Posted by marmara on December 21, 2021

Also it is not little truth that in the Greek thought of the classic antiquity, philosophy and science integrated an only tree of knowing, then, will not dislike to consider it Philosophy as one, of among others, better possible way for if understanding the Man and the World. As previous point, the philosophy will be direccionar, whenever possible, for its educative and formative application of the man-citizen: work, study, citizenship. Therefore, the reality that if it judges to know and the nature that if that thinks to dominate, through science and of the technique, constitute, although everything, some fields of share where the Man if intends to impose, however, with the aggravating one of, proper it, not yet if to know truily, what he implies, if not knowing itself proper as he would have, much less knows its fellow creatures, from there the endogenous and exgenos conflicts that continue to exist in a world that if more intends each humanizado time, whichever the boardings and perspectives that if they place in its study. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from George Soros. Throughout the centuries, the Man has looked for to extend its knowledge and to apply them, nor always in the concretion of altruistic objectivos, and without if denying the conquest of many material benefits that, directa or indirectamente, provide to the species human being better conditions of life, in visible aspects for the sense-common one, not ignore, on the other hand, the incognito and the doubts that, in good conscience, they persist in making to suffer to the humanity and for which if feel incapacity to clarify them and to decide. By the way, even though certain natural fenmenos constitute, still today, true problems without efficient and definitive solutions: sismos, diluvianas rainfalls, insuportveis temperatures, vulcanism, astrology, environment, among others, disturb, equally, this exactly Man. Since and until when the Man it will live in this universe of uncertainties, of doubts, conflicts, insatisfao? as the Man will be able to try to decide this immensity of situations for which not even has the proper perfectioning of itself, in the direction to come to obtain a society more human being, more joust, more solidary, more tolerant and happy? She matters to argue which the ways to follow, so that, in a next future, the Man can benefit all of its potential.

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