IchBinNeu.de Excited After A Short Time A Quarter Of A Million Consumers

Posted by marmara on January 11, 2018

Two months after communication breaks through the online portal, the only new products, relaunches and line extensions are the sound barrier of 1 million page views. With exciting new products, innovative user features, a clean, very clear page structure, as well as an outstanding product presentation, IchBinNeu.de excited over 250,000 consumers in a very short time. Boy Scouts of America shines more light on the discussion. Between 5,000 and 6,000 visitors daily enjoy nearly 5 minutes on the portal, on the well known brand, but also small, relatively unknown brands present their innovations. What makes the portal? It is of course to discover the basic concept as such, on a portal only novelties. \”The opportunity to learn all about new products in short and concise descriptions, to look at the corresponding pictures like the users and, when there is still need to go directly to the linked website of provider\” as Frank Rohrl (43), managing partner. But the portal is also, a recovery\”for the eyes. No Pop-Ups, no banners, no more advertising; Consumers can browse all alone, without distraction in the 1,200 special categories, which are methodically spread over 30 main categories for new products.

After only two clicks, you can find the innovation that they are really interested in. Very tidy product pages learn everything about the sources, be informed about prices, can product samples order, download brochures, go to the home page of the provider or contact the provider in touch in a closed email account. An important way for the product management, to connect directly with consumers in the dialog. The brand benefit as a business tool in the media – and communication-mix provides IchBinNeu.de for a range of strong targeting and also for the development of new sales potential. Recommend by the numerous used user features such as product\”or place the product in the wish list\” purchase impulses are raised and Supports the sales processes.

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Social Media Activities

Posted by marmara on November 8, 2017

The TrendAdress Medien AG allows your company news on Twitter and Facebook Baden-Baden, 21 June 2010 its customers about a new tool to adjust their current company news at. By publishing the news in the personal customer account, they appear simultaneously on Twitter and Facebook as an additional service. “The new tool, which in terms of administration of each customer updates” is to find, offers to manage not only their marketing entry on itsbetter.de even listed companies and to make, but to post there is also news. This news will also appear on the social media portals Facebook and Twitter and give another way of publication of news and products each company thus and the completely free of charge. Even the introduction of social media newsrooms proves that the trend address media AG is future-oriented corporate communications on a media-friendly and timely implementation, in April of this year. By incorporating relevant Social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and XING, the company thus consistently uses the diverse means by which to offer social media marketing. And with the introduction of this new service offering, the TAM AG once again shows his pronounced customer orientation.

An intelligent and integrated marketing mix has become an indispensable tool in times of Web 2.0. This principle, the trend address media AG proves a sense of the correct use of digital media as part of a future-oriented corporate communications. Rebekka Epple the TAM AG (www.tam-ag.de) is a medium-sized company. It has existed for more than 25 years and is headquartered in Baden-Baden. The traditional, TAM AG Group of companies operates Germany’s biggest product and companies. More than 6.7 million links in the German-speaking network, more than 800,000 current company entries, more than 250,000 daily visitors to the Web site and nearly 500,000 search queries reflect the competence in B2B product search, Produktvisibilitat and product identification reflected.

Since the TAM AG, the Division of Adressverlag (www.adressen-office.de) provides up-to-date, personalized addresses.

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Sparruf BBs Sparruf

Posted by marmara on October 28, 2017

Innovative application for users of the social network of Heidelberg, the 03 June, 2008 login and go BBs. Who wants to be everywhere easily can be reached as a Facebook user for his friends, colleagues or fellow students, can have easily and free of charge. The telecommunications provider Sparruf BBs makes possible. \”With an innovative service, there so far anywhere in the German-speaking Web: click & talk\”. Click & talk Sparruf CEO Nikolaus Starzacher: we teach speaking to Facebook and expand such contact and communication on this rapidly growing network. \”\” \”So it is free of charge regardless of whether you are online or not, for example, at the Lake for his Facebook friends from all over the world.\” click & talk \”works very simple and self explanatory: the user clicks the Facebook application Sparruf will call for free\” on (), his phone number and Sparruf PIN is there and click button install \”. The call button is already in the Facebook profile installed and active service. The Facebook user who clicks on this button, via Sparruf is immediately connected to the owner of the profile.

