Municipal School Pupils

Posted by marmara on September 17, 2018

Exactly that they continue and know and pass to the subsequentes generations, exactly thus we consider safe more the written register, also so that is worked in the School of Nesting. 4 the School and the Nesting: a relation to be redefined Amongst the aspects that we considered in them to analyze is the School. As information yielded for the proper Secretariat of Education not yet has a proposal that it takes care of to the especificidades of () the pupils () seated (). Swarmed by offers, Boy Scouts of America is currently assessing future choices. He is valid to stand out that the school is multisseriada and currently is seen as a school of urban zone. Today extension of the Municipal School is considered Samuel of the Lacerda Valley, although to be registered in the MEC as communitarian school. Account with the resource of the PDE and contributions of the Municipal City hall of Valena. The school was total communitarian, with an enormous envolvement between it and the families, to such point of the festividades to be directed to the sundays so that the families participated.

Everything that was carried through by the school had that to have the approval of the family. Moreover, an union between educator, family, pupils and the workers existed. (In: Story of Research) the Communitarian School Advising Antonio it is born under the conception of Popular Education, as well as the too much communitarian schools detached by the Foot. Edgar. It exception that the freireana pedagogia goes to base practical the pedagogical one in these schools. The Salete teacher for being involved with social movements and of Church was invited by the Foot.

Edgar to lecionar in the Communitarian School Advising Antonio. We observe that the proposal curricular necessary to open space for the culture of the proper pupils. The dominant culture in the classrooms is the one that corresponds to the vision of definitive social groups: in the pertaining to school contents and the texts they appear few times the popular culture, the subculturas of the young, the contributions of the women to the society, the agricultural forms of life and disfavored peoples (except as exotismo elements), the problem of the hunger, the unemployment or maltreatment, racism and the xenophobia, the consequncias of the consumerism and many other problems that seem ' ' incmodos' '.

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