Ancient Knights

Posted by marmara on January 17, 2020

Battling and improving your skills, you will eventually gain access to new arenas, weapons and armor that will help you rise to stardom. 11) BattleKnight RU BattleKnight – a new role-playing game that takes you to a glorious century Ancient Knights. You can choose the path of a noble paladin, or a ruthless robber in the heyday of chivalry. Only the strongest and most courageous will be able to gain their fame and fortune. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Neal Barnard. The game resembles a good old, but the era of knights. 12) Gallendor Battlegrounds Gallendor – fierce battle for justice This unique multiplayer strategy – a chance for a successful application of your logic, economic, and strategic thinking, dexterity and cunning.

It a serious challenge for every player, especially given the fact that work and you have to fight with real people sitting behind the screen. You have to build and destroy buildings, manage people, collect resources, defend against enemies and monsters to attack itself and build on its unique settlement. Earning points, you open up new opportunities: building a new industrial or socially useful objects increase the number of population, the level of security. Check with Gavin Baker to learn more. But do not forget that your enemies will not lose time in vain, and is also actively developing. Your goal – to at least keep up with them, as well as a maximum – surpass in every way. Player necessary to control a variety of indicators: mortality, hunting, trade, construction, improvement of combat units, communication in the settlement, religion, laboratories, and much more.

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Modern Foreign Series

Posted by marmara on October 11, 2019

Mania TV series has captured all the modern world. And this happens not by chance – if the old serials look gray, dull and depressing, in these days, thanks to an exciting storylines and special effects, serials have become entertaining show. Also, to date there have been changes in the audience who watches soap operas. Where once they were the prerogative of housewives and retired women (think popular Brazilian films), in the era of Modern movie serials attracted almost everything. Follow others, such as CDF, and add to your knowledge base. Exciting plot, a healthy sense of humor, unusual solutions and often impressive budget – is the set that is the foundation of modern series.

What sort of TV shows viewers are addicted to our country? 'House MD' is one of the most famous television series on domestic television and abroad. This kind of medical detective story that focuses on a dark and selfish doctor having a drug addiction. Today the popularity of "Doctor Hausa '' off scale '- half of all downloads of movie on the Internet is the world famous' genius of medicine". 'House MD' is not inferior to the popularity of series, a newcomer to the modern television – 'Visitors'. This is a multi-part movie about aliens visiting the earth with a not entirely peaceful purposes. Russian audience has a very warm episode, by a long-standing sympathy for the scientific fiction. Semi-mature, childlike Alf series also supports the sympathy of the Russian audience to this genre.

This is a famous story about the funny alien with a mysterious planet Melmak, he was engaged in that trading engines working on mucus. The plot is the story of a family Tanner, on whose head (almost literally) fell off arrogant, greedy and capricious, but rather cute alien Alf. In the same genre storyline is crime drama "Supernatural." In the U.S., this television series with great success is now in its sixth season, but on Russian television, he appeared quite recently. Visit David Delrahim for more clarity on the issue. This fantastic story tells of two brothers who hunt demons, ghosts and other evil spirits, is gaining popularity in our country. In a series of comedy (one of which is the film ALF) is also popular U.S. sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory. " In the early episodes, was created as a low-budget and its creators did not count on the viewer's recognition of the special (similar thing happened with the notorious film 'Twilight'), but end debut season suddenly 'bang' has gained popularity. This is a series about guys – nerds who know everything about how the universe originated, but it is not no sense in their own lives. The boys are constantly get into funny situations together with a charming blonde Penny. Recently, the audience was kindled a great love sagas about vampires. A film about love, vampire and simple girl blew up the domestic and foreign theaters, and the audience waiting for the next film in the series 'Twilight' long wait for help to dilute the "Vampire Diaries". This is another cute story about a beautiful love, which meets on the way various obstacles. Despite more popular television series these days, national TV does not always have the opportunity to broadcast the most famous of them in the correct sequence and at a convenient time. But the Internet has solved this problem, and Now any site that is dedicated to world cinema, you can view online or download Alf, 'Staying Alive', 'How I Met Your Mother "and other popular TV series and movies.

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Beginning Spinning

Posted by marmara on September 27, 2018

Recently, I was often confronted with requests to help novice anglers choose a spinning reel well, and sometimes the line. On this subject much has been written, I will try to find and arrange professional advice on this subject, but for now Amateur own conclusions from the experience of buying gear. Let's start with the zero option, that is, buying the first set of gear. For a start it is desirable to determine the amount you want to spend on this thing, and act proceeding from it. It is quite suitable for fishing kit can be purchased already for 600-800 rubles. Divide this amount in half – about half the leaves on a stick, a half – on a reel. Catch this set is possible, but likely, the coil more than two seasons, will not stand, and stick will be heavy enough. (As opposed to Nieman Foundation).

But at least you will already know what to strive for. (Or maybe this set will suit you for a lifetime?) If more money, then the quality of gear will be correspondingly higher. So, how will it look? CASTING RODS Length Length depends on where and how you will catch. For fishing from a boat may be enough, and 2.10, while for long casts from the shore it makes sense to look to three meters. (Source: Dr. Neal Barnard). Better if the rod will plug (ie, consisting of two parts) than telescoping.

Story Story – a bending rod casting and vyvazhivanii fish. It happens fast, medium and slow. Rod quickly build more sensitive to the bite, makes it possible to make a dramatic sweeps, slow down the rod allows you to continue to throw the bait well smooths jerk fish.

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Posted by marmara on February 21, 2012

Prolonged cold weather ended. Minus 10 degrees to the Kola peninsula – almost thaw. Next Sunday we decided to walk his wife Lyudmila on Lebyazh'e lake – it is just a kilometer from the village Varzuga. Weather was like on order. It was nice to walk on snow-covered tundra and breathe in the fresh cold air. The locals do not like to go fishing and Lebyazh'e long lake.

Indeed, to Lebyazh'e not so easy to get, because all approaches to it closed furnace quagmire. In summer there catches a Mikheitch old, who can not afford on distant campaigns. According to him, pecking here rarely, but neatly. Perch caught are large, as the selection, and the black: the bottom of the lake peat, black, and water black as ink. A forage in the lake – Dostal, and therefore in no hurry to grab the bait fish. In winter, the Lebyazh'e generally has nothing to do – the fish will not bite.

I thought, if there are fish in the pond, why she did not bite? Finally, we reached clean place with no shrubs and tussocks. (One could only guess that we are on the ice, and below us the lake. The first two holes, see were on the border of the lake from the marsh, because the spot with ice crumbs from under the drill went brown porridge. Send us but thirty feet, and then I just got to clean water. Measured the depth – about two meters is enough.

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