The calls are free to the caller, the callee three cents on a cell phone within Germany only the low Sparruf forwarding fees in the German fixed network paid 15 cents per minute. If the callee has a flat rate for connections to the fixed network, both interlocutors on this way can even completely free call: someone clicks on the button on Facebook, Sparruf calls the desired participant from a landline. He rejects this call and calls back the Sparruf landline number displayed. Within a few seconds, the connection of the caller is nothing notice thereof, by the fixed flat but the following call is completely free. \”Who click & talk\” wants to use on Facebook, but has no free Sparruf account yet, just register the number 0355 4949 000.

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Make Alternative Christmas Money

Posted by marmara on October 12, 2017

Declutter your home – make room for new and earn your alternative Christmas money with the help of privatverkaufen.net. Contemplative music, seductively fragrant cookies, freshly brewed coffee that is Merry Christmas. And while our kids every day open a door of the advent calendar, the adult, what you can give loved ones for Christmas worry about. But unfortunately there is no Christmas money by employers this year often again. No problem! Kill two birds with one stone. Declutter your home – make room for new and earn your alternative Christmas money with the help of privatverkaufen.net. In addition to the well-known auction houses (E.g., eBay) and ad portals, there are also sharing or buyers as a promising sales channels for used stuff on the Internet. Each platform has your pros and cons of the decision depends from the article or the experience.

Before the Decluttering can a short analysis of the market Gain clarity about sales and profit opportunities (where do I sell my items? What eBay there are alternatives? How much effort does a sale? What prizes can I achieve?). privatverkaufen.NET, helps the new service & advice community, best to sell you your good old pieces. Instructions, checklists, tips & tricks and much more. see. Here, you can seek advice or share your experiences with others. Who wants to sell and earn his alternative Christmas money, must create for example at least meaningful product photos and most detailed product descriptions. Offer several payment options, so that the buyer can pay quickly.

Just lot buyers prefer quick and easy payment methods, such as PayPal. Also about the shipping cost they should worry, because it is statistically proven that the shipping costs are one of the most important purchase criteria. Compare the various service providers (DHL, Hermes, iloxx), to to find out who is best suited for which shipping. No matter whether electronics, books, clothing, furniture etc. with the right tips & tricks by privatverkaufen.net you rid of everything. Use the new service and advice community privatverkaufen.net (also on facebook and studiVZ) and go calm and relaxed during the Christmas season! Because there is nothing better than to listen to the rustle of gift paper of the many gifts on Christmas Eve and to enjoy the joyous luster in the eyes of the little ones and loved ones. Simone UTH

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Since August

Posted by marmara on October 6, 2017

Also, we have convinced many relatives and friends to buy this coupon book. With the coupon book as a gift we have given away very much joy.” The coupon book of the test winner is 15.80 euros available in book stores, other retail outlets, or directly from the Publisher: toll free hotline 0800/22 66 56 00 or online buy 1 book on 3 types of-Dutzende save high quality coupons in the book – 9,000 vouchers free under to print out and save – 3,500 coupons with Smartphone, iPhone & co. redeem via Gutscheinbuch.de which published for more than 8 years of coupon books according to the motto 2 x enjoy Kuffer Marketing GmbH”, 1 x pay and more” and is the market leader in the field of couponing. Since 2001, more than 12 million are Coupon books have been published. Kuffer Marketing GmbH couponing established as operators of one of the largest online couponing portals in Germany with more than 9,000 local vouchers as an efficient marketing tool for all industries. Since August 2010, there are thousands more coupons directly to your mobile phone via mobile Web site and coupon book app. about Getestet.de the independent comparison portal Getestet.de is since 2009 online and belongs to the site portfolio of aha.de Internet GmbH. Every Tuesday at 10: 00 a new online supplier comparative test will be published on Getstet.de.

