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Posted by marmara on May 24, 2018

The treatment that is based on a multiprofessional team directed these individuals has the possibility to be observing different conceptions of what the patients they understand of its treatment and if they find that they are having some improvement ahead of the society. In function of this reality the treatment is placed in focus the question of understanding and the fondness to change something the same related so that thus they can come if feel better. However, at this moment the searched individuals lose a little the aiming of the process and start to tell other events, even so, affirm next to these other ranks that if feel very well and that they like the way that deals with to it inside the daily gone CAPS and that it keeps its until the same. The work with this type of individual that has determined mental upheaval for a more necessary collection of data was certainly sufficiently complicated, since the comment alone could be made at an only moment due to necessity of authorization of the proper CAPS of Sprouts next to other public agencies, and with this only if it got the authorization for an only visit. Ahead of this, the same material that limited made use of a vast gamma of information if understood to the look of all the preconception that these people suffer and make reference to reference the work of the multiprofessional team who are of great value for thus having its aiming based on different areas and being able to be richer in its evaluations for having the positioning of distinct professionals in all the areas, either of Psychology, the Fisioterapia, the Fonoaudiologia, Psychiatry, the Nursing, the Social Assistance, of the Medicine, at last of the professionals participants of the team in question. As FONSECA HISSES and (1993), to rethink the interdisciplinaridade in the assistance to the mental health if does not limit to rethink the form with that this if has given, but, moreover, to analyze its essence, that is, the conceptual bases on which have been constructed the knowledge that bases the practical one to interdisciplinar, and that, last instance, it translates the world vision that permeia the instituted model of attention.

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