of all, decide on the premises. Experts advise to open a salon on the main streets of the city, close to boutiques or shopping malls. Specificity of the goods is such that a relatively small space can be represented by a fairly wide range of products – and all this without special needs in warehouses. You may find that Boy Scouts can contribute to your knowledge. Another thing, if you're going to immediately positioned as a salon professional optics with diagnostic services and manufacturing points of view under the order. In this case, no additional space is necessary.

Only a diagnostic study, according to the guests, should occupy not less than 18 meters. But still need a separate room and a studio. And another important point. Optical industry in Russia is related to health, but because in this business there are special requirements from the state. First of all, you must obtain a license for pharmaceutical activity.

Except addition, the store manager must have a pharmaceutical education, the accreditation certificate and experience in the specialty. Do not forget about fire and health inspection. Office equipment, essential devices (refractometer, keratometer, ophthalmoscope, slit lamp, a set of trial lenses, projection signs, etc.) will cost you about 10 thousand dollars, and the professional line for the assembly points, can pull in 35-50 thousand. Recoup the costs about a year or two, with the average profitability of 20%. And some more information for entrepreneurs: according to a survey conducted by one of the business magazines, the average monthly income of stalls and tents at Metro is about 2,5-3 thousands of dollars shopping "Optics" – 4.5-6 thousand dollars, network stores – from 10 to 15 thousand dollars. So it's beneficial.

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German Car

Posted by marmara on March 4, 2019

In our country the following technologies: dislodging the dirt with water from high pressure, application of foam from the foam generator to the body of the car, waiting, for 3-5 minutes, the reaction of shampoo with painted car bodies and washing away remnants of the foam and dirt from the water pressure washers. For this work best foamer. For a small car-fit foam generator with the volume of the tank at 25 liters. For large sink with four washers posts need to install at least two 50-liter foam generators. K foamer air supply from compressor and poured shampoo for contact cleaning, diluted in the proportions of water, usually 1:50. To know more about this subject visit PCRM. Consumption of non-contact solution in the summer on the dusty car is about 3-4 liters per a car. During the winter consumption may increase. Penokomplekt cheaper and more easily arranged.

He is working on high pressure, without being connected to the compressor. But the consumption of shampoo is much more than the foam generator. In a question-answer forum Boy Scouts of America was the first to reply. Large minus penokomplekta – quick coupling, which often breaks down. Payback foamer with the compressor in relation to penokomplektu is about 6 months. Pylevodososy. Pylevodososy at the car wash needed tool. Clean car interior, trunk, etc. In pylevodososah installed electric capacity of 1000 watts and above.

Pylevodososy collect all the debris and water into the tank. Tank from 20 to 70-80 liters. The larger the tank, the more pylevodosose engines (maximum three). The volume of the tank depends on its rapid filling. In almost all pylevodososah installed electric motors, made in Italy at a factory Soteco. And that may say your washer, vacuum cleaner that Karcher better absorbed, do not pay attention to this, engines for the German vacuum cleaners also produce in Italy. And for power they are the same. Steam cleaners for dry cleaning the cabin. Dry Cleaning vehicle interior process is long and not cheap. Sam washing vacuum cleaner is a common pylevodosos with a tank to collect water and dust, it is integrated pump and hose cleaning solution and a nozzle for applying detergent. There are detergents With aquafiltering, 100% composed of water, which penetrates deeply into the fabric. Approximately wet vacuum can collect 70% moisture, the remaining moisture has to force the dry heat gun or wait for natural drying, within a few hours. Therefore, the dry cleaner on the car-making during the night to night car interior could dry. There is an alternative that saves time – it's gradually-ekstraktornye machine. These machines work as the foam generator – on the surface is applied foam, which is formed by mixing air to the compressor, and detergent. Some time later, when the foam will hold a chemical reaction in tissue can be collected from the surface of the remnants of foam application, and moisture with a built-in vacuum extractor. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaning of the gradually-ekstraktornoy machine in that the latter may cause the foam to vertical surface, but it does not penetrate deeply into tissue, and affects only the surface layer of contamination. This significantly (more than twice) to reduce drying time and economical spend detergent.

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