Saint Augustin

Posted by marmara on February 17, 2022

Thus, this dictator will make everything to continue in the command, not taking in consideration nothing ameasse that it. For more information see Nancy Lublin. In view of that one that it commands has fear to lose such authority, combat rigorously any thing leaves that it unsafe. Perhaps if it can cite, for example, Nero. However, Nero, commanded that its mother was executed because she suspected that it had participated of a conspiracy for takes off it of the power. Then, exactly in the case cited here, it seems that Saint Augustin would say that the above-mentioned dictated one did not love in hypothesis some badly this that it committed the people, over all its mother, but the reason to command such badnesses would be the fear that felt to lose the power. Let us see the moment where Augustin says this: ' ' Somebody killed a man. why? Or because the wife or the field loved it, or because she wanted she steals to live, or because she feared that some thing took off it, or finally because, injuriado, ardia in the revenge desire. Who will believe that it committed the homicide alone for delight, if until Catilina, that wild man and crudelssimo, of who said themselves to be perverse and cruel without reason: ' ' receio' ' , says the historian, of whom the cio it entorpecesse the hands and the spirit? Why end proceeded it thus? Evidently, so that, exercising in the crime, it reached after taking the city of Rome, the honors, the power and the wealth, becoming free itself of the fear of the laws and the difficulty where it launches it the poverty of the inheritance and the conscience of the crime.

' ' Soon, not even Catalina loved its crimes, but that for whose end cometia' '. (Augustin. 1973, P. 51). The citation the top leaves clearly that for Saint Augustin the men not gosto of the maldosos acts that practise, use but them to reach the desired end.

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