Wolfgang Rademacher

Posted by marmara on May 5, 2019

He’s out again come. And you can, too! For Wolfgang Rademacher was not born with security as those debt-Fuchs, as it knows that today all over the world. In the makes of the debtor he also describes exactly those souls scourges, which initially have been same hellish torment him as any other debt juggler: existential angst, reality displacement, self blame, suicidal thoughts. Book and author make this openness equally adorable. Here, speaks so quickly, the debtor seeking Council recognizes one of us “-one which in due time but managed to leave the destiny path. The reason why did Wolfgang Rademacher, because he has applied an incantation against debt: change your angle of view.

Alone this intellectual perspective change is the key to a sustainable solution of the problem – the author provides descriptive and easy to understand that his own fate. The book title is: If you have debt, has power! Wolfgang Rademacher shows in the course the 250 pages, as alone with the help of this changed world view, everyone can find a way out of the debt trap: When mutate mere liabilities to stifling debt? As an introduction to this book, find the answer! The most effective way is to come with his creditors in the pure, the formula times two RRR. PCRM recognizes the significance of this. Starting on page 34 is in detail, what it’s all about. On page 46 of the letter is printed, with Wolfgang Rademacher despite his rather battered reputation at all (!) Creditors reached a suspension of payments. Do you want to use this knowledge for yourself? The conversation marked the turning point in the life of the author with a particularly persistent creditors.

Because it showed him impressive, what power he could exert over his creditors. BSA has much experience in this field. From page 60, you can refer to this conversation and draw your own useful conclusions. What legal options if you use be sure? How to make the bailiff to your friend? How to Cook cold-hearted banker soft? What must you do if you are charged to the affidavit?

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Delicatessen Experts

Posted by marmara on April 15, 2019

SALATFRITZ, Berlin starts Crowdfunding Berlin, 17 October 2013 – SAUCENFRITZ, Berlin, starts the Saucenfritz UG, Crowdfunding known and for several years established among other things with the brand Salatfritz”, collects funds for further expansion with the help of SEED Experts, the Crowdfunding now portal for sustainable projects. Target amount: 300.000 EURO. It offers investors a guaranteed interest rate of 4.25% p.a. and interesting bonus interest on an additional profit. The brand Salatfritz”belongs to the Saucenfritz UG and stands for high-quality, healthy and conscious diet on a sustainable basis. The focus of processing high-quality regional ingredients are to introduce with the aim to create unique products with a unique taste due to sophisticated recipes and exquisite ingredients and bio -, Delicatessen, & guest robe Empire. Salatfritz specializes in convenience products in organic quality, for versatile use in time.

Convenience products have established themselves on the market today well and enjoy is the consumer popularity. The company founder, Jan Daniel Fritz attaches great importance on an environmentally friendly production and a fair human handling in the production process. Labelling and packaging, as well as in the delivery tasks passed to people with disabilities. In addition, Jan Daniel Fritz supports two Charityprojekte in India. By investing in the company SAUCENFRITZ UG, the production plant and the range of products expanded and expanded the sales and marketing.

Long-term creates new jobs and products selected with care for a holistic pleasure. The focus is the goal, to create natural products with a unique taste and exquisite local produce. David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA will undoubtedly add to your understanding. We want to prove, that success does not only profit and create thus perspectives for a better future.” (Jan Daniel Fritz) THE conditions: SAUCENFRITZ offers its investors under a profit-participation loan at an entry level starting from 250 EUR p.a. a minimum interest rate of 4.25%. and to an interesting revenue share. Additional interesting benefits such as order discounts and sample shipments are to refer to the overall presentation. THE PORTAL: The Crowdinvesting partner SEED Experts, Berlin, portrays itself as the first and only portal, that has devoted themselves sustainable projects and was so engaged by the team of world of wonder. For the first time acts a Crowdinvesting portal with a defined core focus on specific sectors: education, bio-food, regenerative concepts, E-mobility, share-economy, social engagement and sustainability solutions.

