Organizational Environment

Posted by marmara on March 10, 2014

To speak on the education in the organizacional environment, is important to relembrar the industrial scene of century XX, where the collaborating one was known as employed and its formation was only come back toward the exercise of the task, knowing to make. The collaborating one was seen inside of a mechanist perspective. The concern was only in training these employees to take care of the work demands, that is, the objective age in accordance with to enable to the accomplishment of the task the established standard and the time. The valuation and the motivation did not exist in the professional life of the workers of the last century. The important age to produce more in little time, and when certain employee diminua the rhythm of the production, was simply substituted, as it was itself gear of a machine.

After diverse fights, many things had moved. In the three first decades of century XX they had had many syndical movements and diverse movements strikers. In middle of 1930 the Ministry of the Work with the purpose was created to occupy of the working problems, in 1931 was created the National Department of the Work, with the objective to promote measured of social welfare and improves of the work conditions. In 1940 union dues were created, finally, in 1943 appeared the Consolidation of the Laws of the work. The working requirements had started to grow, and due to this the companies had had that to organize itself and had started to include in its structure the staff section. In this period the administration of personal was disciplinarian, punitive and paternalista. The staff head took care of of bureaucratic activities and to discipline. He did not exist the concern with integration aspects, productivity and well-being of the employees, but yes with papelada and the legal procedures.

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