Organizational Environment

Posted by marmara on March 10, 2014

To speak on the education in the organizacional environment, is important to relembrar the industrial scene of century XX, where the collaborating one was known as employed and its formation was only come back toward the exercise of the task, knowing to make. The collaborating one was seen inside of a mechanist perspective. The concern was only in training these employees to take care of the work demands, that is, the objective age in accordance with to enable to the accomplishment of the task the established standard and the time. The valuation and the motivation did not exist in the professional life of the workers of the last century. The important age to produce more in little time, and when certain employee diminua the rhythm of the production, was simply substituted, as it was itself gear of a machine.

After diverse fights, many things had moved. In the three first decades of century XX they had had many syndical movements and diverse movements strikers. In middle of 1930 the Ministry of the Work with the purpose was created to occupy of the working problems, in 1931 was created the National Department of the Work, with the objective to promote measured of social welfare and improves of the work conditions. In 1940 union dues were created, finally, in 1943 appeared the Consolidation of the Laws of the work. The working requirements had started to grow, and due to this the companies had had that to organize itself and had started to include in its structure the staff section. In this period the administration of personal was disciplinarian, punitive and paternalista. The staff head took care of of bureaucratic activities and to discipline. He did not exist the concern with integration aspects, productivity and well-being of the employees, but yes with papelada and the legal procedures.

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Posted by marmara on July 1, 2012

Independently of the used tool, the controllers must identify the strong points of the management, as well as weak and those that need to be worked, so that future problems can be prevented that impactem negative in the performance of the professionals. 9 – Career – the employee who dresses the shirt of the company and if applies with tenacity to its responsibilities also has in mind who its devotion will bring not only resulted for the organization, but for its career. Whenever possible, the company must keep an opened canal to talk with the employee and to know what it waits in terms of perspectives of professional ascension. From the moment where if a career plan elaborates, for example, the company earns in such a way how much the collaborator because it will search the development of new abilities mannering techniques and that they will open new chances of internal growth. What Health recognizes the significance of this.

10 – X estresse – Ahead of as much requirement in the half organizacional, the presence estresse of it became inevitable. So that its levels do not exceed the acceptable limits and harm, consequentemente, the performance of the employees the companies can appeal the simple action as: promotion of activities that leave the environment of more relaxed work; adoption of labor gymnastics; creation of a space so that the people can take one cafezinho when the mind ‘ ‘ travar’ ‘ ; accomplishment of activities that register commemorative dates with confraternizaes or activities of leisure. The investments in QVT nor always demand raised investments, but they can provide resulted significant for the day the day of the institution. 1.1 Marketing research of human resources With who frequency the organization must carry through research of market in the area of human resources to remain itself brought up to date how much the remuneration platforms, benefits necessities of professional update (and if this if adjusts to the reality)? Next to that categories of professionals? Monthly research must be made that the professionals how much to the work market bring up to date.. Brooke Harlows opinions are not widely known.

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Brazil Organization

Posted by marmara on April 20, 2012

That is, ' ' como' ' of the creation of the knowledge in the company, of the structures and you practise of them that they transform the innovative vision of the company into technologies and products. The redundancy is important because it encourages to the constant dialogue and the communication. This aid to create one ' ' cognitiva base comum' ' between the employees and consequently it facilitates the transference of tacit knowledge. A time that the members of the organization share overlapped information, them can feel what the others are trying to articulate. The redundancy also spreads the new explicit knowledge through the organization, in order that it can be internalizado by the employees. Ahead of all the information and depositions of successes of the Japanese companies, I observe that the learning process it is strong on the culture of this people. Being able to be adapted inside of any organization, since that, the high administration if plans and creates strong bonds next to organizacional culture of its establishment. When I make an analogy the companies of which I have knowledge in Brazil I see one of the biggest barriers for the management of the knowledge here still is the communication enters all inside the hierarchic levels of the organizations. Total bureaucratic companies who do not evaluate opinions of its you collaborate of the laboring classroom. Destroying any attempt of participation of the classrooms less favored of the organization and undeserving the confidence of who really produces and guarantees if the company the delivery of its products inside of skillful time. Ahead of such facts, I see that many Brazilian companies must change its participativas concepts of management for management where ' ' good idias' ' independent of the hierarchic level that came is used to advantage and creating one I tie between company and collaborator in search of the success of both the parts, in search of the support of the business.

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The Human Behavior In The Organizations

Posted by marmara on April 16, 2012

A revision of the evidence that ties to the organizacionais structures with the performance and satisfaction of the workers, leads to a clear conclusion: if it cannot generalize! All do not prefer the freedom and flexibility of the organizacionais structures. Some people are more productive and are more satisfied when the tasks in the work are standardized and if it minimizes the ambiguity, when they work in mechanized structures, thus any quarrel on the effect that possesss the organizacional drawing on the behavior of the employees must be centered in the individual differences. To visualize this point, we go to consider the preferences of the workers in relation to the specialization in the work, scale of control and the centralization. In general, the evidence indicates that the specialization in the work contributes to a bigger productivity of the employee, but at the cost of a lesser satisfaction with the rank. However, this conclusion exceeds the individual differences and the type of tasks effected by the people in rank. The specialization in the work is not inexhaustible source of bigger production. The problems start to appear and the productivity starts to suffer when the deseconomias resultant human beings of the efetivao of repetitive and limited tasks exceed the economies of the specialization.

When the work force more will be prepared and desirous to be in ranks that are intrinsically remuneradores, the productivity starts to decline more quickly than in the pasts decades. Although the majority of the people, nowadays, if feels enraptured doubtlessly more than its parents or grandmothers when playing ranks very specialized, he would be ingenuous to pass over the reality of that still a segment of the working force exists that prefers the routine and the repetitive character of the ranks highly specialized. Some individuals desire a work that displays the minimum intellectual requirements to them and it provides the security to them of the routine.

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