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Posted by marmara on November 8, 2017

The TrendAdress Medien AG allows your company news on Twitter and Facebook Baden-Baden, 21 June 2010 its customers about a new tool to adjust their current company news at. By publishing the news in the personal customer account, they appear simultaneously on Twitter and Facebook as an additional service. “The new tool, which in terms of administration of each customer updates” is to find, offers to manage not only their marketing entry on even listed companies and to make, but to post there is also news. This news will also appear on the social media portals Facebook and Twitter and give another way of publication of news and products each company thus and the completely free of charge. Even the introduction of social media newsrooms proves that the trend address media AG is future-oriented corporate communications on a media-friendly and timely implementation, in April of this year. By incorporating relevant Social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and XING, the company thus consistently uses the diverse means by which to offer social media marketing. And with the introduction of this new service offering, the TAM AG once again shows his pronounced customer orientation.

An intelligent and integrated marketing mix has become an indispensable tool in times of Web 2.0. This principle, the trend address media AG proves a sense of the correct use of digital media as part of a future-oriented corporate communications. Rebekka Epple the TAM AG ( is a medium-sized company. It has existed for more than 25 years and is headquartered in Baden-Baden. The traditional, TAM AG Group of companies operates Germany’s biggest product and companies. More than 6.7 million links in the German-speaking network, more than 800,000 current company entries, more than 250,000 daily visitors to the Web site and nearly 500,000 search queries reflect the competence in B2B product search, Produktvisibilitat and product identification reflected.

Since the TAM AG, the Division of Adressverlag ( provides up-to-date, personalized addresses.

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