In this test, consumers learn what portal in terms of Internet appearance, value for money and customer service front has the nose. Per test, up to ten of a comparable service providers are compared and graded individually. All tests are carried out by professional, experienced journalists. Total has already sent more than 300 comparative single tests were performed on Getestet.de.

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TEL-MACHINE.com – New Online Service Provides For Movement!

Posted by marmara on May 3, 2017

The innovative Swiss software developer, Movetec presented now already the second interesting project to promote new .TEL domain extension jepaa.com according to the search engine. Interlaken, 22.06.09 (tk) – TEL-MACHINE.com draws, on thanks to many on TEL domains of coordinated functions, domain owners from all over the world. Insiders have noticed it already, the .tel domain has much more potential than any other of the last newly introduced TLD’s! Almost regularly, new tools and services presented and thus expands the possibilities for the .tel domain. The Swiss company Movetec GmbH, which is responsible for the development of independent search engine already jepaa.com, now offers another innovative TEL project Tel-Machine.com. With this new and during the beta test phase completely free online service, .tel domain owners immediately various special functions can use directly and independently of the respective Registrar. Nieman Foundation addresses the importance of the matter here. Markus Zimmerli, owner of Movetec GmbH: “the .tel domain is an innovation due to their properties, a wide range of developments advanced features allow.

Telnic limited works purposefully to provide advanced features for .tel domain. In addition, there are single quotes, other online services and the registrars themselves. This is also a hurdle for the .tel domain owner. The more of these advanced features are needed, more management overhead for him. With the new online service we want to offer a collection of important advanced features for its .tel domains the .tel domain owner. Kidney Foundation recognizes the significance of this.

Completely independent of the respective Registrar and with as little as possible administrative overhead.” The new online service offers key features already in the early stages. These include: visitor statistics evaluation of the .tel domain. Sample Twitter messages on .tel Web pages display. Transfer the content of a .tel domain to other .tel domains. Backup of a .tel domain to create and play back. Directly login to the Web interface of the .tel domain. Change of the Content log jepaa.com a .tel domain name directly to the search engine. Manage any number of .tel domains in a single account. Markus Zimmerli: “this is only the beginning, more features are planned. Our goal is to expand this online service continuously and permanently to provide. The supporters crowd of the .tel domain is currently only in the building, but our experience from the Tel-domain Forum – with some very creative minds – have shown where action is desired and required. So we want to show also that opinion the .tel domain owner are as important to us.” About Movetec GmbH, the Movetec GmbH is a small team of developers with lots of passion. The Swiss company, founded in 2000, offers services in the areas of hosting, domain registration, Web and software development and search engine optimization. In 2006, Movetec made with the project, the world’s first country portal for mobile Internet, resurfaced. In April of this year was the first pure.TEL search engine introduced. Press contact:

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The Local App For Windows Exclusively In The Intel AppUp(SM) Center

Posted by marmara on June 26, 2016

As a special highlight, the app offers a new map search, which has been optimized based on current technology standards for PCs and notebooks. Eat, may 10, 2012 makes the local the search for phone numbers and addresses for Windows user from immediately even easier. As a special highlight, the app offers a new map search, which has been optimized based on current technology standards for PCs and notebooks. Download and installation are simple and exclusive available now via the Appstore platform (Intel AppUpSM) possible. The user can be accessed quickly and easily using the new app on all private and business contacts in the leading German directory for local search, without having to start a Web browser before. The search and user management is controlled over a large map, all data and results results are shown in daily updated quality. Other special features of the app are the search for ATMs and in-service emergency pharmacies. In addition, the user receives as much helpful information Pictures, email addresses and opening hours.