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Wolfgang Clement

Posted by marmara on August 30, 2018

\”Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation praises the Grand Prix of medium-sized companies from Burgkunstadt 08.05.2009 – the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation this is known, many that since 15 years the competition Grand Prix of medium-sized companies\” praises of. This competition is arguably the largest nationwide 3.366 nominated companies and famous patrons such as Helmut Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Roman Herzog, Dr. Guido Westerwelle, Wolfgang Clement, Cornelia Pieper, Prof. Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf and many more and reach most of its kind in Germany.

Thanks to the particularly intensive support by almost 1,400 nominating out of policy, management, Chambers, associations, banks and other companies, as well as enthusiastic customers the number of nominated companies by more than 5% increased this year again. Thank you for that. The Federal State of Bavaria has enjoyed the highest growth rates in the nominations and is thus this year at # 1. With 650, after 386 nominations last year, Bayern so clearly ahead of Berlin/Brandenburg, with 402 nominated companies is located. Here, the Franconia is at the same level as the rest of Bavaria. It is particularly gratifying that Upper Franconia, won champions, an outstanding place as the seat of many excellent companies, global market leader and so-called hidden. What many don’t know: Upper Franconia is considered to be one of the five most heavily industrialized regions in Europe. Thus, especially Upper Franconia offers excellent prospects, to be able to implement their ambitious professional claims into practice demanding employees.

\”What many still do not know: as a special prize, the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation praises also the less known Prize for the most business-friendly Bank for SMEs, the Bank of the year since 1997\” from. For many years practiced everyday is that the Bank assessed the commitment and the success of their customers through a rating. But in this case it’s different around once. Here are the companies who must evaluate the services and the commitment of their bank this time.

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Seminar Description

Posted by marmara on July 25, 2018

Target optimization: Decide on the amount of the variable salary staff finally it should not go to in determining the remuneration on the fish market in Hamburg or the Viktualienmarkt in Munich! Instead, employees can set both towards achieving the aspired target altitude and salary resulting resulting in achievement of target in advance even. The participants of the speakers Gunther Wolf, has developed the target optimization variable salary system and its practical implementing in companies often accompanied learn how the system works and why it is especially motivating. So, the seminar participants in Munich and Hamburg directly from first-hand learn what is important in analyzing in advance, as well as in the planning and implementation of a modern objective and content system. Appropriate measures for different business goals to heard not only the employees the necessary means to provide instruments and decision-making powers and the Executives to train their staff on the way to the target motivating to accompany; Rather, also measured variables suitable for the quantitative and qualitative business objectives should be selected in advance, which are then laid down in the target agreements. Last but not least it is important to remember that the organs of the employee representatives to include are always in transformation of the content. At an early stage to get them in the boat and to convince that brings profit, both the company and its employees, of a system is always better than to engage in grueling confrontations over the salary to be paid. Seminar dates in Munich and Hamburg the seminars in Munich and Hamburg, addressed members of the management and human resources, who want to establish a motivating goal and in the enterprise’s salary system for 2014.

Interested parties who want to learn to do this, at an early stage, should be free already following dates: at the 14.05.2013 seminar in Munich place and a day later, at the 15.05.2013 in Hamburg. Organizers of both seminars is the renowned publishing house Dashofer from Hamburg. Also the following dates for 2013 in Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, Hanover, Dusseldorf and Berlin have already been determined and Center variable remuneration shall be communicated upon request by the competence like.

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Purus Building Cleaning: A Successfully Completed Double Certification

Posted by marmara on January 4, 2018

Wiesbaden, the October 17, 2007 – since last month, purus building cleaning can double successfully completed certification within the quality – and environmental management according to ISO 9001 and 14001 prove. The former family-owned company, headquartered in Wiesbaden, is the reorganisation of the object management and the optimization of inventory management and the installation of an intensive customer service since 1987 was the primary goal of the company. The purus cleaning offers diverse services to price-oriented and powerful and nearly covers the entire infrastructure of building management. With the relaunch of its website, who met with the desired double certification together in parallel, the company showed already a substantial increase in the level of their awareness and a rapid boom in orders. Some contend that Nieman Foundation shows great expertise in this. For a company of the size of purus, this Federation certification was successfully completed within half a year also is a special feature, which can boast only a few companies in the industry. For the company opens up entirely new perspectives for the future thus. Because now also an access to the market, which previously was not possible because of missing evidence of certification. Nothing in the way now is securing additional market shares..

