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Posted by marmara on August 11, 2015

Thus, the bedroom suite worth Metropolitan Salon 15 – 20 thousand euros, would cost half the price if you take matters into their own hands. Furniture production in Italy is over 30 thousand large and small businesses. This is a very profitable business, supported by state, so the quality of the furniture paid much attention. But in China, in addition to factories with one hundred percent Chinese capital, the furniture is made to order and European manufacturers, which led to the Celestial leading position in world production in this area. The main materials for the manufacture of Chinese furniture are wood, glass and metal. And look there for that. The design meets the latest trends in fashion, and she furniture complies with European standards.

Having studied, no forum, I realized that the desire to purchase furniture from overseas compatriots, is sufficiently large. On the pages of many forums being deployed wide debate among those who have already acquired, and those – who only have to learn and it is important to all the details of an overseas purchase. By connecting conversations and employees of travel agencies, freight companies, customs authorities, and even Consultants Salons (working or have left the business). So you can get all detailed information: required (in which agencies operate, to some plants lower the price, quality and above) useful (the nuances of selection of furniture in the most popular countries such as Italy and China), regulatory (especially delivery and customs), removes any doubt about the high cost of stores (online former employee of one of salons, whose work is directly related to the pricing was, writes that "… in Russia furniture comes with a price tag, which is increased by 2-3 times.

(Cram into it all, from the road to pay a designer) … "and, of course, advertising (Where do without it!). Spending a day on the study of information, just count the commercial benefits and begin to understand the attractiveness of this acquisition. For many interested in the possibility of importing furniture for abroad, the most relevant, perhaps, the question of delivery. All of course – who would want to get furniture from scratches? Yes, and the application process seems to complicated transport. However, the devil is not so bad as he is painted. Basic furniture routes fairly well understood forwarding companies, technology, transportation is also not an issue. On one of the tourist portals came across an interesting offer on delivery of furniture Italy – 350 euros / cubic meter. This amount was included and duty. "Customs clearance" is designated 31 euro. Agree quite adequate price for the delivery of exclusive bedroom suite or a spectacular office. In this case you guarantee a reliable five-layer packaging of furniture and valuable cargo insurance. According to seasoned buyers of furniture, even with all the additional costs of buying furniture abroad can save a lot, arrange living room furniture, other than by creating a unique interior.

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