Posted by marmara on October 10, 2019

But in other cities over one million (Samara, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk) is already being built or designed residential buildings higher than 70 m, which corresponds to 25 floors. Even in St. Petersburg, with its traditionally negative attitude toward high-rise buildings, will build the 140-meter residential complex. But how many people are willing to live "in the sky? Recent opinion polls showed that only 15% of Muscovites agree to settle on the upper floors. Among buyers of the apartments are not uncommon view that the top floor residential towers are dangerous, they strongly "shakes", and for people height generally harmful. Nevertheless, realtors say that most quickly in high-rises are bought namely the upper floors.

Rima Grishaeva, a specialist in new buildings and elite housing agency "Pallas Athena", says that typical buyers of such apartments – a successful young people aged 25 to 35 years old who love to heights and are ready pay for it. And their number is steadily increasing, because to live in skyscrapers became fashionable. So what attracts the height? Closer to the sky – away from the earthly concerns? In times of typical panel "" best regarded as the second and third floors. The fourth and fifth look unattractive – primarily because of lack of elevator. But there were other equally compelling reasons. The roof in such houses often leaked, the winter heat produced from the apartments and summer, heated, turned the house into an oven. With the advent of high-altitude performance of new buildings apartments "under the roof began to change, and with them – and the tastes of residents.

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