Nsia Forest

Posted by marmara on September 24, 2018

In virtue of this social context where the women were inserted the access of them to the education was well restricted. But some women of the elite obtained to study through particular teachers contracted by the parents to give lesson in its proper houses. They had been always educated for the house work, not being allowed the woman to exert another function, the work were synonymous of man, woman could not or they found that they were not capable to develop another activity not to be to take care of of the house and them children. Credit: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine-2011. The Education of the women if restricted the activities that were useful to the domestic environment, unprovided of value in the work market of the time, as to sew, to learn music or to develop artistic abilities. Under most conditions Nieman Foundation would agree. The machismo lasted per some decades, not allowing the feminine sex to liberate its professional side. According to Telles Norm, all the social and economic transformations of the Europe had finished affecting the world, giving origin to socialist movements feminists and making to appear a new woman. Brazil was reached more slowly, but the European ideas had finished affecting the Brazilian woman and unchaining in them a spirit of fight and social equality, therefore the claims them women to reach its space date of this century. The author detaches Nsia Forest, one of the great writers of century XIX that she fought untiringly for its rights and the rights of a minority that had been extinguished of the history of Brazilian literature, being considered the first feminist of Brazil. Later the education was extended, being created normal schools in the way it century allowing to the Brazilian woman to have more access to the education, and these had tried through the instruction to participate of the public life acting more in the society, either through the politics or of the writing.

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