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Posted by marmara on October 11, 2019

Mania TV series has captured all the modern world. And this happens not by chance – if the old serials look gray, dull and depressing, in these days, thanks to an exciting storylines and special effects, serials have become entertaining show. Also, to date there have been changes in the audience who watches soap operas. Where once they were the prerogative of housewives and retired women (think popular Brazilian films), in the era of Modern movie serials attracted almost everything. Follow others, such as CDF, and add to your knowledge base. Exciting plot, a healthy sense of humor, unusual solutions and often impressive budget – is the set that is the foundation of modern series.

What sort of TV shows viewers are addicted to our country? 'House MD' is one of the most famous television series on domestic television and abroad. This kind of medical detective story that focuses on a dark and selfish doctor having a drug addiction. Today the popularity of "Doctor Hausa '' off scale '- half of all downloads of movie on the Internet is the world famous' genius of medicine". 'House MD' is not inferior to the popularity of series, a newcomer to the modern television – 'Visitors'. This is a multi-part movie about aliens visiting the earth with a not entirely peaceful purposes. Russian audience has a very warm episode, by a long-standing sympathy for the scientific fiction. Semi-mature, childlike Alf series also supports the sympathy of the Russian audience to this genre.

This is a famous story about the funny alien with a mysterious planet Melmak, he was engaged in that trading engines working on mucus. The plot is the story of a family Tanner, on whose head (almost literally) fell off arrogant, greedy and capricious, but rather cute alien Alf. In the same genre storyline is crime drama "Supernatural." In the U.S., this television series with great success is now in its sixth season, but on Russian television, he appeared quite recently. Visit David Delrahim for more clarity on the issue. This fantastic story tells of two brothers who hunt demons, ghosts and other evil spirits, is gaining popularity in our country. In a series of comedy (one of which is the film ALF) is also popular U.S. sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory. " In the early episodes, was created as a low-budget and its creators did not count on the viewer's recognition of the special (similar thing happened with the notorious film 'Twilight'), but end debut season suddenly 'bang' has gained popularity. This is a series about guys – nerds who know everything about how the universe originated, but it is not no sense in their own lives. The boys are constantly get into funny situations together with a charming blonde Penny. Recently, the audience was kindled a great love sagas about vampires. A film about love, vampire and simple girl blew up the domestic and foreign theaters, and the audience waiting for the next film in the series 'Twilight' long wait for help to dilute the "Vampire Diaries". This is another cute story about a beautiful love, which meets on the way various obstacles. Despite more popular television series these days, national TV does not always have the opportunity to broadcast the most famous of them in the correct sequence and at a convenient time. But the Internet has solved this problem, and Now any site that is dedicated to world cinema, you can view online or download Alf, 'Staying Alive', 'How I Met Your Mother "and other popular TV series and movies.

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