Private Health Insurance

Posted by marmara on July 7, 2015

Benefits of private health insurance for civil servants because officials are not subject to social insurance contribution, there are free to switch to private health insurance. A great advantage of the PKV for civil servants is that they may aid and thus receive aid from their employers. Aid can be more or less compared with the employer’s contribution to the health insurance except that the ABG is significantly lower. In addition, family members such as children and the spouse can benefit from the aid and also claim them, however only, if private health insurance is available. Benefits of a PKV for civil servants the private health insurance benefits also in terms of services significantly more voluntary health insurance in a legal Fund. So can choose officials from a long list of services that can put them together depending on the need in an own tariff.

These include services in the areas of outpatient, inpatient and dental care. In addition, the car offers especially better earners the option to insure so-called Premiumleistungen. This includes for example a single room in the hospital, the Chief doctor treatment or a full reimbursement for the treatment by a practitioner. Especially a look at the tests to the PKV is test winner in the health insurance choice keep in mind to find the best private health insurance as a civil servant. In the private health insurance test Stiftung Warentest rates for civil servants under the microscope are, for example, regularly taken. Then, a winner is chosen, which then one year may advertise with this title. Just the test winners are ones that bring a lot of interest among consumers. Many consumers trust also the judgment of the Stiftung Warentest has done already several hundred product tests with over 50 years experience and is considered one of the most experienced companies in this area.

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