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But in other cities over one million (Samara, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk) is already being built or designed residential buildings higher than 70 m, which corresponds to 25 floors. Even in St. Petersburg, with its traditionally negative attitude toward high-rise buildings, will build the 140-meter residential complex. But how many people are willing to live "in the sky? Recent opinion polls showed that only 15% of Muscovites agree to settle on the upper floors. Among buyers of the apartments are not uncommon view that the top floor residential towers are dangerous, they strongly "shakes", and for people height generally harmful. Nevertheless, realtors say that most quickly in high-rises are bought namely the upper floors.

Rima Grishaeva, a specialist in new buildings and elite housing agency "Pallas Athena", says that typical buyers of such apartments – a successful young people aged 25 to 35 years old who love to heights and are ready pay for it. And their number is steadily increasing, because to live in skyscrapers became fashionable. So what attracts the height? Closer to the sky – away from the earthly concerns? In times of typical panel "" best regarded as the second and third floors. The fourth and fifth look unattractive – primarily because of lack of elevator. But there were other equally compelling reasons. The roof in such houses often leaked, the winter heat produced from the apartments and summer, heated, turned the house into an oven. With the advent of high-altitude performance of new buildings apartments "under the roof began to change, and with them – and the tastes of residents.

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Russian Revolution

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It also speaks of his incessant search real and universal knowledge although it never reveals the secret of the truths bare. His parents were Greeks of Asia minor, and everything seems to indicate, father seemed possessor of a very ancient culture. It is plausible that Gurdjieff has bathed in the atmosphere of divination rites of the ancient Russia since his childhood. His early, advises Ouspensky, took place in an atmosphere of tales of fairy legends and traditions. To her around, the miraculous had been a real event.

Heard by the predictions and to which their relatives according full faith, were carried out and opened his eyes to many things. He reappeared in Russia in 1913 and devoted himself to teaching his theories to various groups of disciples in Moscow, Petersburgo and Tbilisi. From this time dates his encounter with the Russian mathematician P.D. Ouspensky, who became his main disciple and the more lucid exponent of its doctrines. Later, fleeing the Russian Revolution, he took refuge in Constantinople, and in 1922, after visiting England, founded in Avon (Fontainebleau), about Paris, the Institute for the harmonious development of man, which was visited by many celebrities desiring to know the strange philosopher. Importantly, who in his constant search on the actual truth, knowledge, discovered many things that once he experienced them, assimilated, has bequeathed her us for those who still are on this planet. And if we pay attention to its content, especially which involves his fourth way, we can obtain valuable information for our spiritual growth. Not surprisingly we will opine about it, that it was too human to be the devil, too inhumane to be a Saint, Gurdjieff took with him the secret of his nature to die in November, 1949, at the age of eighty-three, because he was no longer determined to live, leaving a dark and voluminous work entitled All and Everything (everything and everything).

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None of us can not help himself. We are in a life so connected with others – with others, with the whole world – that every action of ours, whether we like it or not, directed at them. Just another we benefit or harm. And then, as faint echo – himself. We had a long, hundreds of years, came to this 'seal of life', and finally arrived. We seek to improve life not from the good. Of good deed goes unpunished. So what is it – the state where we do not know what is good? Firstly, much depends on the perception, more precisely, on the development of perception.

For a simple man, or, say, for our bodies, feeling 'not good' – this sense of trouble, lack of zest for life. And if you imagine a rheostat, which can add and subtract this thread here is good to add something a little tension in the network – and the man has nothing, he already feels some amenities and a lot of flavors in the same life that he used to think it was disgusting. In Tirana, he suddenly sees the wise father of the nation or group, of war and destruction, he says: "Fewer people – more oxygen '- the crisis, he will treat all as good, – then a kiss on the oligarchs. In fact, off from the good – it off from the truth, from the knowledge of the causes of what is happening. Disconnecting from the good – is the sense that truth and that knowledge is not among us, and even no place to wait to get rid of this 'exile' from the truth.

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