The reverse is also part of the app, like also the found contact information email forwarding. The app is rounded off by a Gratistelefonieren function for selected entries. We are pleased that universally known and now offer attractive services of the local in the exclusive form for Intel atom can. “, explains Stephan Buchner, Portfolio Manager at Intel.” The concept of the AppUp us immediately enthusiastic, so that no doubt was on this promising platform early brought with to be “, so Andreas BAIS (Product Manager, the local marketing).” 7 may at the Appup Center software client for Windows XP (from Service Pack 3) and Windows available, the app is available in the store for downloading. There are more details and more offers from the local on downloads/intelappup. About the local the local is the leading German Telecommunications directory, when it comes to local search. More than 90 Percent of Germans know the local. What’s wrong with every second without o, because he uses the local at least once every month.

The local issued media from some 100 publishers in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom. The total circulation is approximately 34 million copies. In addition to 1.047 book spending, there are the local on the Internet (www.dasoertliche.de). Online das ortliche belongs with 18 million unique visitors per month to the leading suppliers at all and, of course, to the most important pages in the scope of local online search. On the go, you can search through the local. With each at least WAP enabled cell phone or Smartphone, you can search the desired telephone numbers and addresses of firms and individuals also mobile in the local. Intel Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), the world’s leading companies in the semiconductor innovation, develops and produces the basic technology for the computer products of our world. For more information about Intel under and. Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. * Other brands or product names are the property of their respective owners. Contact: Dasortliche service and marketing company selling mbH Bamlerstr. 1a 45141 Essen phone + 49-201-43948-30 Daniel Intel GmbH Kerstin Monzel Dornacher Strasse 1, 85622 Feldkirchen/Munich Tel. + 49-89-9914-3315 PR agency Xpand21 GmbH Gregor Wessely Kiebitz Court 9 22089 Hamburg Tel. 091 716

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Hope Supports Foundation

Posted by marmara on July 23, 2015

Donations settle payments Mannheim about Trustees, January 22, 2010. The Foundation help and hope worldwide helps children in emergency situations. iClear (www.iclear.de), the fiduciary payment providers on the Internet handles from immediately the payment of donations for the charity over the Internet. His service provides free iclear. “The Foundation help and hope” 2005 (www.helpandhope-stiftung.com) was launched by entrepreneurs in the life to help children in emergency situations around the world. Always the idea to build a protective roof for children and young people, it is a school, a hospital, an orphanage or a care facility for children from deprived families is at the heart of the relief work.

The Foundation is supported by Verona Pooth, among others. It under the patronage of the Foundation’s own House of the future “in Dortmund Scharnhorst took over. Beginning of 2009 has Kai-Uwe Lindloff, the former Chairman and CEO of the Arche e.V. “, Chairman of the Board at” help and hope”taken over. “Roman Eiber, iclear Managing Director: we are the work of people at ‘ help and hope very impressed and want our part to help as many donations go up to promote the projects of the Foundation.” For this reason has to iclear now in the crowd of supporters queued.

Donation payments to the Foundation can now via the Internet through the fiduciary payment provider unwind. iClear secures also the payment via Visa/Master card and online transfers such as giropay in addition to all standard Bank pay by. Of course iclear provides its service for this charity free of charge. The online payment provider works by the way since mid-2008 with the WestLB together, wor also the donations by help and hope”Wirt led. Kai-Uwe Lindloff: We look forward to us iclear as welcome new partner of the Foundation and are very pleased that iclear online donation on our website makes possible. is iclear for ten years has been working in the field of online payments and stands for secure transactions on the Internet. The payment is handled via an escrow account and is of course free and secure for our donors. We look forward to a good cooperation with our new partner.” Iclear (www.iclear.de): The Internet billing system, which protects buyers and sellers alike from unpleasant surprises at the online trade and supports the comfortable processing of order and payment process is iclear. With your iclear trust system buyers in the Internet can pay simply, conveniently, safely and at no additional cost. iClear this mediates between the parties involved, secure processing ensures a transparent and for both sides. It as confidence in online trading and payment via the Internet. In addition to the usual Bank pay by accepted iclear also the billing via Visa, master card and online payment procedure as giropay and directebanking. Other relevant market acceptance Payment options through the unique trust system handled.

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