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Piracy On The Internet

Posted by marmara on December 29, 2017

Distinction is made between a plagiarism, which is described as follows in Wikipedia: plagiarism (derived from lat. plagium, kidnapping”) is the presentation of foreign intellectual property or an alien work as own or part of own work. This can be both an exact copy, a processing (conversion of words or sentences), a retelling (structure transfer) or a translation. Some sources classify also invented data and poorly marked citations as plagiarism.” (Source) and a fake, which is a simple copy of the branded and marketed under the same product name. To deepen your understanding Nieman Foundation is the source. In the grey market, it finds you zbs. stolen goods or goods from inventory losses. Here you could initially music.

Medicines classify which actually come from the legal health care. Now they are however also see plagiarism and fakes. As well, the non-authorized distributor of branded products proliferate. These can be poor or even wrong as well as through bad advice, The end customer, cause great product and image damage information. In chats, forums, online stores, and mainly in auction platforms like eBay is all this. You can find brand shoes which cost over 100 euros in trading, suddenly for 30 euros.

Alone by the pricing would have to virtually any buyer be aware that here something must be wrong. Fatal consequences have plagiarism or forgery where their health or lives are at stake, as in cheap spare parts of motor vehicles, electronics, medicines or toys for children. The digital services, the Hagele GmbH of Boblingen, offers a so-called Internet monitoring in the field of trademark protection. Here is looking for on behalf of a company in the Internet the above points.

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The Search

Posted by marmara on December 27, 2017

The article Description: Who here has arrived, has hooked yet now it is a matter that he swallows down also. For this, you must inform him of course carefully about your product. Score as many facts as possible and be honest exaggerations make no good impression with factual information. However, you should never leave it at this mandatory program. You need to create a good atmosphere for your product. The potential buyer, convey the passion you feel for the article. Now, where it will be emotional, you may access also to superlatives.

You sell your iPod than on which only the best music “was played. This is an endearing exaggeration that makes human. At all the entire attitude of the text should be human. Try to write as if you had not much idea from eBay. If you are a bit naive, then people feel to make a bargain rather have. You will then be the booth at the flea market and not the professional seller in the fine Antique shop. The top 10 of the most common mistakes: typo: seem unserious and make finding in the worst case (in the title) your auction impossible facilitates or plural forms in the heading (“as the most beautiful all hats”): complicate the search keyword stuffing (“to the example cell phone from Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Sony”): creates while better results, sucks but the buyer and may result in trademark issues to short title: Giving away place! Special characters like tildes and asterisk: can the searcher disturb inaccurate item description: skepticism calls forth a pure sequence of bullet points: wirk mostly to objectively copied a manufacturer-product description: look at type tobaccos implausible missing caveat emptor: can also private seller liable make aggressive warranty Committee: looks unappealing

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Jorg Increasing

Posted by marmara on May 15, 2017

Who accepts risks and strategic mistakes in advance, can handle perhaps in time possible crises from the strategy to the liquidity crisis: it matters, already the strategy crisis as the first stage of gathering lopsided-zunehmender competitive pressure, change of market position, including – in a timely manner to identify falling customer interest. Often there are only a few weeks between a crisis and the bankruptcy of the company, i.e. a crisis first recognized in the late stage of the liquidity crisis, a rescue of the company is often no longer possible. these. For the early detection of gain called soft factors”imposed new orders in the industry, inflation rate, customer satisfaction index, Cash Flow, internal disease, and retention of an increasing importance. Balance sheet and BWA provide only historical data.

