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Posted by marmara on July 10, 2021

The thematic one followed for Halbwachs was to the search of the agreement of the formation of the social conscience. The thematic one of this article takes for main reference the book ' ' The memory coletiva' ' , where if it detaches the memory of the point of view of Social Psychology. The film Waltz with Bashir the film Waltz with Bashir is animation film, with duration of 90 minutes, launched in 2008, with direction of Ari Folman. The subject enclosed in the film is of chocking and denunciatory nature: the slaughters of the Palestinian refugee fields in the Lebanon, Sabra and Shatila, and show the participation exercise of it Israeli. Center For Responsible Lending follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Although he did not have a direct participation of the Israeli soldiers in the slaughter, he had the omission, therefore the Israeli soldiers were to the side of the refugee fields, had left ' ' cristianos falangistas libaneses' ' to enter in the fields, they had testified executions of civilians, they knew what it was happening, but they had delayed 24h to order to stop. The film starts in light way, when a friend of Folman (that dirige and acts in the film) tells a dream, or better, a nightmare, comes that it tormenting.

At this moment, Folman, if the account you are welcome of that even so it has participated of the war of the Lebanon, its memory this empty with respect to this period, it does not remember. The preponderant point of the film is the search that Folman will make to find its memory lost, it tries to understand the reason to have had this travamento of the memory, at the same time starts to have dreams with the Lebanon and tries to understand the relation between these dreams and the lost souvenirs of the war. The culminating point of the film, however, is the denunciation, the clear conviction of the performance of the Israeli army in this war, of the lack of humanity of all the armed participants of a side and of the other, of the slaughters of the civilians, the lack of culpability of the involved ones.

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