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Posted by marmara on June 22, 2015

As effective sales promotion measures against cooling consumer sentiment Hanover a decline in the consumer climate in Germany is 13 January 2010 also for 2010 presentation systems. Especially the expectation of rising prices in the energy sector currently fumes the consumer, to the fears of the workplace would come. This burden on the Komsumklima in addition to opinion who is GfK consumer climate survey by December 2009 cause a decrease forecast by GfK purchasing power in Germany. So sinking the disposable income in 2010 to 42 euro per inhabitant. During such economic times, advertisers must make up terrain with targeted marketing activities. Such measures should be especially fast and aimed at short-term effectiveness. Large-scale advertising campaigns, images and brands want to build long term, are here out of place.

Sales promotion at the point of sale or InStore marketing are the lights at the end of the tunnel. Because PoS or InStore marketing are quick to implement and promote the short-term Sales, which offer direct routes from crisis situations. The EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover has the appropriate instruments for effective sales promotion at the PoS in its extensive product portfolio. In addition to how roll up displays various presentation systems with different-sized banners, posters and posters next to the products being sold can be placed, banner displays including display systems, poster Rails and poster frames, offered, also promotion counters, showcases and Prospekstander EasyShare display GmbH. Latest presentation systems category and the future of PoS marketing is the so-called digital signage. Included are digital MediDisplays, whose content is controlled using a central CMS system and which can be obtained from the customer touch.

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