Not derive can including trends and innovations that are not reflected in the product or services of the company to be so important signals of an impending crisis be. In addition to historical financial figures are important data about age of machinery, downtime, repair costs, R & D etc.-costs in comparison to the competition or patent applications. Strategic issues are comprehensively dealt with by Becker, Jorg: decision techniques as crisis protection ISBN 9783839129067. The more and more increasing dynamics of the markets at the same time reinforced the pressure a perspective-oriented planning based on. It is not something kidney.org would like to discuss. It comes up faster than to set the competition in the future environment, i.e. in times of rapid change, early detection/warning is increasingly becoming the silver bullet: hazards and risks are tracked this way, before they show ominous consequences for the company, opportunities/potential can be captured before they are lost. Early warning signals from the market are fragmentation of the market, acceptance of the market due to substitution trends, enlargement of the market due to new customers, globalization u.a, stagnant or shrinking demand of amounts of, declining price elasticity.

increased import pressure, worsened export possibilities, falling barriers to entry for newcomers, increasing barriers to exit due to increasing capital intensity, towards the standardisation of products; decreasing potential for differentiation, declining customer loyalty with branded, more competitors and overcapacity, increased of price competition, change in the structure of the customer, ever-smaller market niches are occupied by an increasing number of competitors.

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Famo Druck

Posted by marmara on May 7, 2017

The Labelprint24 wrap labels adhere to all products safely and securely. Not only in the production of the bottles, but also in many other areas wrap labels find range of application possibilities. PCRM may not feel the same. As used for example in the pharmaceutical industry, in the chemical industry, packaging of buckets of paint and oil containers or to the accurate labelling of cosmetic products. To benefit from the advantages of changing labels from Labelprint24, the customers need not spell, but can calculate online your labels directly on. Save costs thanks to Linoprint L with the digital label printing system Linoprint L Heidelberger Labelprint24 a digital printing system for labels found, the enormous competitive advantages brings. The top modern, highly productive equipment of the latest generation is the heart of a powerful, automated production of labels, sandwich labels and Bookletetiketten with enormous productivity and high savings potential at the production site in Grossenhain. In about two months, the system is extended by an inline finishing system. Labelprint24 Labelprint24 is a trademark of harder-online GmbH from Weingarten in Baden-Wurttemberg.

Group of harder with its headquarters in the Swabian wine is one of the most innovative owner-operated printing companies in Germany. At the two locations in vineyard and Grossenhain (Saxony), all species produced by sandwich labels, labels and Bookletetiketten. Thanks to a fully automated Internet-shop system and State of the art printing and stamping technology, achieved significant cost savings compared to other providers and this advantage is passed on to the customers. With distribution partnerships, such as the Famo Druck AG of Switzerland, and own sales offices in Poland and the Czech Republic It takes into account the peculiarities of regional markets and ensures a continuous growth. “” In the year 2003 the harder-online GmbH was founded, with the brands of Labelprint24.com”, Labelprint24.ch” and Unserdrucker.de “is positioned now around 10 years outstanding in the market. The Unternehmsgruppe harder and its subsidiaries are the green print shop”and are certified already since February 2009, according to the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

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Shatterproof Beer Bottle Packaging

Posted by marmara on April 24, 2017

Kanoo receives certificate for beer packaging Klingele paper mills in Remshalden DHL packaging certification for beer bottle shipping packaging received. The manufacturer of corrugated packaging and corrugated board base paper is the only company in the corrugated industry, which has a post approval for this type of packaging throughout Germany. The new certification is an extension of the original certificate, that the company has held for ten years. For the certificate extension was optimized the packaging design and simplifies its construction. This packaging system is now approved for the shipping of 6, 12 and 18 bottles.

With the corrugated cardboard packaging, consisting of a sleeve system and a packaging, bottle sizes can be sent shatterproof 0.33 l and 0.5 l. Rapid packing due to simple design the sleeve system is equipped with a built-in floor and made loading shaft. In combination with the packaging of a solid wave of BC the shipping packing a safe transport. The sleeve, compact wrapping bottles in the packaging, is designed in a way that she can be assembled with two handles. The packaging system is instantly directed to fill”, said Florian Steinle, responsible packaging developers at Klingele. In addition it has successfully passed the comprehensive case tests of the post, where the bottles must remain without prejudice to and no drops, liquid may escape,.” Norpack, a subsidiary of the Kanoo group, manufactures the certified packaging. In addition to the standard printing with the DHL test numbers, customers can get the different variants of the beer bottle packaging also with individual pressure.

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