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Posted by marmara on September 3, 2019

Many people are unaware that a simple change in the use of the words can create incredible results. Use words that will help us to influence our own mind and others potentiates our capacities to relate. In neuro-linguistic programming believe that each word has an effect and is useful in some circumstances, that is why there is. If that Word to use in such a circumstance will have a positive effect, because it is in the proper context. That’s why we use the language and observe the effect that causes each word must put great care in the form. Studying successful people can find a common factor: develop your emotional intelligence. They have control of their reactions and rather than get carried away by their emotions they handle them to get interact, interact in the best way, and feel good this last makes your brain to function more efficiently. Our thoughts are usually accompanied by internal dialogue that is formed by words.

If we changed the words to describe a thought, We will be changing the way we think. By all this, it is important to learn how to use language more effectively. We learn to use it but they never teach us how to refine their use to achieve better influence and greater emotional intelligence. The good news is that you can do easily, and NLP gives us tools for that. Learn more about neuro-linguistic programming in our NLP Americas website

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