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Posted by marmara on January 4, 2022

It rereads History! In the film ' ' Mr. of the Armas' ' , among others, two scenes call the attention: at the beginning the personage says that until that moment 12 people exist 11 weapons for each and says that the great question is to know as to place a weapon in the hand of the tenth second person. To another scene it is in the end of the film. The dealer of weapons, prisoner, ironiza the commission agent arrested who it, saying: ' ' Daqui has some minutes the telephone goes to touch, you goes to take care of, to say yes Sir, to ask for to excuses and me to me libertar' '. to the freed being confidence to the commission agent: ' ' much great people gain money with mine negcios' '. That is, the industry of the war cannot stop.

It attends the film! The souvenir of the film came by the way of the manifestations against the Dictatorship of Kadhafi, in the Lybian and of the occured similar manifestations in other countries, as Om; popular manifestations that governments in Egypt and Tunisia had knocked down, recently. Not forgetting that popular manifestations of this nature, demand weapons and mobilize armies. As much that, regarding the Lybian, the position of one of the exporting greaters of weapons of the planet already was proven: the North Americans already mobilize its armies Shots and bombs more always are occasion of profits. ' ' Who wants money? ' ' In level intern, some situations also deserve attention: the federal government finishes to also announce reduction in social investments cancelling competitions and act of contract of professors for university and the education is priority! Not forgetting that all the countries that if had developed economically and socially had invested massive in education. the people? A detail is alone! ' ' the wage, ' ' To only register, at the same time where these conjunctural elements are occurring for the world the rejection, in one cantinho of Brazil (Rio Grande Do Sul) a human being arremete an car, in high speed on a group of ciclistas.

More than a set of ten of wounded. the high employee alleges: ' ' It legitimizes defense! ' ' This is homemO that this everything means? Nothing more nothing less of what a evidenciao of as we can characterize the human being: Altruistic and solidary, but stingy and maldoso one not to be. A being I astonish, is the man: pure ingenuity, creativity, capable to make semidesert-like regions if to become fertile and productive, but at the same time, capable to use its devices and its creations against the fellow creatures (airplane, nuclear energy, powder); if can transform barren areas into fertile zones also attacks enormous regions on behalf of the wild profit. To be ambiguous, is the man: if solidariza, but takes off advantage of the catastrophes; it looks miraculosos medicines, but who only has money has lighted to the miracles; escarafuncha the universe and the microcosm, but remains incapable to decide questions basic of relationship between visinhos. At last, this is the man. To be that the more it evolves, the more progresses, how much mai knows in such a way more if desumaniza, if animalizes, if it destroys E, without being pessimistic, negativista or alarmista, we can evidence that this is the man: a toy in ' ' mos' ' of the social forces. Neri de Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historian. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit NHCC. He reads more: ; ; ; ;

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