Peter Wagner

Posted by marmara on June 21, 2013

Again and again I found myself frustrated because the activities of evangelization seemed not to bear fruit. The landscape changed when I looked deeper in the subject of intercession and spiritual warfare. Now things seemed to be clearer and to take definite shape. I realized that the proclamation of the good news is intimately linked to wrest the territory to Satan and his hosts, who generally and as a consequence of the legal right that gives them the sin of man, establish authentic territorial strengths. The founder and director of the U.S. Center for world mission, Ralph Winter wrote that: Satan keeps entire populations in slavery.

We can not rescue nor a single soul in their hands without challenging its authority in that particular group of people must remember that There will be fierce resistance to get the light to places of darkness. Why the kingdoms of this world will not cede easily.(Winter, Ralph. Thy Kingdom come. Carey Library, Pasadena, Ca. 1985, p. (11) On this basis and the experiences you have perhaps had to face difficulties to win souls for the Kingdom of God, it will undoubtedly agree with me in fact require efforts in fasting and prayer to attack the central nerve of the areas where rules the world of evil, after identification we make through spiritual mapping. Peter Wagner, regarded as authority at the international level on the theme of spiritual warfare, points out that Satan and his hosts should confront them to avoid to take forces and stresses that it is only through specific actions as we outbursts geographic areas over which has presence and Government, we effectively open path to the Kingdom of God. I understand the issue arouses controversy, much more when around the use of spiritual weapons to gain space in evangelization there are four well-defined positions: the first and very widespread skepticism; a second, in open opposition scoring of religious fanatics who we consider these aspects; the third, in support of Word only something like bring us the idea to not crash and the last, support, commitment and participation open by Christians who have advanced in the revaluation of traditional schemes of preaching of the good news.

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